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  1. the dragon

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    thanks Rob and Shaun. Much appreciated
  2. the dragon

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    ahh. Now I know😂
  3. the dragon

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    ️ Thanks Mark. Lovely words and lovely for Nick to be compared to Fergie and Wenger...if only he had their money! We were very honored when you played for us and Nick still speaks fondly of you and includes you in his roll of top players who have played at Frogpool. He even tells of how he got you, a player of great standard, to pack away the dirty kit after the game! Not sure about the statue...can you imagine it...lol.
  4. the dragon

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    Thank you Marksy. Been a pleasure to know you, to have had you play for us and most importantly to have finally been bought a cup of coffee from you this season after many years of me making one for you! Loved the regret comment..lol....you actually made Nick very happy but his heart was and always will be at Frogpool. Love to you too. Im sure we will meet again. You never know, you might buy us another coffee. Thanks Peggy(Adam). for your kind words. We are not going completely so we will ensure a smooth handover. Thanks also Damo. His mind wasn't totally made up when you had a conversation hence why he didn't say anything. Yes its amazing how much he knows , if only the same could be said about using the cooker! lol. Im sure you will see him on the sidelines somewhere. x Thanks EJ. It was a pleasure to have had your company at the club for a few years. Thanks Sticker forever. Would be amazing if we could work out how many hours! Thanks Phil. Looking forward to the break now.
  5. the dragon

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    Thank you cornishrhino for your kind words. Not sure who you are but you seem to know us. Much appreciated
  6. the dragon

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    Thank you Nigel and Steve for your kind words. It has been a very hard decision to make as Frogpool has been a large part of our life for a long time but recent years has made us evaluate things and we need to have time to ourselves now. We are getting older! As Nigel said we will remain on the committee and I will still be Treasurer(if they will have me) but thankfully we have built a strong committee of loyal, dedicated club people so hopefully the club will continue to grow. Its not the end but hopefully a new beginning🐸⚽😊
  7. Hi,we still have places left.We like to have 16 teams,which would mean 4 groups and a minimum of 3 games.Last year we had 11 teams and split them into 2 groups.It depends on how many enter and as many teams tend to turn up on the day it is not possible to sort out before hand.We ask all teams to register at 9-30am for a 10am start. Games last 7mins each way and in previous years we finished 4-5pm

  8. Dragon,

    Have you still got places left for the 5 a side competition? Could you let me know number of teams/games/length of games etc and likely finish time please. Sorry to be a pain. Thanks Gus