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  1. Record Breakers. The ONLY team to have lost 7 (SEVEN) FA Cup Semi Finals on the trot. Brilliant. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
  2. Ere, SSS, you ain't alf awful, but I like ya!!
  3. Top stuff Shifty. Agreed, FDC deserved winners. We tried our best, but it was not to be. And the Upper Deck.......nice, very nice. Cheers!
  4. Cheers! We knew we were up against it today, even though we assembled 11 players. With a scoreline like this, I did wonder if you had considered you made the wrong choice, but you make it very clear how you view things. I’m glad you took something from the game. I guess we all did, barring the score from Newlyn’s point of view!
  5. Yes, no need for an in-depth analysis of this one. 8-0 at half time, so we improved only losing the second half 5-1. We tried, bare 11 players (two over 50, two over 40), and gave it our best. Newlyn could have got a couple more, but Frogpool could have had several more too. Thanks for the hospitality, and Mr Bartlam for taking time to come and ref today, doing a sterling job in the process.
  6. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    I see what you're saying fudge. A bit of guesswork here, but as the referee called the game off, somehow that information got to our "secretary", and my guess is that the ref had got in touch with him to pass the news on. Now, he was not at the pitch, that I know for a fact, he was working, but I received a text at 5.29, (if I could do what Timbotastic did above I would, but I ain't that savvy). I would also now assume that in the "communication" that occurred between ref and Newlyn secretary, the information that Mariners had already been informed was given. That last bit is a guess, I have no knowledge if this is a fact or not, but I am pretty sure our guy would have tried to inform you if he thought it was necessary. Common courtesy comes into play here, you have brought that subject up before, and I agree. But, although the whole saga was very frustrating, there was really nothing that Newlyn NA did that was either untoward, nasty etc etc.
  7. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    Everyone knows the referee called a game off. Newlyn NA did not (and cannot anyway). The referee informed both clubs. There is a difference.
  8. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    Wrong Arty. Different Newlyn. Poor show of sympathy for the Lions team. Poor show.
  9. Yes, can’t really be bothered with the speculation. There’ll be a new manager, and hopefully some new faces soon, and an anticipation of things to come. Looking forward to something new. Not experienced it in a while!
  10. Good grief. What I see is a great man who did exceptionally wonderful things for Arsenal football club. I took some time yesterday to read quite a few of the many things on the internet. Most of them from past players or adversaries. Quite literally they were unison in the praise for this man. What he did, what he achieved, and not just in football, in life outside football. The only negative thing I read was from an “Arsenal fan”. Typical. A person highly likely never to have met him, but had probably thrown insults at him. And in all the times when some of his fans shamefully turned on him, he carried on with the same dignity and fortitude, even acknowledging some of the “fans” behaviour in an understanding way, never shirking his responsibilities of his job. We all have opinions, no problem with that, and going last season after the FA Cup would have given him a tremendous send off. He risks now ending with his lowest finish since his arrival, trophyless, in his last game away at Huddersfield. Not the same send off for sure. But this guy, who took charge of well over 1000 games, with a win ratio over 57%, deserves nothing but admiration and praise. This era is over, never to be repeated. I would always support him, and now look forward to supporting the next Arsenal manager.
  11. Wenger going. So at last, the angry Arsenal fans will be happy that a new manager will come in and Arsenal will be restored immediately to their rightful status of the most successful club in the world, and win everything. Of course, if this does not happen, it will be Wengers fault for the very poor squad he left behind. However, onwards and upwards.
  12. It was a "nothing game" for Arsenal. Hence the team selection. Newcastle fighting for their lives, Arsenal looking to the Europa Cup, which is now Priority No. 1 for the team. Completely understandable. Completely annoying and questionable.
  13. Mangle

    Tottenham Hotspur

  14. It still makes me smile. You lot listen to the likes of Keown and Wright. And Shearer of course. The man who went in to rescue Newcastle a couple of years ago, and took them down. Ha ha. And Lawro, brought in as defensive coach at Newcastle that same season I seem to recall, only for them to get even worse, and Lawro shown the door. I don't know what the ex-Arsenal players agenda is, just getting paid as pundits I guess. All doom and gloom. Get over it. Arsenal have had a few bad results. Playing below the required standard to win anything. Yes. Get over it. Wenger looking all of his 68 years. Hmmm, I guess all the other managers look younger than their actual age? C'mon, what has that got to do with anything? Wenger's best days are behind him. No one is going to argue that. Let's see what happens next. Lose to Brighton, lose to Milan, and sack the manager? Still possible, but I doubt it. I must say that I am intrigued to see what eventually transpires when Wenger does go. It will be exciting, to see what happens, but there are no guarantees that it will automatically bring success (which is what the "experts" seem to be alluding to). Thank god i am travelling out the country for the next few days, I may miss the football results!!
