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  1. Bere Alston can finish third and be promoted but only to fill a vacancy if there is one
  2. You have shot yourselves in the foot nobody is going to agree to play you while peninsular football is not on you played Torpoint on saltmill dragged in first team and Ivybridge first team players what do you expect but dont want to drag that up again but when everyone says no its probably because they dont know who they will be playing against
  3. jefferson hog

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    Pople Moore Hobbs Robins W DAW
  4. jefferson hog

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    I was at the game and i knew the ref would get all the blame apart from the Josh Robins one he got all the rest right how do expect refs to be able to do there job when every tackle he is surrounded by both teams demanding cards the players should take the blame this was meant to be a game between the best two teams in the league and it turned into a farce not because of the ref but because of the players attitude
  5. As has been said no rules broken but the sad thing is if they are using it for a bit of match fitness for the first team they could affect who wins the league this year and havin to play them twice ruin are chance of promotion might not mean nothing to them but certainly does to us
  6. Heard the same if this is true will the 2nd team see out the season after being pushed aside for the fixture