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    SWPL - Wednesday 9 May 2018

    Interesting observations Bobjfh, I wasn't there last night but having been at the Tavi v Pway game I can picture the scenario you have described. Controversy seems to follow this gentleman around. Maybe Tavi & Pway weren't so bad after all considering in the 90 or so combined games they have played this season in all competitions, by my reckoning, apart from that game, they have only had 1 sending off each. I stand to be corrected. Make of that what you will. Purely my observation!
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    Yes some of us did because they thoroughly deserved it over the 2 games. Impressed with their organisation, effectiveness, and discipline and no surprise to me that they are top of the fair play league. A good blend of youngsters and more senior players well lead and managed. Good luck in the League Cup Final, will try and get there. 👏👏