  15. We drew the second half! Yay.
  16. Agreed stevieb, at least we have some decorum on this forum, well, some of us. I refrain from throwing insults, using ridiculous names for teams or supporters. Unnecessary. You know my feelings about slang for the cup competitions. They are what they are, trophies worth winning. And SSS, yes, Arsenal are in the doldrums, and it happens. Other teams, including Spurs, have the edge on them, but I must say that until these other teams win something, it is all wasted breath. Perhaps you can end your 10 year wait for a trophy this season, and then you may actually have something to shout about!
  17. Agreed, City are the new boys in town.
  18. With the amount of practice you mob have had, there are years of catching up to do.....
  19. At least we make the finals. You keep getting knocked out in the semi’s.
  20. I’m not really defending yesterday’s performance. Man City have kept 12 clean sheets in the PL so far this season. They walloped Liverpool 5-0, Stoke 7-2, Watford 6-0, Palace 5-0, Bournemouth 4-0, Swansea 4-0, Spurs 4-1, Leicester 4-1, as well as beating Chelsea and Man Utd away from home. See a pattern there? They are exceptional, and Arsenal came up against a team playing fantastic football yesterday. Arsenal only lost to City 3-1 in the PL at their place, so not too bad! You never know, we could get a draw when we face them on Thursday. So, Arsenal did turn up, but were outplayed, out thought, out fought, out performed, out scored. Do you think they just didn’t bother? I don’t think so. They had a go, and fell well short, like most teams are doing against City. Mustafi, made a mistake, got punished. It’s football. In a game they could ill afford to make a mistake in, he did. I can’t defend him, and I’d guess he is not trying to defend himself either. Yes I can see what has happened to the club. I believe Wenger has kept that club going, punching above their weight for ages. The boardroom is where the finances are handled. And they know Wenger, financially, has been he best thing for the club. Remember, which you will forget immediately, football is now big business. It’s not about trophies. It is for us, but no the owners. It’s about money. Why did the owners offer Wenger another 2 year contract last year? Money. Anyway, it is what it is. When Wenger does go, and they bring in someone else, whoever it is, will get my support through thick and thin. I will hope they win every game, and every trophy. But they won’t.
  21. Hmmm, those responses are not as bad as I thought they would be. Are you feeling alright guys? C’mon, get stuck in. Tear the Gunners, especially Mr Wenger, apart. Remember, it’s all about trophies, and the boys just got stuffed 3 nil in the final. No trophies this year. Top 4 has gone, AC Milan about to knock them out of Europe. Another defeat (this coming Thursday) in the league. The plot has well and truly been lost. Signing existing and new players on huge contracts, but get nothing back from them in terms of performance. Arsenal are there for the taking, on and off the field. I await a real dressing down of the club, management, board, and everything associated with the club.......
  22. Man City are the best team at the moment. In trying to argue Arsenal's poor performance, the Man City performance get side-lined. It's almost as if Arsenal lost to Oldham or someone like that, a shockingly embarrassing display. It was not that. Man City were superb, the movement, confidence, ability. They were better with the ball, and without the ball. Arsenal tried to play "their game", but City stopped them. Arsenal were outclassed on the day. It happens. I am an Arsenal fan, and I am gutted. But I see through the thin vale of ignorance that is most fans and commentators. They are basically fed-up with Arsene Wenger, who in fact, should still be applauded by every Arsenal fan, who has worked small miracle's with the club within the constraints he has had to work with. "Why did Wenger sell off all their strikers?". I am not sure which ones you are referring to, how long ago, but was it Wenger making those decisions, and getting rid. Or was it the board (financially demanding it), the agents looking for their big pay-packets, and of course the players.....? Did you read what Hleb said about leaving Arsenal? I recommend Googling it, and reading what happened to him, and then try telling me this was not the case of some others too! Who knows, Thursday comes, Arsenal meet Man City in the PL at the Emirates. What will happen? MC are sure favourites to get a result, but the Gunners are in with a chance. We will see.