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  1. I did the same Older but if we are to attract the "new breed" of players, the better the facilities, the more chance there is they'll carry on playing!
  2. It would be ideal if all clubs were able to make gradual improvements to their facilities but I know money is always going to be a problem. I am currently doing a survey of basic facilities for all clubs - not everyone has replied yet despite the questionnaire being given out at the AGM in June! When it is complete, the committee will be aware of all "short-commings" and will no doubt devise a strategy to get all clubs up to the required standard. Personnally, if the weather is bad, I believe clubs should refuse to play a game at a venue where ALL* of their "dugout party" were not offered protection from the elements during a game.(* up to 5 subs, manager, assistant/coach & 1st Aider - maximum of 8). Not sure all of the management committee would agree with my opinion though!
  3. Mabe FC Fold

    While youngsters go away to uni/college, they're still based at home during the holidays and so they sign for a local team. When they finish uni/college, many find employment outside of Cornwall and never return! - a big impact in the decline in the 20 - 23 age group.
  4. A potential problem would be if relegations from Step 6 produced too many teams for Step 7 divisions. Div. 1 Clubs would then face relegation out of the NLS and with no promotion from feeder Leagues, they in turn could become "over-subscribed" in their top divisions.
  5. The timescale for compliance has been just 1 year for quite a few seasons now. Currently 6 Cornish SWPL Prem Clubs are without a G Grade (1 in Devon). Some have minimal work to complete to get over the line, some a bit more. The affected Clubs are all fully aware of what is required and the League has been working with/ encouraging/giving advice to them for the past 2 years. Only time will tell !
  6. Before the FA added the words " in exceptional circumstances" to the rule, the Combo League used to award points to a non-offending, losing team. I would say that there would need to be something "out of the ordinary" to be classed as an "exceptional circumstance", so, for example, if the unregistered or ineligible player had scored the goal or goals that resulted in victory, he would have had a direct - rather than indirect - influence upon the result. Similarly, if he was a keeper and saved 3 penalties! In my book, something which happens infrequently doesn't make it exceptional. I sit on both Management Committees and am fine about each having different interpretations, both of which are correct, as long as they apply them consistently.
  7. Back in the day, the SWL Champions have, on occasions, played against a rep side at the beginning of the following season. Can't see there's much room to fit such things in now though: the Charity Day is probably sufficient.
  8. It certainly was a tense affair with both sides having chances to wrap the game up. Wouldn't have guessed St Dennis were missing so many; great effort from those who stepped up. Well done to both teams for an absorbing cup-tie, sensibly refereed and full of goals.
  9. As I said Sijames, I was not at the game and did not comment upon how the frustrations were expressed. I'm sure the CCFA will deal with things appropriately and hopefully lessons will be learned.
  10. I believe both managers were sent off because they were questioning some decisions which the referee made during the game. I wasn't there so cannot add much except it seems the ref was not open to any discussion or explanations- which is his right but unusual in this day and age; this obviously caused a fair amount of frustration!
  11. G Grade is compulsory for Step 6 Clubs and currently allows entry to FA Cup (depending on "points per game calculations) and Vase; H Grade allows entry to FA Vase but is not compulsory to compete at Step 7.
  12. the National Leagues Committee have stated that they will decide upon ALL promotion & relegation throughout the NLS (from Step 1 - 7) and that Clubs without the relevant Grade for the level they're at would be relegated! No further details but I would assume the two lowest finishing non-compliant Clubs would go! If they relegate all such Clubs, the Premier Division will be a small league next season. Clubs have until 31st March 2018 to "get their house in order" - if they want to be sure of survival.
  13. Not heard anything "official" Dave but the general assumption is there could well be fewer Step 6 Clubs - if any - in next year's FA Cup, unless they re-structure the early rounds. However, the early rounds are already early enough and have to be completed, with the right number winners, to allow the 1st Round Proper to happen by the prescribed date. The FA have an FA CUP Committee and a Competitions Department which deals with all issues. Cornwall FA is not represented on this Committee so has no direct influence on any decisions made.
  14. As the Clubs at a higher level enter at a later stage, it will certainly reduce the number of spaces available in the earlier rounds!
  15. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    Could well be to do with pitch availability on the dates in question?