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  1. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    Club Secretary would be a good start - he/she is the first point of contact between league and club and will have a copy of the rules.
  2. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    I totally understand the outrage this decision has caused and an EGM is probably the only way it can be reversed - so it's up to the required number of clubs to officially request one. If anyone can make sensible suggestions to solve the fixturing problems caused by ground sharing (within the league as well as non-availability due to higher ranked teams), referee shortage, sharing with cricket - not to mention the weather, I'm sure the committee would welcome your input.
  3. The quarter finals were always scheduled for 10th Feb and clubs would have been aware of this, so I don't see the problem! It might take a few weeks to get them all played unless the weather improves.
  4. An idea for The Combo?

    There has long been confusion over "Senior" and "Junior" classification of football in Cornwall. In the rest of the country (or world) those titles refer to age and not standard. A few years ago CCFA updated the rather archaic rules and removed all reference to Senior and Junior - except fo the names of the cup competitions. The levels of football, in order, are now the Premier League, Football League, the National League System (Steps 1 - 7) and then "Recreational Leagues" otherwise known as "Grassroots Football" Correct!
  5. Start the season earlyer

    Global warming!! Pitch repair and renovation - when could this be done if games are played throughout the growing season? I believe the League should dictate when the season and fixtures start - those who share with cricket must then play only away fixtures, which happens in higher leagues! Using the light evenings and 6 or 7 Saturdays during August and September, it should be possible for most clubs to complete 10 fixtures before October - I'm aware that referee availability could be a problem though!
  6. No doubt there might be toilet facilities but no stands or covered accommodation. Also spectators would have to watch through the fence as none of the 3G pitches have pitch-side barriers behind which spectators must stand. Marjohns are an exception - they have a small, fenced-off viewing area inside the boundary fence and also have refreshment facilities.
  7. Be mindful that there are no spectator facilities at these locations and charging anyone to watch could be a problem!
  8. I don't think any of the available 3G pitches would fail Ground Grading requirements for Step 7 games and can't see there being any insurance problems - but the biggest problem would be pitch availability. Penwith Exiles "Home" pitch is at Mounts Bay - which limits its' Saturday availability; Cornwall College is not FA accredited, so cannot be used at all for matches and all 3G pitches are usually fully booked for midweek training sessions by both Adult and Youth teams!
  9. Many Football League clubs now have pitches where any soil is a long way below the grass and has excellent drainage incorporated into it. Layers of sand are topped by a synthetic, elastic, fiberous rootzone and the grass "carpet" is up to 25% artificial. Water just runs straight through it and into the drainage system. They even water the pitches before the games and at half time! If players did "sliding on knees" goal celebrations on our pitches at present, they'd end up with a bow wave of mud!
  10. Game would have been at Marazion rather than Trungle. - as will the re-arranged game if it's played this coming week!
  11. Penzance Res v Torpoint 3rds is on 3rd Feb I believe.
  12. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    Junior Cup: Penzance Reserves v Torpoint is off. Just a bit wet!
  13. Forum Appeal

    Perhaps that's a reflection of the fact that voicing opinions is more important to most than any real committment to, or love of, the game......or am I wrong?
  14. When both Junior and Senior finals were on Easter Monday, hosting Clubs needed facilities for 4 teams to change - which limited the available choices. In the current arrangements, that is no longer a problem so the finals can be spread around the County. The actual venues are usually chosen prior to the semi-finals being played and it's not possible to predict which teams will get through. I've no idea if the Senior Cup Final has ever been held at Falmouth Big Al but I know it's been held at Penzance twice in my lifetime!
  15. It always used to at St Austell, as you well know Big Al, but please tell us when was it last held at either Poltair or Priory Park?