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  1. Morrish Truscott RIP

    Think Tom just said it all, first met Morrish in my first season for the County Youth team back in about 83/84 when he was manager. Really top bloke and his happiness and enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone. Called everyone “Woscombe” when he first met you! You knew you’d made it when he remembered your name and you weren’t a woscombe anymore!! ! Lovely guy who will be missed by many especially at Truro City where he was part of the furniture for many years. RIP Morrish ⚽️
  2. Martin Day RIP

    Terrible news, hard to find the words really. Devastated to hear the sad news last night. Glad I got to play with Dayer one last time in that Vets match against Leeds just before Christmas. Always the same, great laugh, real competitor and top bloke and player. Heart goes out to Steve and Jamie, all the brothers absolutely lovely lads. Thoughts are with all the family. RIP Dayer x
  3. Combo Cup Final

    Must agree, I never mind chucking a few quid into the local game. Entrance, programme, always up for a pasty or mars bar with a cup tea. 😀. Think Combo is worth a few quid, especially a final and SWL a fiver to be honest. Even Truro at £13! Always spend £20 after a visit to Treyew Road! I do get a bit aggrieved to watch Argyle or Exeter for the best part of £25 a time for a ticket alone and especially Premier league at £50+. I watched a championship game just before Christmas and it cost me £40!! I’ve watched La Liga, Bundesliga, League 1 in France, and Ajax several times and it’s cheaper than Argyle and Exeter most of the time!! I even watched a Cypriot Premier league game last year and that was only £15, Celtic v Rangers was only £30!!! Going on a bit but my point is I’d rather give my money to local teams than get ripped off by the pro clubs to be honest 👍⚽️
  4. When I was a kid in Malabar we played 30 a side for about 3 hours an evening on a school pitch or a pitch slightly smaller than that where the dads made our own posts and nets and the grass was up to your ankles and we played in any weather going!! The matches were usually about 5 hours long in the summer with players coming and going at different times! That’s where we all met up, boys and girls. The games usually included the dads coming out for an hour in the evenings as well. That’s all we had really! No computers, x boxes, PlayStations, half a dozen live matches on that night! No Sky, BT Sport, Facebook, mobiles, or lap tops and iPads! Just a round bit of leather, whether it was a football, rugby ball, or cricket ball!! Had at least half a dozen good south Western League players, about the same Combo league and some top junior players all come out of those kick arounds in Malabar!!! You hardly ever see a kid kicking a ball around in the street or in a field anymore these days. Great for the kids these days that we’ve got FA coaches, 3G floodlit pitches instead of a street light on concrete! Agree with all the above, the standard is bound to drop. Kids can’t play men’s football until they are 16 now, there were loads of us who were about 11 or 12 getting kicked by the dads in those games, never did us any harm I don’t think!?! Times have probably changed for the better no doubt but I wouldn’t swap those days and memories, great times ⚽️
  5. NLS - 27th February 2018

    BBC Sport got it off as a “frozen pitch” 🎅🏼
  6. Fixtures 25th Feb

    Sorry I missed you and the lads today Dave, great report as usual mate!! Went Budapest for 5 days then straight back to Glasgow for 6 days with plenty of snow and minus temperatures thrown in and had a chest infection ever since! My breathing is worse than when I’ve got to run 30 yards to get back onside!! 🙄 Catch you another time 👍⚽️
  7. Certainly can’t Matt!!! 👍👌⚽️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 clubhouse end goal at Bickland is my favourite place in the world mate!!! ✋
  8. Venue for Senior Cup announced

    Great venue for a final 👍 been lucky enough to lose 3 Senior cup finals on that pitch 😳 Well done to Cornwall FA for getting it out nice and early 👍⚽️
  9. Quite liked Teignmouth!! Set down in the dip with all those houses stacked up going up the hill! Played at a lot worse places! 👍⚽️
  10. Well done Mark, great to catch City’s games if you can’t get there regularly. Soft pen at 2-0 up I thought! 😳 Thought the two young lads did very well and always great to hear from Jamie, been there and done it and a top bloke. Got to say Hodgey always gives an honest assessment win or lose, type of guy that doesn’t go over the top when he wins and is not all doom and gloom when they lose. Type of guy you want to play for as a player. Hope City can win those midweek games coming up and stay in the play off positions. All comes down to form then at the end of the season.
  11. Congratulations to Gerald!

    Gerald was always my mums favourite referee!! Brilliant ref, had a laugh with the players, always made common sense decisions, good player in his day as well by all accounts! Sorry Ger just slightly too young to remember that mate!!! But most of all as the lads have already said, an absolute gentleman and brilliant company to be around. Well done Ger, fit as a fiddle for 80 mate!!! 👍⚽️👌
  12. Well done Steve, great effort, Greg’s is a miracle worker!! Celtic v Partick Thistle still on. Cheers gents ✋
  13. Falmouth v Penryn....OFF Holmans v Pendeen...OFF Illogan v Mullion...OFF
  14. The first postponement of many no doubt Paul!!! Belting down up here! Gonna get soaked today! Celtic v Partick Thistle at 12.15, gotta park half a mile from Parkhead then East Kilbride v Whitehill Welfare in the Lowland league at 3pm. They only got one stand!! Things we do for a game of footy! 😃👍⚽️