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  1. Yeah agree with Dave, I was at the game also and that summary is absolutely bang on the button from SCFC. 👍 Was actually talking to Dave about ten minutes before the goal and we both said it’s one of the best 0-0s we’ve seen for a while and one goal would do it for either team. Going to go to the wire that league I reckon? Millbrook favourites I think having dropped less points than everyone else, be a nice story after they almost went out of business not so long ago or Ludgvan first season at this level going all the way? Nice to see a league where anyone of the top 8 could still nick it after the Premier league being a bit of a one horse race this season with Parkway streets ahead. Be a few teams glad to see the back of them next season I would imagine!?! Think they’ll do well in the Western League 👏🏼
  2. Yeah Clarkey wasn’t lying Matt, he’s actually got that Benjamin Button disease!!! 😂⚽️
  3. Congrats to Parkway and good luck in the Western League next season!!! Good to see a club with ambition, remember when they first came into the league with Gez and Co all those years ago. Good to see where they are now 👏🏼👍⚽️
  4. Got a job managing myself Ralph!!! Live 2 miles from Fowey now mate so not too local for me either!!! 😳👍⚽️
  5. Reckon Kimmo got at least another 20 seasons in him yet!? Like Marksy said Kimmo and Mandy are Aggie legends, what they do for the club and hours they’ve put in over the years is incredible! Just look at the clubs facilities these days! Kimmo is the Wenger of Cornish football, he’ll decide when he’s had enough! Penryn be a great job for anyone, Jarvo has brought through some cracking youngsters last few seasons and they got some good people still at the club, lovely set up and the pleasure of seeing Mr Older every week! 😳👍
  6. RAPPO

    Kevin Richards

    One of the nicest guys in the game, talks sense, no bullshit, and knows local football as well as anyone. Has had more successes than failures that’s for sure. Took Mullion from nowhere to league champions in the Combo a few seasons back and moved on, too good a manager for that level. Done a great job this season Kev, just got to look at Mousehole’s results Since you took over. Whoever made this decision is a 🤡 clown!! Better off out of that mate!! Enjoy the rest, which I’m sure won’t last long 👍⚽️
  7. Fantastic achievement for Tom, be a great experience for him! Reward for how much hes come on this season playing week in week out and being the number 1. Big confidence booster for him going into the play offs hopefully!? Congrats to City goalkeeping coach Deba Sidhu for all his hard work with Tom, top bloke with it too. Surprised Cody ain’t had a little call up the form he’s been in of late as well?
  8. Played with and against most of these lads over the last 30 years or so and they are without doubt top players! Played against the Argyle Legends a few times over the past ten years or so in charity matches and for someone that can’t run anymore it’s bloody hard work, the way they knock the ball around and use the pitch. I’ve also played in the old Football League Combination for Exeter City reserves a few times and it was a good standard of football! More often than not you played with and against a team that included half a dozen first team pro’s! Well done again for raising such a great amount of money for a fantastic charity! These guys are definitely “Legends” in my eyes!! 👌👍⚽️
  9. RAPPO

    Cornwall Under 18's Play Off Opponents.

