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  1. Haha cheers Steve. Wish it was 30 years ago mate! Well at least 20 anyway! Don’t think Macca would want a 51 year old 18 stone couch potato up front these days! Give Smokie a tickle for me mate 👍
  2. Bere Alston United v Liskeard Athletic 1-3 Bude Town v Dobwalls 2-3 Holsworthy v Plymouth Marjon 2-1 Mousehole v Plymstock United 4-1 Porthleven v Wadebridge Town 3-2  St Dennis v Penzance 3-3
  3. Callington Town v Saltash United 1-5 Cullompton Rangers v Bodmin Town 2-2 Exmouth Town v Torpoint Athletic 3-1 Falmouth Town v Ivybridge Town 6-1  Godolphin Atlantic v Launceston 3-2  Helston Athletic v Millbrook 4-1 Newquay v St Austell 1-4 Sticker v Tavistock 1-3
  4. Plymouth Argyle Reserves 4-0  Elburton Villa
  5. Did Pete ever turn up Dar!?! 😃🤔
  6. Falmouth Town 4-2 Newquay (The two biggest clubs in Cornish football) 👍 i.e - Man Utd & Liverpool St Austell 4-1 Helston Athletic Tavistock 3-1 Exmouth Town
  7. Camelford 2-3 Godolphin Atlantic Cullompton Rangers 2-1 Ivybridge Town Launceston 1-3 Saltash United Millbrook 1-4 Plymouth Argyle Reserves Sticker 1-3 Torpoint Athletic
  8. Hi Gents and ladies? Just to say the Combo league starts again this weekend. I’m still up for doing the reports and speaking to a few old friends on a Saturday teatime but I’m now working permanent nights so it’s a bit more of a rush trying to get to work by 8pm. If you want the coverage for your club in the following days paper can you get a little report to me by 6.30pm at the very latest please!?! Ain’t got time to chase up like I used to so here’s my contact details, email, text or a call all fine. Rappoandrach@sky.com or 07455987850. Good luck to all clubs for the season 👍⚽️
  9. She does the typing!!! 🤔
  10. Thanks Rob!! Your San Siro photos looked awesome mate!! If everyone was like you bud it would be easy and you've got your own SWL reports to do as well! Ain't got time to chase around this season though so if I ain't got a report by 6.30pm nothing will go in the paper! It's one quick phone call whereas it's 20+ for me sometimes!?! 😤🤔 Catch up soon and safe travels Rob 👍
  11. RAPPO

    Combo prediction

    Be a great season for me if everyone gets their reports in by 6pm on a Saturday before they go on the piss!!! 🙄👍
  12. Cheers Gents, appreciate that, someone got to do it I suppose!?! 🤔 Quite enjoy it some weeks catching up with some old mates but it's usually the same old teams you got to waste time chasing! Becomes hard work and not so enjoyable then to be honest!!?
  13. RAPPO

    Tom McHale move North

    The memory ain't the best these days Older!! 🤔 Can remember some goals from 30 years ago and forget ones from 10 years ago! Remember scoring 5 past Kev Miller on your bowling green at Kernick mate! 4 second half with a couple 25 yard volleys bottom end, Malabar v Mawnan Lockhart Cup Final. Two years later Kev was a pro! 👍 What a career he had as well.
  14. RAPPO

    Tom McHale move North

    Cheers Mike, nice little piece about Sammy that mate! Cheers Mike, forgot I scored in that game!!! Liskeard were a decent Western League team back then. Remember Thwaitsy on the left wing and Hodgie on the right before he went pro with Exeter that season. A dream for Sammy in the air with that service coming in!! We had a great team that season, how many teams could have Glynn Hooper on the bench!! One Of Trevor’s best teams he put together I reckon bless him 👍⚽️
  15. Elburton Villa 2-2 Exmouth Town Ivybridge Town 1-4 Torpoint Athletic Millbrook 2-1 Callington Town St Austell 3-3 Falmouth Town FA CUP EXTRA PRELIMINARY ROUND (3.00 pm) Bitton 2-3 Tavistock Bodmin Town 3-1 Keynsham Town Saltash United 4-1 Odd Down
  16. RAPPO

    Tom McHale move North

    Sorry Mike, couldn’t get it!?! Tried opening a google account etc but still couldn’t open it mate??? My email is Rappoandrach@sky.com if that’s any good mate? Cheers Mike
  17. Think the lads have covered it all really but must agree, good old game of local football between two good teams. Tavi went a goal up and then hit the post and had one cleared off the line, might have been different if one of those went in to double the lead? Would have been rough on Godolphin who were playing really well and deserved the equaliser at the time I thought. Jamie Lowry is always class whenever I’ve watched him and I was impressed with Sheppard last night, did a lot of good things and worked his socks off. Really physical and pretty even 2nd half with chances at either end and both keepers made two good saves each with their feet. Definite penalty and well done Godolphin for earning a well earned point which over the 90 minutes I don’t think anyone could have any complaints about. A couple of little dives here and there which the ref ignored, did really well, this game needed a strong ref. Really enjoyable evening, good laugh with Darin about some old times and always nice to see the lovable Smokie and Mr 100% Cornish. Nice evenings entertainment, bloody fresh as well, missed that nice bit of fresh air last couple of months!
  18. RAPPO

    Tom McHale move North

    Owen-Evans to Falkirk, Cody to St.Mirren now Tom to Elgin!! What’s next...Ed Palmer to Celtic!?! Sammy scored twice against Rangers as well Mike in a pre season friendly that they lost 2-4. Had half their first team playing as well. Sammy what a beast in the air!!! Remember his debut in pre season for Town Mike? Scored 4 headers within an hour against Liskeard wasn’t it!? Any details for that match mate? There’s a tester for you 👍⚽️😃
  19. I’ll have a crack Dave. Bit of fun ain’t it! 👍⚽️
  20. 19:30 Bodmin Town 3-2 Newquay St Austell 3-3 Plymouth Argyle Reserves
  21. 18:30 Millbrook 1-5 Saltash United 19:30 Camelford  3-1 Sticker Godolphin Atlantic  1-4  Tavistock
  22. I’ve been playing walking football for years Phil!!!!! 😀
  23. Great performance from Town, even more so considering the amount of players out today. Also lost both strikers within an hour, although Parkway did have to play 55 minutes with 10 men. This team plays for each other and are very well organised with every player knowing their role in the side. Congrats to Westy and Charlie, another fantastic job well done and a bit more silverware!! Had to reorganise the team several times during this match and it worked perfectly 👍 Still think Parkway will do well this season, thought Yettsy looked sharp and was shooting on sight and on another day Carts might have had a couple. Couple of bad goals to concede which I’m sure wouldn’t have happened with a settled defence a month into the season. Well finished though with Brogs lashing into the top corner with a defender on the line and Luke clean through almost lost his chance with his right foot but popped up for him to finish well with his left. First game was decent as well. A nice day of footballing entertainment made even better by Town winning!!! 👍🏆⚽️