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  1. Trevor Mewton - RIP - truly a legend!

    Words can’t express the sadness and emptiness today.. I consider myself blessed to have been one of Trev's “players”. We all owe him so much, l first met him as the owner of Studs Sports when I was about 14 getting my boots on my mums Visa card and I was almost afraid to speak to him and was shocked when he said he knew who I was and had heard my name being mentioned! The Alex Ferguson of Cornish football what a confidence boost! I later realised that Trev knew every player in Cornish football from about 12 to 35 that was worth knowing, his knowledge of players and his scouting network was second to none! Years later I was lucky to have played for the boss at 3 different clubs as well as the SWL X1 which he managed for many years. I spent many of the best and funniest moments of my life in Trevs company, not just on the pitch where he won everything in Cornish football about ten times over but off it as well. As Tommy has already mentioned I had the privilege of being the boss first signing when he took the job at Falmouth and he built on an already fantastic team over his time there and I have never experienced a group of such tight knit players, all great mates with a team spirit second to none, a real band of brothers which Trev helped to build and everyone of us would run through a brick wall for him and each other. . He never seemed to sign a bad player! Anyone that came in were welcomed and seemed to fit into the side. We all had the utmost respect for Trev but you could crack the odd joke and get a laugh off him now and again as well, and our end of season tours to Holland were legendary where he would let his hair down but he still expected us to win the games! A great man manager who had the perfect blend of being your friend but you still knew very much so that he was the boss and what was expected of you on and off the pitch. I can not speak highly enough of the gaffer and could probably go on forever about the way you could talk football on the phone for an hour but it seemed like ten minutes and whenever you got a bad injury he would come around your house with Jill the next day with some flowers for your mum or mrs and a box of chocolates to keep your spirits up. A few of us even worked in the shop for Trev and Jill in the summer for a few extra quid. He had the exterior of being a hard man to please on the outside but he had a heart of gold on the inside and would do almost anything to help one of his boys. Even though you could see he was not very well around May time he still managed to do an interview at his house for the French tv company that were doing a documentary following me around for a few days about the 2000th goal. Trev had a side to him that many of his opponents probably never saw but we all did and It’s been an absolute honour boss and no doubt you and Ray have already got the tactics board out up there going over a few set pieces!!! Love to Jill and and family and RIP to the biggest legend who ever sat in a dug out in Cornish football. God bless boss, it was a pleasure and privilege to be your friend, thanks for everything. 👌⚽️❤️
  2. Sorry 100%, I’m already Giler’s number 1 fan mate!!! Top bloke and player ain’t he 👍👌⚽️
  3. Vets 3rd Dec

    Haha it came from Hutch one of the lads Chris!! Expect Tone will tell you bout it on Sat mate! Some strike on the lad bud!!!
  4. Maybe not a bad thing in Parkways quest to climb the pyramid, can concentrate on getting the league position required. Always lovely to have a vase run but it does impact on your season as I’m sure Parkway will go far in their domestic cups as well. Every cloud has a silver lining!? Remember playing 56 games for Falmouth one season and we lost the league by a point! 😳 Heads up and good luck for the rest of the season. 👍⚽️
  5. Vets 3rd Dec

    Spoke to Steve last night and Aggie travelled to Downderry with just the 10 players, loads of us injured or unavailable. Tony Penrose hit a 40 yard screamer to pull it back to 1-2 in the first half apparently but tough game against Downderry with 11 let alone 10. Well done to the lads who made it 🤕
  6. Excuse me Dave!?! You’re a nice looking chap but........... 😀
  7. Billy modest as ever I reckon Chris!!! Bet he saved both mate! 👍⚽️👌
  8. Phil Ryder RIP

    Two really good teams there Dave!! Remember watching those sides as a kid and lucky for me went on to play with most of them a few years later. Some really talented players in those sides managed by the great Trevor Mewton. None more so than Phil who was pretty scary in those days to play with and against!! A big strong striker!! As Denty said every opponent knew he had been in a game when they played against him. great photo's
  9. Phil Ryder RIP

    Really gutted to hear this news Dave. When I first went to Newquay at 16 Phil and Graham Nicholls were the front two for the 1st team and the county, different players and blokes but both brilliant at what they did. Lovely for a young novice like me to learn off those two masters. Phil was as strong as an ox and he would actually bully the centre half!! He would back into defenders and was almost impossible to get the ball off but was a great finisher with it and hell of a strike on him. Always great to see him at football over the years for a reminisce. Saw him at Godolphin end of last season in good spirits as usual but comparing our knackered knees!! Im sure the older gents will have some great stories about Phil, great character!! RIP to a proper Cornish football legend. ⚽👌
  10. You always hear so much negative stuff about the game these days but this is what football, especially local is all about!! Great effort and well done to all the lads involved 👏🏼⚽️👏🏼👌
  11. Hi Keith, think some games are played at Par running track mate. I drove past there the other night and the lights were on with some lads playing. Stopped for 5 minutes but didn’t recognise anyone. Asked Dave cos there’s not much if anything!? he doesn’t know about Cornish football and he said they play u21 league games there along with the new flexi league. I’ll pop down again for a bit of fresh air when I got more time. The Par pitches are rented out per match so not sure if the FA or whoever runs the leagues got a deal?
  12. Yeah no offence taken Bruegel!!! 😁 Football a wonderful game of opinions!! Thank god for Daves forum! Wouldn’t have thought Ashey or Gilbey will lose too much sleep over it either!! 😂 Gareth is entitled to his opinion on Cornish football but can’t help thinking from his photo he is Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle!!! “What’s your story wee man”? 👍
  13. Yeah I think I said I went to the game, so yeah I was actually there. Just my opinion Gareth Davies. I don’t really obviously know much about local football and bow to your greater knowledge by the sounds of it! Could have swore I saw Bodmin hit the post a couple times as well but sounds like they were outplayed! Maybe that bit was when I was getting a cup of tea? I’ll just have to look forward to hearing about Parkway beating Bodmin about 6 or 7-0 then by the sounds of it? Shame I was going to go thinking it might be a close game but might not bother now seeing Bodmin are that bad and Parkway that good.
  14. If a player goes to block a shot and is turning away say to protect his face but his hands are away from his body I can see why it’s still got to be given but not a red card. Don’t see why it has to be so black and white. Handball red card off. Accidental handball maybe, - nothing. Just let the refs use common sense. Can see what you’re saying though. I’ll agree to disagree Cos my steak and chips are on the table!!! 👍😀
  15. Yeah pleasure for you Dave just give me a shout mate 👍 On the pen subject I think if a player has made an honest attempt to block the shot and its hit his hand and the ref deems it a penalty then a pen and a yellow if you have to is punishment enough I think and common sense refereeing. If a defender dives full stretch across his goal line and tips a goal bound shot over the bar then that to me is a red card and a pen. Think the refs shouldn’t have the pressure of the laws rammed down their throat so much. I think the best refs I’ve come across over the last 40 odd seasons in football are ones that you can talk to and use common sense. Just an opinion really. Still shocked ABBA caused all that trouble yesterday though! Benny was a right nutter apparently!!! 😂