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  1. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    How do you post photos? When I try it, says the file is too big?
  2. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    It is pis....sistantly raining here in Pz, with forecast to continue all morning. Not looking good in the far west of the county I would say.
  3. So, now let's see. Arsenal get an away draw at Chelsea. On paper, Chelsea had the stronger side, making 9 changes from their last game against Norwich in the FA Cup. with Arsenal still nursing injuries, and starting with 5 of the players that were beaten by Forest 3 days ago. So let's have a go at Wenger, he must have done something wrong......

    “Load of kids”.......who are you referring to?
  5. OK – and a quick review of the team that lost to Forest: Ospina: FA Cup Winner (started final last year) and Colombian International goalkeeper (81 Caps). Debuchy: Has won French Ligue 1 title and the cup double in France. French international (25 caps). Mertesacker: World Cup Winner (say no more), and started in the FA Cup Final last year. Holding: FA Cup Winner (started final last year). Maitland-Niles: World Cup Under-20 Winner. El Neny: FA Cup Winner (came on as sub in final last year). African Cup of Nations RU. Swiss league champions 4 times. Willock: Let’s say, a youngster! Walcott: FA Cup Winner. International (47 Caps), lots of Champions League experience. Iwobi: Nigerian International (12 caps), lots of Champions League appearances. Nelson: Let’s say, another youngster! Welbeck: FA Cup Winner (started final last year), International etc. Why is that an arrogant team selection, Sutton? That team should be expected to compete with and "probably" beat a team from a lower division. Such a team selection has done many times previously. This time it came up short. Oh well, get on with it. Only 1 team will win the FA Cup this season, same as every season, so I look forward to all the others bowing out at some stage or another.
  6. Sadly, no. I wish the opposite was true, and hated it when Man Utd even withdrew completely from the FA Cup a few years ago. But times have changed, the clubs have essentially got "2 teams", and its called rotation. Arsenal made 9 changes to the team that played Chelsea 5 days earlier, which is exactly the same amount of changes that Chelsea made to their side in obtaining a 0-0 draw at Norwich! No bones about the Chelsea team, or all the other premier league teams. It's just that Arsenal lost, and clearly, the situation is questioned. I just don't listen to the know-alls that shout about how Wenger got it wrong, did not respect Notts Forest (arrogant?), etc etc. Rubbish. Probably why they all have punditry jobs and not running a successful premier league team. Wenger has more FA Cup Winners medals than the lot of them put together! Oh, and I agree with Stevieb that there should have been a better bench. However, with Ramsey, Giroud, Monreal, Kolasinac, Koscielny, Xhaka and Cazorla out injured, that probably had a bearing on team selection as well. I am convinced that on Wednesday, Wenger will field a first team that will not be considered "weakened" by poor team selection. And I expect Chelsea will too.
  7. Forest were the better side. It’s not a crime. Credit to them. Arsenal were good in spells, but Forest better with their overall game plan over the 90 mins. Arsenal have to play Chelsea on Wednesday in the first leg of the league cup semi final, and my guess is that it why the team selection was like it was. You can’t argue at Arsenal’s commitment towards the FA Cup. But I feel that this competition went down in the pecking order due to the semi final in the other cup. Not one of the fools, sorry, pundits, mentioned the game in 3 days time. Arsenal still have a lot to play for this season, and I’m right behind them, supporting all the way. UP THE GUNNERS!
  8. It says that “all relevant calls made”, so one assumes that statement is accurate.
  9. No promotion?

    But speculation is half the fun of football isn’t it?! I can’t see what you’ve said being the correct way though. Surely no matter what happens, if the 2 bottom teams both wished to be relegated, then there is no situation that would exist to see them relying on the Trelawny League accepting them. Whatever is decided with Illogan should not have a bearing on another teams “rights”.
  10. I believe you are correct, but just as a matter of interest, I thought I would go and have a look, and report back. I know I did not seek permission beforehand, but hope that’s ok.
  11. No promotion?

    Wendron Official seems to sum this up quite nicely. I can’t see why there is any complications or confusion. Surely, surely, a team cannot request to be relegated, or choose where they want to play their football. Seems crazy to me. What’s that all about? If they have had enough, withdraw. Isn’t it just that simple?
  12. Not surprised, I had to wash my shoes off when getting home. I was sinking into the mud whilst walking. I took some photos but can’t post them for some reason (too large). It’s been like it up there for weeks now. It doesn’t drain very well. I know someone was moaning about it recently being called off early, but there is no way you can attempt to play football on it.
  13. Just been for a walk across the pitch at Pz Leisure Centre, home of Newlyn Non Athletico. Waterlogged, no other word for it. With more rain forecast tonight and tomorrow, cannot see any game being played there for a while.
  14. Tottenham Hotspur