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  1. ruan minor 2 mariners 4.good win today against a tricky ruan side who did well to get the game on! special thanks to them for that.mariners with a stong squad today took there chances well with goals from conner clarke,stuart lugg,greg stephens and ryan stanley.thanks to ruan for the food im there nice new clubhouse.see you at our place totally shocking!!! whats a matter with teams if they want to play football why enter the league.i feel teams who refuse legit situations to get games on should be fined or docked points.piss take really.
  2. shocking decision !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Avoiding Backlog

    could allow teams to play on the collage 3g pitch instead of the fa wanting alot!!! of money to do bounce and roll tests on it first,what total bullshit!!!!!
  4. massive applause and thanks to west cornwall fc for allowing our manager of st ives mariners to officially take charge of the game 2moz pitch and weather permitting.Other clubs should take note.thanks again hope to see you 2moz 👍
  5. mariners vs falmouth dc will have a 10am pitch inspection.fingers crossed
  6. mariners vs carharrack res 11.30 kick ff but will have a 9am pitch inspection
  7. mariners pitch failed inspection so is off the league and visitors are being informed
  8. mariners vs carharrack has a pitch inspection with the council and management at 10.15am
  9. rosudgeon vs mariners off due to waterlogged pitches
  10. totally agree!!!! this case is just unbelivable could understand if there were floods all week!!!
  11. maybe but surely now it should be ok?
  12. we would of but our pitch isnt good as its played on week and week out as praze share it with us
  13. its just a joke!! pitch hasnt bin played on for 2-4 weeks!!! they have apparently tryed to arrange a 3g pitch but its a no go because the school is shut for holidays which i can belive but surely someone would be free to open a changing room etc.End of the day i think anyone or any organisation calling of a game on a tuesday is taking the piss when a pitch inspection on a saturday morning could be done,were not travelling from manchester!!!!!!
  14. funny u should say that ive mentioned to couple people if passing by pop by take couple pictures
  15. a shocker i would say theres no rain forcast and quite mild all week,ive played there before where ive nearly drowned in the goal mouth!! theres bin no football played there for 2-4 weeks even games at clijah played last week!!!!