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  1. Ere, SSS, you ain't alf awful, but I like ya!!
  2. Top stuff Shifty. Agreed, FDC deserved winners. We tried our best, but it was not to be. And the Upper Deck.......nice, very nice. Cheers!
  3. Cheers! We knew we were up against it today, even though we assembled 11 players. With a scoreline like this, I did wonder if you had considered you made the wrong choice, but you make it very clear how you view things. I’m glad you took something from the game. I guess we all did, barring the score from Newlyn’s point of view!
  4. Yes, no need for an in-depth analysis of this one. 8-0 at half time, so we improved only losing the second half 5-1. We tried, bare 11 players (two over 50, two over 40), and gave it our best. Newlyn could have got a couple more, but Frogpool could have had several more too. Thanks for the hospitality, and Mr Bartlam for taking time to come and ref today, doing a sterling job in the process.
  5. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    I see what you're saying fudge. A bit of guesswork here, but as the referee called the game off, somehow that information got to our "secretary", and my guess is that the ref had got in touch with him to pass the news on. Now, he was not at the pitch, that I know for a fact, he was working, but I received a text at 5.29, (if I could do what Timbotastic did above I would, but I ain't that savvy). I would also now assume that in the "communication" that occurred between ref and Newlyn secretary, the information that Mariners had already been informed was given. That last bit is a guess, I have no knowledge if this is a fact or not, but I am pretty sure our guy would have tried to inform you if he thought it was necessary. Common courtesy comes into play here, you have brought that subject up before, and I agree. But, although the whole saga was very frustrating, there was really nothing that Newlyn NA did that was either untoward, nasty etc etc.
  6. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    Everyone knows the referee called a game off. Newlyn NA did not (and cannot anyway). The referee informed both clubs. There is a difference.
  7. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    Wrong Arty. Different Newlyn. Poor show of sympathy for the Lions team. Poor show.
  8. Still seems unfair if I’m honest. A player is fully eligible for different teams for the same club, until a suspension comes along, whereby that suspension precludes the player from his availability in other teams (from which the suspension occurred), and at the same time ignoring any games of these other teams that are otherwise being played. A double blow.
  9. You now know what I was so awful at woodwork Mr Mead, too confused all the time, I didn’t know what was going on! 🤔 Furthermore, being an upstanding member of the local football playing community, being sent off is nothing I am familiar with, so no wonder I don’t know the rules!
  10. Ok. I’m still confused (doesn’t take much). A reserve team player steps up, plays first team, sent off. 1. Can he play for the reserves during the ban? a) yes, b) no In the case of a), ok, just cant play for the “team” he was sent off for. In the case if b), surely first team and reserve team games both count towards the suspension period, as long as the games do not fall on the same day (ignoring double headers). 2. Which club games count towards the suspension? (If this has not been answered above).
  11. Don't midweek games count? Also, seems a bit tough. If a reserve team player stepped up to the first team, got his marching orders, and the first team was not playing regularly for the next few weeks, he could not play for ages even if his regular (reserve) team were playing (refer to @ballsax comments above). Grass roots football. I never complain about refereeing on this forum. Never. We are short of referees, I have stepped up and reffed many times myself, including this season. Thankless task. Ultimately, some sendings off, including ones I have witnessed, have been "harsh", whilst other times, clear red cards are not given. I would say at grass roots level, which is in decline massively as we all know, should consider the "team" rule as "club" within the same standard (junior/senior) football. Give the players/clubs a chance!
  12. So if a player gets sent off for the first team, and gets a 3 match ban, that is for the first team, so he can play in the “clubs” reserve team until his ban is up, when he can start playing first team again?