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  1. Callington Town FC

    Just heard that Dan Jefferies, Ryan Lucassi and Steve Blatchford will be taking charge. 3 Club favourites. Hopefully they can move forward with their results now. Although I have also heard a number of players may be leaving along with Dean. A testing period coming up. Good lucky Callington!
  2. Callington Town announcement

    What about Gary Williams? Has he left too? Would be a huge loss to the club if so. Good luck Dan and the team!
  3. Except the season or 2 you were a Parkway fan when it wasn't going swimmingly for "The Ashes".
  4. What has happened at Callington this season? They seem to have brought in some good players, notably Luke Rordan from Saltash, he is a real good player and I thought he was a good signing. I thought he was excellent at Torpoint a few years ago. Also Dan Pethick, who was clinical when he was at Tavistock, but for some reason they have really struggled. I like to watch Torpoint, Saltash and Callington and I watched the Torpoint V Callington game on Friday and it just seemed like there was no confidence and some of the players looked out of their depth. I heard some of the spectators on Friday saying that they weren't happy with the management. It sounds like there was a better second half performance yesterday after a dreadful first half. I hope they can turn it around.
  5. What is it exactly Launceston and Callington have to do. Both seem to have pretty good setups at their grounds?
  6. Do we know when the draw is for the next round? A few potential derbies in the offing.
  7. Rumours

    Karaoke is Al Johns.
  8. Rumours

    Al Johns is a good looking gentleman......
  9. I think the overall drop in standard of players playing in the area's elite league will have something to do with diminishing spectator numbers.
  10. Rumours

    Fancied a bit of karaoke in the bar?
  11. Graham Carey

    Its public knowledge. I am not saying anything that isn't known, I am merely questioning if he would play. My gut feel is no, so people shouldn't get excited at the prospect of seeing him play against Saltash.
  12. Graham Carey

    Would be interesting to see if he plays against Saltash given recent happenings.......
  13. still no move for Jason Peters. Must be a record for him
  14. Camelford v Exmouth Town 1 - 4 Godolphin Atlantic v St Austell 1 - 6 Launceston v Plymouth Argyle Reserves 1 - 3 Saltash United v Cullompton Rangers 5 - 0 St Blazey v Newquay 2 - 3 Tavistock v Helston Athletic 4 - 0 Torpoint Athletic v Bodmin Town 1 - 3 Witheridge v Falmouth Town 1 - 2