    Yeah agree with Bob Dave! That’s my birthday and I’m over Cyprus! If you wouldn’t mind rearranging it so I could watch the lads win it that would be kind of Richard!! 😁 Good luck to Hoops and his talented bunch of lads and also to the fantastic coaching team we’ve got! The boys are really lucky to have all those guys help along with Hoops supporting them and teaching them good habits and information that will undoubtedly make them better players going into their futures. 👍👌⚽️
  10. Well done Mark, some fantastic memories there mate!! Great work as usual 👌👍⚽️
  11. Good luck to Hoops and the lads tomorrow!!! We gave Devon a 4-1 thumping at Helston last season, more of the same please lads! 👍⚽️
  12. Haha cheers Mike!!! Most of it is in foreign mate!! Gave up trying to translate it!! Luckily a lady at work has French friends so they did the magazine article for me but I struggled on the Chinese and Vietnamese stuff Mike! Got a decent scrapbook out of it all at the time though mate! Could have done with them sitting down with me to watch the YouTube video though! 3 days filming morning to night for a 15 minute documentary! Was a nice chap though 👍 Hopefully be down for my annual Bickland visit before the end of the season, so hope to catch you then. Long time no see, don’t see anyone at work anymore mate, couped up in an office for 12 hours all night these days! Good to hear from you Mike x
  13. Agree with Paul, the West Division is worth a follow!! Any one of the top 8 could still realistically win it with all these games left and against each other! The lead seems to change hands every round of fixtures. Also the bottom five have it all to play for to avoid that bottom spot! Good league to watch 👍
  14. You’ll have a cracking day Ross that’s for sure! Town got some good young players to watch out for and lovely people at the club. Catch up with Westy the manager and his coaching team after the game, great blokes, guaranteed a laugh! Would have popped down myself but I can’t drink with a Rangers fan. No only joking 😁 I’m in Cyprus that week. Watched EK twice this season, very good team, hope they make it into the league this time? Really ambitious chairman! Could be a rematch with Cowdenbeath the way things are looking!? Hope they’ve practised their penalties this season!? Enjoy the Old Firm semi on Sunday, close one I reckon mate? Think Motherwell might give the Dons a run as well on Saturday? Not on Facebook (know too many people from the past 😃) but I’ve got your email, me and the bro in law always get VIP treatment at Albion Rovers and Stirling Albion if you ever fancied one of them if Rangers are away? Anyway a top effort from Glasgow to Falmouth and one I’m sure you’ll always remember Ross 👍⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  15. Haha didn’t think you would have Ross! Seriously though I go to Scotland( Glasgow) three times a year (East Kilbride) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. I could always throw something through your door or post it while I’m up if you want some Town stuff that’s not available on the day? Myself and Tommy played for the club back in the day and I can tell you there’s no other club like it in Cornwall and Bickland Park has had some fantastic players on that pitch over the last 60 odd years. Charlie and Mike are top blokes who will look after you and you’re getting a scarf off a proper Town legend I can tell you Ross! Hope you have a great time even if my Scottish side of the family are Tim’s and not current buns!! (Ross will know what I mean)!! 👍⚽️
  16. Tommy, see if Ross can swap it for a Celtic scarf! Bet he ain’t got one of them!!! 😂
  17. Enjoyed yours and Daves company Mark! Good fun, what would life be without a bit of a laugh!! Keep up the fantastic work mate! Will have to watch the highlights tuesday night from work! 😕 Great to see City in the play offs, just hope they can complete a great season and stay there! Really enjoyed watching Cody this season and how he’s transformed himself into a superb striker! Really strong, keeps hold of it, plays others in, brilliant in the air, cracking movement and non stop work rate and he’s always had an eye for goal even when he was a midfielder. Always enjoy watching good players in any teams but it’s even more pleasurable when it’s “one of your own”. He’s a top lad to go with it as well, been outstanding the games I’ve watched over the last month of so!! 👍👌⚽️ Good luck on Tuesday City! Hope you film a few goals going in that Concord net Mark! 👍
  18. Great coverage as always Mark!! 👍 Good spot! Think we all thought in real time that Cody was just offside but looking at that again, thanks to Piran Films, I reckon the number 12 in the right back position has kept Cody onside! Great little finish and with about 15 to go I think? City were battering them by then so i think would have got a draw out of it to be fair!? Shame the damage was done in the first half with those two poor goals but at least City only have to wait until Tuesday night to put it right and not have to dwell on it until next Saturday.
  19. Unreal winter ain’t it Bob!! Tried to play golf yesterday and it was squelching up over my shoes mate! The pitches are saturated, never known it this bad in April!!? Hope you’re well, can’t believe that County Youth final at Barnet is over a year ago! Scary how time flies! ⚽️👍
  20. The daftest being the one who picks on a dog to get a bite out of a nice bloke who just enjoys watching local football 🤨
  21. Can’t ever imagine Smokie “snarling” at anyone!! He’s the friendliest chap you’ll ever meet! He might lick you to death! Seen him at football in all winds and weathers and he’s always the same and never leaves 100% side! Amazing what you did for him Steve, gave him a great life! He’s as much a big part of the Cornish footballing family as any of us mate!!! 👍⚽️
  22. Haha absolutely spot on as usual Denty! Yeah gave up me replay tickets! Was never gonna miss a 5 day Dam tour for 90 minutes at Wembley!! Lee Martin roof of the net for Fergies first trophy! Think he did ok after that!?! Yeah the best times with some unreal people. We had a good organiser though mate 👌👍⚽️
  23. Haha seriously though Dave I live about a mile from the ground and it’s horrendous up here at the moment! Raining buckets! Be water polo by 2pm tomorrow afternoon. Sensible early decision. I’m sure neither side would want to play such an important game on anything less than a decent surface 👍🏆
  24. Haha April fools!!!!!!!!! Had us all on that one! 😃👍...................eh!?! It really is off????? 😳