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  1. All clubs were aware of the promotion/relegation rules when they applied so there can be no complaints. It's too late to change the rules now and with the proposed reorganisation for 2019/20 season, the situation could well change in the future.
  2. As I said at the beginning of my post, I'm aware my opinion is not shared by others but the rule says that the result must be recorded as 0 - 0, which can only be a draw! I believe the programmer of full-time thought H/W and A/W related to wins rather than walk-overs and designed the program along those lines - an easy mistake to make as he or she is unlikely to be directly involved in club or league admin. Anyway, I am confident and happy that nothing will change!!
  3. I beginning to think I'm in a small minority that thinks recording the score as 0 - 0 for an unplayed game makes it a draw in the league table. Neither team has won or lost the game but there should be a points adjustment for both teams to reflect the circumstances. If you take HW or AW to represent home or away "walk-over" rather than home or away "win" it all makes sense in my mind. At the end of a season if points and goal difference are equal, the number of games won are taken into account when determining league positions and you cannot win a game which was never played - even if you were awarded the points. I must take the blame for persuading Paul Smith that mine is the correct method of dealing with this situation and that Full-Time has got it wrong - but either way the points total should be the same in any league table! I must add that I don't administer the Combo Full-Time site!
  4. The bottom two clubs were saved from relegation by Parkway being promoted and NASpurs not taking promotion from Div 1. That's the way it works according to the rules - which also state that only one club can be promoted from each of the Step 7 leagues.
  5. John Mead


    They had to wait for settlement following a legal case and were granted extra time by the FA. I'm told they will have them in place in the next few weeks!
  6. John Mead


    SWPL Premier should be fully floodlit - with the exception of promoted clubs who have until March 31st in their first season to get floodlights up and running. Div 1 sides do not have to have floodlights - hence the FA's ruling that non-floodlit leagues should have no more than 16 teams from beginning of 2019/20 season.
  7. John Mead

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    Board meeting on Thursday will examine the permutations of what might happen - although not all of the feeder league applicants will have completed their fixtures. Millbrook look favorites for promotion from West but there is no-one to replace them other than Bere Alston and with Illogan being relegated, that leaves just 16 teams fairly certain to be in Div 1 West. With the other 3 successful feeder league applicants being Devon based and Witheridge in a relegation spot, there is a logistical dilemma to sort out if none of the qualifying Clubs from Div 1 East accept the single promotion place!
  8. John Mead

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    Not sure but I'm guessing it's something to do with the Step 6 re-structure in 2019/20 which wasn't agreed until after this year's deadline for promotion applications.
  9. John Mead

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    i think Bere Alston will play in Div 1 West; they are only just east of the river. East Div is likely to be over-subscribed as those teams which applied for promotion to Premier are having 2nd thoughts!
  10. Steve has it correct - I think!
  11. Stones are only a problem inside the ground!
  12. When I was last there, the car park was outside of the ground!
  13. John Mead

    Trelawny League - Saturday 21 April 2018

    I think the above post by D_B fully explains the situation: the rules haven't changed since match bans replaced days!
  14. John Mead

    Trelawny League - Saturday 21 April 2018

    If that was the case Dave, the suspension would be carried over to next season and he would be eligible to play for the reserves in their remaining season. If he moves during the summer to a different club who have a team at the same level as the 1st team of his previous club, the qualifying matches can move to his new club. If he moves anywhere other than that, the qualifying games remain with the 1st team of his previous club! Gets complicated doesn't it!