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  1. Record Breakers. The ONLY team to have lost 7 (SEVEN) FA Cup Semi Finals on the trot. Brilliant. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
  2. Tottenham Hotspur

    Agreed - last post - the Man City present team and style of play is outstanding. Better than any others at this time. The other teams have gifted individuals, but are all playing catch up this season with City. I do like watching the City games, although through gritted teeth, but you have to admire the game they are playing.
  3. Tottenham Hotspur

    In Wenger We Trust. That is all.
  4. Div. 3: Newlyn Non Athletico Res. (1) 1 -v- 7 (3) West Cornwall Res. Nice day for it, weather was reasonable, and the pitch resembled a bowling green, that had been home to a heard of cows for a week. A feast of football it was not. Especially first half, where a number of handbags appeared throughout, and the ref did a good job of keeping on top of it all. First goal was unfortunate for the home keeper, after saving a good angled shot, the ball went straight upwards above his head, and although full marks for the 360 degree swivel he did wondering where it had disappeared to, the WCR forward took full advantage and ran in to whip the ball home. There was then a quick break from the halfway line, and a very good confident finish to make it 2, and a third followed after good work again, with WCR being a yard quicker to the loose ball, rounding the keeper for a nice finish. NNAR got one back with an OG, and did create one or two half chances. But the WCR defence looked very solid. Second half was more about the football, with all handbags being left in the changing rooms. The visiting team looked very dangerous on the attack, and gradually pulled away with 4 more goals. Newlyn battled well, and will feel a little hard done by on the final score line, but there was no doubt about the winners, a well deserved result for West Cornwall. Excellently refereed by a late volunteer. Cheers for that.
  5. Div. 3 Newlyn NA Res (1) 3 -v- 5 (1) St Erme Decent game played on a lumpy bumpy sticky surface. Evenly matched teams, with the score being finely balanced most of the game. At 3-4 with 10 to go, Newlyn had a golden opportunity to level it with a far post header, agonisingly wide, and St Erme not only held out, but scored again with virtually the last kick of the game. Both teams hit the bar too. Argh, Newlyn could of done with a point or 3 today, and on another day, it may have been. But well done to St Erme.
  6. So, any games off yet, I can’t find anything about the games above .......
  7. Another club folding!?

