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  1. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    I see what you're saying fudge. A bit of guesswork here, but as the referee called the game off, somehow that information got to our "secretary", and my guess is that the ref had got in touch with him to pass the news on. Now, he was not at the pitch, that I know for a fact, he was working, but I received a text at 5.29, (if I could do what Timbotastic did above I would, but I ain't that savvy). I would also now assume that in the "communication" that occurred between ref and Newlyn secretary, the information that Mariners had already been informed was given. That last bit is a guess, I have no knowledge if this is a fact or not, but I am pretty sure our guy would have tried to inform you if he thought it was necessary. Common courtesy comes into play here, you have brought that subject up before, and I agree. But, although the whole saga was very frustrating, there was really nothing that Newlyn NA did that was either untoward, nasty etc etc.
  2. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    Everyone knows the referee called a game off. Newlyn NA did not (and cannot anyway). The referee informed both clubs. There is a difference.
  3. Mangle

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    Wrong Arty. Different Newlyn. Poor show of sympathy for the Lions team. Poor show.
  4. Still seems unfair if I’m honest. A player is fully eligible for different teams for the same club, until a suspension comes along, whereby that suspension precludes the player from his availability in other teams (from which the suspension occurred), and at the same time ignoring any games of these other teams that are otherwise being played. A double blow.
  5. You now know what I was so awful at woodwork Mr Mead, too confused all the time, I didn’t know what was going on! 🤔 Furthermore, being an upstanding member of the local football playing community, being sent off is nothing I am familiar with, so no wonder I don’t know the rules!
  6. Ok. I’m still confused (doesn’t take much). A reserve team player steps up, plays first team, sent off. 1. Can he play for the reserves during the ban? a) yes, b) no In the case of a), ok, just cant play for the “team” he was sent off for. In the case if b), surely first team and reserve team games both count towards the suspension period, as long as the games do not fall on the same day (ignoring double headers). 2. Which club games count towards the suspension? (If this has not been answered above).
  7. Don't midweek games count? Also, seems a bit tough. If a reserve team player stepped up to the first team, got his marching orders, and the first team was not playing regularly for the next few weeks, he could not play for ages even if his regular (reserve) team were playing (refer to @ballsax comments above). Grass roots football. I never complain about refereeing on this forum. Never. We are short of referees, I have stepped up and reffed many times myself, including this season. Thankless task. Ultimately, some sendings off, including ones I have witnessed, have been "harsh", whilst other times, clear red cards are not given. I would say at grass roots level, which is in decline massively as we all know, should consider the "team" rule as "club" within the same standard (junior/senior) football. Give the players/clubs a chance!
  8. So if a player gets sent off for the first team, and gets a 3 match ban, that is for the first team, so he can play in the “clubs” reserve team until his ban is up, when he can start playing first team again?
  9. If it isn't, I'd like to see the official ruling and reasoning! Whether it is "fair" or not, I'm not sure. But within the rules, I think it's got to be fine. Interesting to wait and see the results of your questions to the hierarchy.....
  10. Does anyone want my opinion? Tough! Within the Trelawny League, a player signs for the club, not team. He will be eligible to play for the first team, reserves, 3rds and so on, within the specific rules regarding appearances for 1st team etc. So, regardless of which team he was playing for when being sent off, it must be that as his eligibility for any team exists, the ban must take into games played by any team. I think the only complication here is if the 1st team and reserve team played on the same day, this would only count as 1 game (he physically would not be able to play both games). I believe this is the state of affairs presently. So all good for yesterday's game in my opinion. If this is considered wrong, the change to making the ban stand only for the team the player for, either 1st team, reserve team and so on, would be a logistical nightmare. This is grass roots football people. As you were.....
  11. Thank you. Some people seem to think that Newlyn call off games when struggling. Well, we were struggling today big time, and an away fixture at New Inn Titans is not the place you would choose on a day like today. Thanks to NIT for putting up with us, at least we got a game.
  12. Yes, can’t really be bothered with the speculation. There’ll be a new manager, and hopefully some new faces soon, and an anticipation of things to come. Looking forward to something new. Not experienced it in a while!
  13. Good grief. What I see is a great man who did exceptionally wonderful things for Arsenal football club. I took some time yesterday to read quite a few of the many things on the internet. Most of them from past players or adversaries. Quite literally they were unison in the praise for this man. What he did, what he achieved, and not just in football, in life outside football. The only negative thing I read was from an “Arsenal fan”. Typical. A person highly likely never to have met him, but had probably thrown insults at him. And in all the times when some of his fans shamefully turned on him, he carried on with the same dignity and fortitude, even acknowledging some of the “fans” behaviour in an understanding way, never shirking his responsibilities of his job. We all have opinions, no problem with that, and going last season after the FA Cup would have given him a tremendous send off. He risks now ending with his lowest finish since his arrival, trophyless, in his last game away at Huddersfield. Not the same send off for sure. But this guy, who took charge of well over 1000 games, with a win ratio over 57%, deserves nothing but admiration and praise. This era is over, never to be repeated. I would always support him, and now look forward to supporting the next Arsenal manager.