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  1. James Stevens is ,awaiting an operation for a broken tib  and fib  , he was supposed to been celebrating his engagement last night with a party which obviously had to be cancelled , even though when he stretched off he told his girlfriend to start without him and he would be there later . Would still like to say thanks to the Illogan player for all his help with the nasty injury  think he goes by the nickname  wolfie ?  . James has not long moved in to a new house and also will be off work for a while  .  Now everyone on the forum knows how  I back refs but what left a sour taste in my mouth was before the  ambulance had even left the ground he was asking about his fee !!! I know he was in a rush as he said he had to fly after the game because he was going up country , but our chairman was talking to the ambulance staff  , who were fantastic how we are lucky to have them .  To the pitch it was in very good condition and much better than the week before . Several players were upset about the challenge but that is for others to debate as I was not close enough to say . Good luck to James in his recovery  and thanks to the Illogan players and lino who showed concern .


    Steve Bailey  Hayle lino .







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    Goonhavern Athletic  1-4  Perranwell 
    Hayle  4-1 

    -1 Illogan RBL Reserves 
    Helston Athletic Reserves  %1-3   Perranporth 
    Holman SC  1-4  St Just
    Mullion  3-0   RNAS Culdrose 
    Porthleven Reserves  1-4  Carharrack 
    Redruth United   0-3 Pendeen Rovers 
    West Cornwall  2-1 St Agnes

    League Cup
    Falmouth Town Reserves 2-1 Penryn Athletic
    St Day 2-1  St Ives Town



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      On 2/15/2018 at 11:53, cornishteddyboy said:

    Good Luck

    Fixtures for
    Saturday 17th February 2018
    Goonhavern Athletic 1-4Perranwell 
    Hayle  2-3 Illogan RBL Reserves 
    Helston Athletic Reserves 2-5 Perranporth 
    Holman SC 1-5 St Just
    Mullion 2-2 RNAS Culdrose 
    Porthleven Reserves 5-1 Carharrack 
    Redruth United 3-1 Pendeen Rovers 
    West Cornwall 1-0 St Agnes

    League Cup
    Falmouth Town Reserves 3-2 Penryn Athletic
    St Day 4-1 St Ives Town



  2. 57 minutes ago, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

    To much organised youth football, they've been playing 10 years before they get to that age, and with dads telling them to drop off, go wide and all the rest of what I've heard at these games ....no wonder they're fed up with it.

    W used to put a couple of jumpers down and away we went for 6 odd hours a day ....dreaming of the day when we could play in an organised league.

    Then Saturday was match of the day ...nothing else, today you can watch every game played in the world, the mystery is gone with that scenario.

    A serious number of teams / clubs to fold yet I fear.

    Have to agree older , to many parents trying to live through their kids on the pitch , and not having a clue even over the basic laws eg offside , kids rebel when they become teenagers , some carry on but not many even some coaches drop out when the kids reach 16 , perhaps they should try to help with the transition from youth to adult football ., I like the old jumpers for goalposts on the recreation ground , not organized , next goal wins ECT ECT , and then finish up with a game of murder ball , my misspent youth .


  3. 46 minutes ago, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

    I know, I know.....so disappointing.:yahoo:

    Yeah you would of thought they could have done better than a draw away from home !  But no trophies won in February :smiley20:

    Have to admit at present spurs are a better team than Arsenal , my God that hurts to even think that .:wacko:

  4. 5 hours ago, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

    Could have been 6 to the yid army, and a draw would have gutted me.

    Yes we are playing well and may win something - sometime ...we'll see.

    Top 4 for the win these days.

    Top four guarantees big money 💰💰💰💰 , perhaps in hindsight Arsene was right about being in forth spot is worth a trophy , well it is to the owners of any club , cash is king . 

  5. 13 hours ago, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

    Yeah - you were (!)

    Sorry had to respond to the old boy , seen first half pretty even , didn't see the second doing my small bit on the line for my home team , accord!ing to reports spurs deserved it , and the keeper made some telling stops , was told Lacasette missed two good chances but draw would have been a. injustice , all banter aside spurs are a very good side and with a good manager , bragging rights at present from the white half of North London , and it pains me to say it at this time deserved .



  6. Hayle 5-1 vCuldrose  4-0 halftime ,att 17 hardy soul's , three points on a heavy pitch , well reffed by Martin Ault , with some better finishing the Airmen could have scored more but so could Hayle with their keeper making some good saves , Hayle were the better team in the first period and deserved their half time lead second half the pitch got a lot heavier and the ball couldn't be moved so fast , so became more of a battle .two cracking goals from Charlie Parker and James Stevens  , two from Cameron Irish one a pen not sure who got the last one lol , good win and we'll done to Greg yet again getting the game on , plenty of work for him but yet again he shrugs his shoulders and says no problem , top man .


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    Saturday 10th February 
    Hayle 5-1 RNAS Culdrose 
    Holman SC 1-4 Pendeen Rovers 
    Perranwell 3-0 Redruth United 
    Perranporth 2-1 West Cornwall 
    St Agnes 2-2 Porthleven Reserves 
    St Just 1-0 Goonhavern Athletic

    League Cup Q-F
    Falmouth Town Reserves 3-2 Penryn Athletic
    St Day 2-0  St Ives Town

    Supp Cup - Pewlim
    Illogan RBL Reserves 1-3  Mullion

  7. 8 minutes ago, cornishteddyboy said:

    This is what I wrote several days ago on facebook - stevieb great minds think alike.

    20 teams in the Combo, 13 in the Trelawny Premier of which 4 are "reserve" teams of clubs already in the Combo. 29 sides, 30 if Carharrack don't get promotion and Illogan re-join the Combo. New Combo League, Division 1, 16 sides, Division 2 15 sides for a season, then one team extra from the Trelawny to make it 16. Top side in Div 1 promoted to SWPL if eligible, 2 up, 2 down between divisions and 2 down into the Trelawny. 1 League Cup and a Divisional Cup for each division. Teams in Division 1 in the Senior Cup, those in Division 2 into the Junior Cup.

    Great minds ( never had that said to me before ) :D

  8. Saturday 3rd February 2018 
    Goonhavern Athletic 0-4 St Just 
    St Agnes 2-0 Illogan RBL Reserves

    League Cup Q-F
    Falmouth Town Reserves 2-1  Penryn Athletic 
    Pendeen Rovers 3-2  Helston Athletic Reserves 
    St Day 2-1 St Ives Town 
    West Cornwall 2-4 Perranporth

    Supplementary Cup Prelim Round 
    Carharrack 2-0  Perranwell 
    Holman SC 1-3  RNAS Culdrose 
    Porthleven Reserves 1-2  Hayle