    Ummmm, stop allowing new teams to join the Trelawny League for a few seasons (3 or 4 say). It will not necessarily stop other clubs folding, but it certainly will not make the situation worse. What did we have this year, 8 new teams voted into Division 4 (with 1 not being allowed), and so far, 3 teams folding....
  8. Agreed, although I do not hold out much hope. I put money on City before the season started, and I’ve seen nothing to change my mind.
  9. Ludgvan Res. (10) 14 -v- 1 (0) Newlyn NA Res. What can I say, Newlyn kicked off, about 9 seconds later, Newlyn were 1 nil down. And so it continued. At least we had 11 players, that is, until half time, when we lost one to a knee injury. Second half with 10 men, we battled, and lost. Well done Ludgvan. Good luck in the next round.
  10. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Thanks for the offer, but I'd prefer my valuables. They can be replaced!
  11. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Castle United (up Tuckingmill way I think, by the old cinema). Nowhere to park. Bleddy git stank to the field. Changing "facilities" was a tin hut (reminiscent of the Gulval Badgers Cross time), no showers, and you were lucky if your "valuables" (and teeth) were still around after the game (although you sometimes found the odd stud or two lodged in your thigh). Ahhh, the memories.
  12. Rosudgeon Res. 12-v-2 Newlyn NA Res. A bright, sunny day on the south coast of West Cornwall greeted the Newlyn old boys team at Rosudgeon today. A light breeze thankfully lowered the temperature, and we did suggest a game of bowls instead, with the pitch resembling a snooker table cloth. It would certainly have suited the experienced Newlyn team instead of an energetic association football match. Anyway, with this request turned down, we set up the team. Montague went between the sticks as usual, Wellesley went in at centre-back, St. Leger at right-back and Grosvenor at left-back. Moving forward, Darwin-Wedgwood held the centre-half position, Lowther slotted into right half and Chichetser at left half, with Beaufort at inside right, Cavendish at inside left, with Gough-Calthorpe running down the right wing and Fortescue down the left wing. What could possibly go wrong? Rosudgeon would not know what hit them. By half time, we knew the game plan was not necessarily going to plan, so we discussed the situation over a brandy and a couple of sneaky Chesterfields. Although Beaufort had found the onion bag for the visitors with an exquisite 30 yard chip, the home team rapscallions had booted, hoofed, flicked and nicked 6 or 7 themselves. Perhaps by pushing our centre-half up to join the forward line would bridge the gap, so up went Wellesley to join the forward line. Somehow, although this plan clearly worked with Newlyn forcing a second half corner, and netting from the penalty spot with Beaufort notching up his second, the band of hooligans we faced has stabbed, blasted, bashed and poked another 5 or 6. 12-2 it finished, well done to Rosudgeon.
  13. "Pub Cup". Why always the pub cup? Tell Man Utd that, who are presently in the CL because of it. Yes, I know that everyone wants to be in the CL. But come on. It is Arsenal's level right now. In fact, they have a better chance of winning it than the CL. No chance for the Gunners in the CL at the moment, even if they were in it. I would usually be hopeful they had a "punchers chance", but I don't think they would have that this season. Let's hope for a good October, with opposition such as Brighton, Watford, Everton and Swansea in the PL, Norwich in the EFL and some team I have never heard of in the EL.
  14. Game of 2 halves. First half, Mariners annihilated Newlyn. Cut us open time and time again. Created chance after chance. Went 7 nil up. Second half, only destroyed us. We had a chat at half time, keep heads up, try and win the second half and so on. You know the drill. 5 mins in, someone unleashed an unstoppable thunderbolt that hit the top corner stanchion inside the goal. 8 nil. Ahhhhh, one of those days! Well done to a fine Mariners side.
  15. Saw it! Good stuff. Jeeeez, we've started with the zzzzz thing already. I've already beaten you into submission. You can't debate. You can't stand up to be counted. You have nothing constructive, or even deconstructive to say. It's going to be a long season for you.
  16. Read what Ozil has posted on his Facebook page. It's well put. Of course you can challenge/question things. But it gets tedious with everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Including the ex-players. Just change the record. The owners can do what they like, they own it. Like it or not. It's their money. They have no responsibility to leave the club in any particular way. They can asset strip it and sell it on if they like. I met Charlie earlier this year on a legends Emirates tour. Brilliant bloke. I was Charlie George when I was a kid playing on the estate!
  17. But Arsenal have been there or thereabouts consistently for ages. I agree that winning the league is No. 1 priority, and we have failed. But only one team can win it each year. it's a tough ask. We have nearly made it, but not quite got over the line. The CL runs have never helped, and we are usually quite successful in the domestic cup competitions. So at a certain point in each season, we seen to get 3 or 4 "must win games" in 3 or 4 different competitions, and balls them all up. Last 2 teams to win the PL were not in Europe that season. That helps. Arsenal have always been in European competitions, and this helps make winning the PL even harder. Look, all I'm saying is that most of the stuff being written/spoken about at the moment is rubbish, designed to fulfil ex-player egos and fuel media success/money income. Who cares what they say. They are paid to say it, and the more "controversial" they are, the more follow-up they generate, the more the media promote it. It is clear the media is on Wenger's back, and have been for some time. If you actually listen to what he says in interviews, it makes a lot of sense. Take it from the horses mouth, not the mainstream media. Some of what they are reporting is not true, but we don't know which bits they are until much later, when someone writes their memoirs about it! Just get behind the team, support them through ups and downs, support the manager.
  18. Winning titles don't come easy. Arsenal have no automatic right to win, it's hard work, dedication and luck, not necessarily in that order, required. The football world has sadly been destroyed by money. It doesn't surprise me about the contracts, largely, it's the greedy agents running the show. Very few different teams have won the title since Arsenal last did it. It's a hard job. I take it you feel Arsenal have no chance this season?
  19. You lot are just like the media bandwagon. So "you read" that Wenger refused to criticise the players after the game. Hmmm. So the players are "just going through the motions". I doubt it. They don't want to play for Wenger. Really? Not one person has congratulated Liverpool on a fantastic display, with only 49% possession at their home pitch, in the last game. It was a poor Arsenal performance, but sometimes, you get beaten by the better team on the day. Just like Chelsea did in the FA Cup Final a couple of months ago, when no one gave their opposition a chance. Who was man of the match when Arsenal played Stoke at Stoke? The Stoke keeper. Just your rotten luck when things don't go your way. It will change. All Arsenal have done so far is to prove (twice) that no team will go through the season unbeaten like they themselves achieved, under Wenger, a few years ago. The Invincible's. Spurs have also chipped in with their "home" loss to Chelsea. There are still 7 unbeaten teams in the PL so far, but this total includes Huddersfield, Watford, WBA and Southampton, and we all know they won't last much longer. The other 3 teams, ManC, ManU and Liverpool will hang on for a while longer, but we all know the defeat will come. I stand by my team, through thick and thin. Support is what they want, and need, not a bunch of so called "supporters" crying over things they read in the papers. So it's a "shambles" keeping hold of one of the best players, who never submitted a transfer request? I'm not so sure. Up The Gunners!
  20. Tottenham Hotspur

    You listen to too much hype in the media. Arsenal will be fine. Spurs did good business. Never rated Walker much, so to get £50M for him, wow. Llorente is a player I admire. Good old-fashioned No. 9 I reckon. Not sure about the others, never heard of them. Maybe they can go on to get a "home" win at some time soon lol
  21. Tottenham Hotspur

    Anyway, you know all these clubs, when you have made it into Europe, you usually end up in this competition, and lose to them!
  22. Tottenham Hotspur

    Careful, I'm in Somerset at the moment, having a few days off. Going home tomorrow, I might set it on fire before I leave if you upset me.,,
  23. Tottenham Hotspur

    Yeah, good luck with it. It could be good, or excruciating......