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  1. Yeah think Dave is right. Remember Swiggsy scoring 8 when the Blazey dream team beat someone 11-0?! Not sure if it wasn’t Tavistock in the darker years for the club when they were bottom of the league and not top! Funny how fortunes turn around over the years! 😳
  2. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    Remember when we played Dorset away at Bridport Tom, we left Truro car park at 8am on the coach, got stuck in traffic and got there 1.20 for a 2pm kick off. We then took the old white shirts and black shorts kit out of the bag and it was still soaking wet from the launderette that morning having just been washed from the game before that about 3 weeks before!! Ain’t seen you mad very often but you were jumping that day as Dorset ran out past us for their warm up in their all in one warm flashy Dorset FA tracksuits in the pissing down November rain!!! Still won 3-1 though!! Glad the boys are getting treated a bit better these days! We would still be there next game though, always chuffed to see your Cornwall letter drop through the letterbox Tom 👍
  3. FA Cup

    Fantastic draw for City!!! Apart from Portsmouth, Blackburn or Bradford and possibly Argyle it couldn’t be better in my opinion. The Valley is a top class stadium with a capacity of 27’000 odd!! They always get 5 figure crowds for home games of which City will get an even share! That will be a decent amount of cash to be fair👍👌⚽️ Hope the players are still on a nice little bonus 😁 Reckon BT Sport could well go for a live game here as well with it being a bit of a fairy story, Cornish football which nobody up the line thinks we can play down here, a club in administration only 5 years ago, could have no ground next season blah blah! 😳 Think the home team comes out of a tv live match a bit better but could be a great money spinner for the club. Could well have been away to Oxford City, Shaw Lane or Heybridge so let’s relish it and get behind the lads. Would love to see a big contingent go up and support City on the day and do Cornish football proud.
  4. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    Hear hear Tom, we would have gone Australia to play for Cornwall wouldn’t we mate!! Well Amsterdam at least! 😀
  5. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Yeah some good players and lads there Ralph 👍⚽️ Yeah glad I was quick in those days mate, not a sitting duck like the last 15 years!! Just had to keep on the move and play off their shoulders, still black and blue most weeks back then though! Not much protection from the refs, the first couple tackles were usually ‘free’ and they would take turns, far better being a striker these days!! You had to virtually mug someone before a ref would get out a yellow card in the eighties and nineties mate!!! A lot of better things these days to be fair, the back pass rule being the best, that was painful if you were 0-1 down with ten to go, all the time wasting. Used to lie in the bath Saturday night counting the cuts and bruises!! Great days though must admit, glad I was about then and lucky to play in some great teams 👍
  6. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Thought the old Castle Utd lads were a great bunch. They were not a bad team either, remember playing for Aggie reserves after coming back from an injury, shin splints I think? (Forgot I’ve had so many!) at the end of one season and we played Castle in one of the old Mining League Finals at Goonhavern. Jubilee cup? And also in the league a couple weeks before at Tuckingmill, they certainly got stuck in no doubt but I’ve played against a lot nastier people especially in the old SWL!! The two 6ft 5 gorillas at Appledore we’re never much fun away in January but if there’s a chance of scoring a goal gotta be done!! 👍
  7. Never mind Willy, that’s the cup mate. You’ll have to settle for being top of the league 👍
  8. As meatloaf would say, two out of three ain’t bad!!! 😂 👍
  9. You would be good at anything Billy! The mrs popped in her grans at Lostwithiel a few weeks ago and I nipped down the road to watch you mate v Biscovey. I was there 25 minutes and you made 3 great saves including two one on ones! Still got it 👍⚽️
  10. Good luck to all the Combo teams in the Senior Cup this weekend 👍 chance of a shock in one of these games I reckon - St.Day v St.Blazey, Hayle v Wadebridge, Perranporth v Helston. Congrats to Hayle for all the nice hard working people at the club, look forward to visiting sometime during the season.
  11. Yeah know the lads play at Par but the skate ramp and road didn’t look like the bottom goal. Think I can see it now though you say! A senior moment on my part I believe 🤓😳
  12. Stumped on this one Ralph!?! Don’t play much these days, spose I’m out the loop mate?!! Still a few up this way I don’t know, even though I’ve been living up “East” for over 11 years! Hope you’re well bud x
  13. Where was the game played Tux? Don’t recognise the pitch mate?
  14. Haha I'm paying for it now Nanks!! That mis spent youth mate!!! Ain't been out for 15 years! Worn out bud!! 😳
  15. Yeah spot on that Billy. I've always said having someone like Mass involved in Cornish football can only be a positive thing. I personally enjoyed playing with him as a teenager for Truro City and Cornwall and then later playing for him when he managed the County side. Always ready and willing to offer great advice and you won't find a more enthusiastic football man than Mass. Ultra professional, I remember my Cornwall debut at Sussex and the likes of Sledge, Parrie, Dave G,, and me were sneaking out the fire escape door for an hour or three in a local nightclub while Mass was off to bed at 11 with his crossword in preparation for the match tomorrow afternoon. He just does things right and if the people that are not too sure about him actually got to know him then they would find a top bloke that really knows his football at all levels. I for one am glad he cares about Cornish football.