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  1. Unfortunately some people just aren’t inventive enough to change the record .
  2. Assume players have dual registration? Which again I’m assuming is not against the rules . Well done to Falmouth today did go for a goal fest but certainly was wrong in which team I predicted to win .
  3. Assuming referring to Dan Sullivan scoring?
  4. I’m going for a goal fest !! Tavistock to out score Falmouth simply as both sides have talented front lines but Tavistock have a much better back line 5-2 Tavistock for me .. if Bodmin weren’t playing would have popped over to watch this ..
  5. You’ve no confidence in Bodmin winning 28-0 in their last home game of the season then ?😳
  6. beacon


    No Bodmin was really poor on the night !
  7. Looks like Fergie time has arrived at Bodmin 👍👍
  8. Anyone know the Bodmin scorers tonight ?
  9. Think you’ll find Max Gilbert ofBodmin has been captaining the youth side this year and Camelford players have represented the youth side this year something I expect both clubs are extremely proud of these players and have chance to show support to all involved in their big game
  10. Anyone know who scored for Bodmin today ?
  11. Well if your going to have 2 games in 24 hrs you have to say Tavistock certainly looked for the easier games on paper to play ..