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  1. Exactly but seems to have been taken personally by perranwell and wasn't meant like that
  2. For some reason dugouts should be 4m long in order to sit 8 players/coaches,we had to knock down our perfectly adequate dugouts and rebuild them.this isn't a personal attack on perran all I'm saying is if clubs want to gain promotion to the combo league there are a lot of guidelines and sometimes a lot of expense to do this yet the clubs already in the league don't have adhere to these rules surely all clubs should have to have the same standards
  3. Fair one sorry It's an absolute joke clubs have to make big renovations to there grounds to be promoted to this league but it's acceptable to play on nothing more than a park pitch,it's annoying as when we porthlevan came to us they made a formal complaint to league about the length of the grass and a couple bricks left next to changing rooms Haha really just stating a fact about a total mate and not fair on clubs who are wanting to get promoted
  4. But surely something needs to be done about this
  5. Looking for people's opinions before I submit something to the combination league committee.Today we (Pendeen rovers)played against perranwell at perran and on arrival was presented with a council park pitch and dugouts that wasn't fit for 5 kids to sit in let alone 8 adults as stated in the league rules should be able to seat,the grass wasn't cut and the pitch looked like the cows had been removed just before we arrived. my point is on promotion and acceptance in to the lwc combination league ourselves and west Cornwall were given a list of requirements and standards we had to adhere to to gain promotion to senior football ourselves and west Cornwall I believe had to rebuild the dugouts to the size in this list which was substantially bigger than what we had,so why are teams that are trying to better themselves and play the highest level possible being given such things to do when we arrive at grounds that are nowhere near the standard we have been told we should be at so far perranwell and culdrose are nowhere near the standards that apparently they should be,so I'm thinking about putting to league committee that if teams looking for promotion to the combination league have to meet these standard surely the teams currently in the league should be given a time scale to bring there ground/facility's upto standard as well,it irrelevant they may have been in the league for years surely it can't be one rule for upcoming teams and another for established teams.Im sorry if this sounds harsh but we at Pendeen have worked hard to get back to this standard and jumped through hoops to get facility's up to certain standard to be accepted but when we turn up to what we did today seemed like going back to junior standards and surely this isn't acceptable. what are people opinions on this I'm not looking to fall out or cause massive arguements but surely it needs addressing.
  6. Full Time System

    Teams can put in there team sheets online but mr roberts has asked us just to send in team sheets I'm sure in time it will all be up to speed it is a bit like stepping back in time tho coming up from trelawny league to combo