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  1. Tottenham Hotspur

    Matter do a ?
  2. day 2nd September '17 Carharrack 6-0 Porthleven Reserves Mullion 4-1 Holman SC Pendeen Rovers 2-2 Helston Athletic Reserves Perranporth 2-2 St Day Perranwell 2-1 West Cornwall Redruth United 2 -3 Illogan RBL Reserves St Agnes 1-2 Hayle St Ives Town 4-0 Goonhavern Athletic St Just 1 -3 Falmouth Town Reserves Tuesday 5th September Helston Athletic Reserves 1-2 St Day Porthleven Reserves 3-0 RNAS Culdrose
  3. Tottenham Hotspur

    Bloody Emmett. Aurier good signing , is he allowed in to Britain ? Thought there was a problem when he tried to enter before ? Agree about Sanchez what a **** up , a player who doesn't want to be there and in January can negotiate a free transfer , so no money for him Ozil the same what a lash up ,Ivan and Arsene have really messed this up , the club has been left looking stupid and other fans are laughing at it , the Gooners are also trying to get our head around what the f... Is going on , for a so called top club are left embarrassed and no players wanting to join , not a great time to be fan , we can only hope it will improve .
  4. Older I don't think spurs have that many things to worry about , Arsenal have problems ,Arsene hinted at that after the loss on Sunday , a club steeped in history seems to be at the moment rudderless , and just going through the motions on the pitch , is it the managers selection or player / agent power ? Or does it go higher to the board ? I was hoping after the soap opera of his contract last season the team could move on and concentrate on the pitch ,but after the Anfield debacle it looks if the players don't want to play for him or the club .
  5. Older can't even Respond , even Thierry is gobsmacked to see what has happened to the club , I have to say I could see this happening today with the way Arsenal defend and the speed with which Liverpool counter. spoke to a couple of Liverpool fans yesterday and I predicted a stuffing but not the way it happened .
  6. Thumped, no shots on target for the whole match, fans leaving early , players walking , as Gary Neville said who would want to buy these players after their performances ? Play for the fans at least show some bottle , commitment , put a shift in earn your big salaries , two losses already eight goals conceded . It looks like a very hard season ahead .
  7. Tottenham Hotspur

    And you are the Master
  8. Saturday 26th August Carharrack 2-2 Hayle Illogan Reserves 1 - 3 Perranporth Penryn 3 - 0 Goonhavern Perranwell 2-2 Helston Reserves Porthleven Reserves 1-3 St Day St Agnes 3-1 Pendeen St Ives Town 4-1 Holmans St Just 1 - 0 Mullion Tuesday 29th August Carharrack 3 -1 Illogan Reserves Falmouth Town Reserves 5 - 0 Holmans Goonhavern 0-3 St Agnes Mullion 1'-2 Perranwell Pendeen 1-2 Hayle Penryn 1 - 3 Helston Reserves Perranporth 4-2 Redruth United Porthleven Reserves 2 - 2 St Ives Town West Cornwall 2 - 3 St Day
  9. Tottenham Hotspur

    SSS I can't even believe you would post that , you must be mellowing in your old age
  10. Tottenham Hotspur

    Still lost though same as Arsenal , possession lots of it but Goals win games .
  11. Combo Fixtures - 22/8/17

    Y Combo FixturesTuesday 22nd August Carharrack 7-2 Holman SC Goonhavern Athletic 2-2 Pendeen Rovers Illogan RBL Reserves 1-2 St Day Mullion 1-1 Redruth United Perranporth 4-2 St Agnes Penryn Athletic Reserves 1-2 St Ives Town Perranwell 2-1 St Just Porthleven Reserves 2-3 Falmouth Town Reserves West Cornwall 1-3 Hayle Quote Quote this
  12. Tottenham Hotspur

    Wembley , Wembley, ha ha , same as Always spuds get mashed at Wembley .
  13. Have to agree SSS , through gritted teeth grrrr.
  14. Glad we could help , still a long way to go to the end of the transfer window .
  15. Needs to buy , a defender who likes defending and a midfielder who can tackle , 77% possession 18 attempts on goal and they lose , not a great start but only two games in . Gave up an evening fishing with my pals as well , how stupid was I ?
  16. Tottenham Hotspur

    Good to catch up , we are old school when you had to put in the effort before a ball was kicked , eg marking pitches putting nets up taking kit home to wash ect ect , now you just can turn up play the game and sod off without another thought , players today at local level don't realise what they have , to late when it is gone as we see every season in Cornwall .
  17. Tottenham Hotspur

    Good to catch up enjoyed the Tango , good game tonight Your team done your club proud .
  18. Tottenham Hotspur

    The oldest swinger in town ???? See you Tuesday evening awaiting fag ash and chips lol.
  19. Thanks CTB for your work in getting the prediction league up and running , and prompt league table .
  20. Carharack 2-1 PerranwellFalmouth Town Reserves 3- 2 St Day Goonhavern Athletic 0- 4 Perranporth (Switched to Perranporth)Helston Athletic Reserves 3-1" Mullion Pendeen Rovers 1-2 Porthleven Reserves Penryn Athletic 2-2 Hayle Redruth United 1-3 St Agnes St Ives Town 1-3 St Just West Cornwall 2-2 Illogan RBL Reserves
  21. Tottenham Hotspur

    Older very pessimistic , trouble is football is about money not the beautiful game , power is with agents and players , TV money has inflated the market , £200 million for one player ? Madnesss , puts Trevor Francis £1 million transfer back in 1978 in the shade , my prediction clubs will soon be able to negotiate their own deals with all their games televised through either Sky or BT , more smaller clubs will fold or have to go part time , Europe's top clubs to break away and form their own European super league , which will be the follow on from champs league , the rich will prosper the others will become history , unless the bubble bursts .
  22. Tottenham Hotspur

    Deja vue ? Perhaps North London's clubs have more in common than we think ?
  23. Tottenham Hotspur

    Would be good business , don't rate him that high but that is my opinion , But that will be two of your squad from last season gone with no additional players coming in , maybe balancing the books for the new stadium is coming home to roost ? A bit of unrest from spurs fans over season tickets at Wembley as well ?
  24. Tottenham Hotspur

    Danny Rose rocking the boat ? Perhaps he is Van Purse strings in disguise ?