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  1. almouth Town Reserves 4-1 Goonhavern Athletic Helston Athletic Reserves 2-2 West Cornwall Holman SC P-P St Agnes Illogan RBL Reserves 1-2 Porthleven Reserves Mullion 0-3 St Just Penryn Athletic 2-3 Carharrack Perranporth 2-1 Pendeen Rovers Perranwell 4-1 RNAS Culdrose St Day 2-2 Hayle St Ives Town 3-0 Redruth United Tuesday 17th October '17 Penryn Athletic 3-0 RNAS Culdrose
  2. Saturday 7th October '17Goonhavern Athletic 0-3 St Ives Town Helston Athletic Reserves2-2 Falmouth Town Reserves Pendeen Rovers 3-1 RNAS Culdrose Porthleven Reserves 1-2 Illogan RBL Reserves
  3. Good one older I couldn't find a picture of one , your not as daft as you look,
  4. Put your spoon away older 👎👎
  5. Perhaps Older , but Arsene has given some of the younger players a run out , most say strange not being in the champs league with a Thursday game but that is the position the club is in the PUB CUP Usmanov has come out today and states he doesn't want to sell his shares to Silent Stan in it for the long run , bit of chess going on behind the scenes , Arsene did allude to off the pitch distractions the other week , maybe start of a power struggle for ownership of The Arsenal ?
  6. Tottenham Hotspur

    For a Cornishman I didn't know you could be so rude
  7. Tottenham Hotspur

    Hope Kane gets a hamstring injury before the next North London Derby .
  8. Mangle pub cup because that was what I used to taunt SSS, and Older with when we were in the Champions League , so self mocking my sense of humour
  9. Three points , clean sheet in the English Premier League , not the Sunday league , just for Mangle , made chances , Monreal with a goal only his second in the EPL , up to fifth steady progress . In
  10. Good to see several younger players given a run out , experience will be a good thing away win , but still a couple of defensive mistakes , pub cup , distraction from the league . Good work out for the squad players , Giroud 100 goals up , 90 minutes for Jack , some good touches from him , not all bad .
  11. Tottenham Hotspur

    I can see Da ja vue again , Arsenal business model , perhaps Levy has been talking to silent Satan on how to flatter to deceive the fans , smoke and mirrors SSS , broken promises ahead , .
  12. Tottenham Hotspur

    Older it's about Money , ambition to a certain extent , you can't even argue about short careers any more as players bar injury play well into their thirties , Spurs are up there with the top prem league sides on the pitch , but you can't compare with the wages ,terms the likes of utd , city and Chelski can pay your club is now in the Twilight zone the top four are becoming a three at the moment and then comes spurs , Liverpool , Arsenal in that order , can the three be toppled ?
  13. Tottenham Hotspur

    Be a good test , spurs on a roll , Kane hatrick , he certainly knows where the net is , but I wish when he is interviewed he wouldn't end the sentence with aaaaa, listen to his next interview and count them , really annoying , still good goal to games ratio ,. The big test will come when one of the bigger clubs come sniffing around , dangling. A big wedge in front of him ?
  14. Three points , WBA should have had a pen , but Arsenal could have had two in the first half , plenty of the ball , still shaky at the back , but second half bossed the game , a win is a win up the table as well but don't think the top three at present have to much to worry about , pub cup Thursday , nice couple days out .
  15. Funny Older , more German fans turned up for the pub cup against Arsenal without tickets than fans turned up at Wembley for your league cup game , now that is funny .
  16. ombo Fixtures Saturday 23rd September '17 Carharrack 3-1 Pendeen Rovers Holman SC 1-4 Illogan RBL Reserves Mullion 1-4 Porthleven Reserves Perranporth 3-3 Falmouth Town Reserves Redruth United 0-4 Helston Athletic Reserves St Day 2-1 Penryn Athletic League Cup Preliminary Round (2.30 kick-off) Perranwell 2-1 West Cornwall RNAS Culdrose 1-3Hayle St Agnes 3-1 St Just St Ives Town 3-1 Goonhavern Athletic
  17. Yes of course the club is to blame with several thousand fans traveling to the ground without tickets , safety first with the k o moved , another Arsenal **** up , and they go a goal down , and score three in reply , no not Arsenal's finest hour but , a win in the pub cup bonus at least the wife could watch the soaps with the late KO . And good to see three young players in the squad , thanks SSS your concern for the Gunners is much appreciated .
  18. Well it's a first that Arsenal aren't in the Champs league , Thursday pub cup a new experience for the club but that is were they are after missing out on 4th last season , perhaps some of the younger squad players will get a run and maybe one will burst through
  19. Holman SC 1-4 Penryn AthleticHelston Athletic Reserves 2-3 Carharrack Illogan RBL Reserves 3-3 St Just Mullion 0 v 6 Falmouth Town Reserves Pendeen Rovers 3 v 1 Redruth United Perranwell 5-1 Goonhavern Athletic Porthleven Reserves 2 v 2 St Agnes RNAS Culdrose 1 -3 St Ives Town St Day 3-2 West Cornwall
  20. Now I don't want to be seen as a follower of the media and ex Arsenal players , but so far I like the look of Lacazette reminds me of Ian Wright and he shoots from outside the box , credit for buying him , so I am not always jumping on a band wagon or two
  21. Tottenham Hotspur

    What also rans??????
  22. aturday 9th September '17Carharrack 3-3 Falmouth Town ReservesGoonhavern Athletic 0-2 Porthleven ReservesPenryn Athletic 3-2 Illogan RBL Reserves Perranporth 3-1 Helston Athletic Reserves Redruth United 1-3 Hayle RNAS Culdrose 1-2 Pendeen Rovers St Agnes 1-3: Perranwell St Ives Town 2-3 St Day St Just4-2 Holman SC West Cornwall 2-1 Mullion Tuesday 12th Sept Falmouth Town Reserves 4-0 RNAS Culdrose Penryn Athletic 2-1 Porthleven Reserves
  23. You're a poet and didn't know it And older as well
  24. Tottenham Hotspur

    Big match revisited Something i didn't think i would see two of footballs hard men from the past Glen Hoddle trying to tackle Trevor Brooking on a muddy White Hart lane the only two players with hard!y any mud on them , also Ralph Coates comb over , Lampard yellow card for a bodycheck put his hands up apologize to the ref and walked away