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  1. Thanks CTB for all your hard work !
  2. llogan RBL Reserves 1-2 Penryn Athletic Mullion 1-3 Helston Athletic Reserves Redruth United 0-7 Perranporth St Agnes 2-4 Carharrack St Day 3-0Goonhavern Athletic St Just 2-1 St Ives Town West Cornwall 2- 3 Perranwell
  3. I know Mangle , but before they qualified for the Europa league semi , they still haven't , won an away game in 2018 . 30 points behind city ....... Not the finest league campaign for a long time .😬 . Personally thought it was a well taken goal , yes Cech is not the keeper he was , Keith not quite sure of Ospina as the number one either . Older agreeing with Mangle ???? What the hell is going on ????? You sure you haven't been sampling some exotic baccy ??? 😈 . Also Arsene should have had more experienced players on the bench ,
  4. Another away loss !!!! The only team in the English leagues to not win an away game in 2018 , fill your boots Arsene .......😬
  5. stevieb

    Penryn athletic next season

    Whoever gets the job has a very good base to start with , great pitch , and facilities , good large bar area , kitchen ECT , some good young players the downside is Older 😈 , only joking , never had the privilege to play on the pitch but it is deceiving how big it is and another plus they own the ground , which is good for the future of the club .
  6. 2nd session this morning good fun , Terry has had some more interest , come on guys give it a go only 3 quid for an hour , you can't even get a pint for that . All you need is trainers , and some comfortable clothes . Ball to feet no physical challenges , none of us are in peak physical condition , but you know you have had some exercise , you can go at your own pace , no pressure . Still smiling πŸ˜ƒ !
  7. Tough draw Atletico , over two legs , they will have to improve on the defence , but then again we have been saying that all season , and the ones before 😈
  8. Saturday 14th April 2018 Hayle 2-2 Perranporth Mullion 1-2 Penryn Athletic Pendeen Rovers 1-3:Perranwell St Day 2-1 St Ives Town Supplementary Cup Q-f Illogan RBL Reserves 1-4 Carharrack Redruth United 0-2 Porthleven Reserves St Agnes 2-1 Goonhavern Athletic St Just 3-1 Holman SC
  9. uesday 10th April 2018 Carharrack 2-3 Perranporth Goonhavern Athletic 2-4 Penryn Athletic Helston Athletic Reserves 3-1 St Ives Town Holman SC 1-3 Perranwell Illogan RBL Reserves 1-3 Hayle Porthleven Reserves 2-1 St Just St Day 3-0 Mullion West Cornwall 2-1 Redruth United Thursday 12th April 2018 Falmouth Town Reserves 2-1 St Just Holman SC 2-2 West Cornwall Quote
  10. Saturday 7th April 2018 Goonhavern Athletic 1-2 St Ives Town Holman SC 2-4 Perranporth Illogan RBL Reserves 1-0 Mullion Perranwell 2-2 Hayle Porthleven Reserves1-2 Penryn Athletic St Agnes 2-0 Redruth United St Day 2-1 Carharrack St Just 2-1 Helston Athletic Reserves West Cornwall 1-3 Falmouth Town Reserves
  11. Tuesday 3rd April 2018Carharrack3-1 Redruth United Falmouth Town Reserves 4-2 St Ives Town Hayle 2-1 Mullion Helston Athletic Reserves 4-0 Pendeen Rovers Holman SC 4-1 Goonhavern Athletic Penryn Athletic 1-2 Perranporth Porthleven Reserves 1-1 West Cornwall St Agnes 2-0 Illogan RBL Reserves St Day 2-2 Perranwell Quote
  12. Combo Fixtures this weekend Saturday 31st March 2018 Falmouth Town Reserves ,2-1 Porthleven Reserves Goonhavern Athletic 1-2 West Cornwall Hayle 4-1 Illogan RBL Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves 3-1 Redruth United Holman SC 2-4 Carharrack Mullion 2-2 Pendeen Rovers St Agnes 2-1 St Ives Town St Just 2-1 Perranwell Sunday 1st April 2018 League Cup Final Perranporth 2-1 St Day Quote
  13. Saturday 24th March Goonhavern Athletic 1-6 Falmouth Town Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves 2-1 Redruth United Holman SC 1-2 Hayle RNAS Culdrose 1-3 St Just St Agnes1-4 Perranporth St Day 2-1 Pendeen Rovers St Ives Town 2-2 West Cornwall Supplementary Cup Preliminary Round Carharrack 2-1 Perranwell Illogan RBL Reserves 1-2 Mullion Quote
  14. aturday 17th March 2018 Goonhavern Athletic2-1 Mullion Hayle2-2 St Agnes Holman SC 1-3 St Ives Town Pendeen Rovers0-3 Falmouth Town Reserves Penryn Athletic 4-2 Redruth United Porthleven Reserves 3-3 Helston Athletic Reserves St Day 5-0 RNAS Culdrose West Cornwall1-2 St Just Supplementary Cup Preliminary Round Carharrack1-2 Perranwell
  15. stevieb

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Oh dear on dear
  16. Next round of the Europa league , but shaky when A.C. Scored and a dubious penalty to level the game but over two legs they deserved the win . Quarters of the ( just for Older ) pub cup ,cheers . Older ha ha ( sorry Mangle) couldn't resist .
  17. stevieb

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Well you still have chance of one trophy the FA cup , but perhaps maybe next year as well Older ????????????????
  18. stevieb

    Fixtures 10/11 March 2018

    Goonhavern Athletic 0-4 Carharrack Hayle 3-1 Pendeen Rovers Helston Athletic Reserves 5-1 Redruth United Holman SC p-p West Cornwall Perranwell 2-4 Perranporth St Agnes 2-1 Porthleven Reserves St Ives Town 4-0 RNAS Culdrose Supplementary Cup Preliminary Round Illogan RBL Reserves 1-2 Mullion Sunday 11th March 2018 League Cup s-f Falmouth Town Reserves 2-1 St Day (at Penryn)
  19. Very good win away from home , much better team performance , half time hopefully they can see the fixture out .
  20. Also Keith , Sanchez wages at utd it has upset some including Pogba same at most clubs to be honest and it also happens in daily life , we have all worked with someone alledged to be earning money x per week and everybody bitches about it .
  21. No I can't either😭
  22. Sorry Mangle but very rarely watch match of the day and the pundits , usually fishing Saturday nights , so sorry I am not part of a herd or swayed by ex Arsenal players but make up my own mind , my observation on Arsene was what I could see with my own eyes , he looked tired and his age is showing he has given a lot to the club and been rewarded handsomely with one of the biggest wages in prem league for a manager . But as it happens to us all he has aged and looking at him the pressure looks to be taking it toll , . However and when someone does eventually takes over it is a big job and won't be rebuilt with a quick fix , I have no illusions about what lays ahead , unless a new owner takes over and invests in player recruitment , can't see silent selling as the club makes money but two many seasons outside the top four will put a dent in that . He will go down as Arsenals greatest manager but everything comes to an end , do we want to see him going out through Ill health ? Times change for us all everyday we just have to roll with the punches and to a future without Arsene someday in the not to distant future . Arsenal Will still be here but in what capacity .????
  23. almouth Town Reserves 3-2 Perranwell Goonhavern Athletic 2-0 RNAS Culdrose Hayle 2-1 West Cornwall Pendeen Rovers 0-3 Carharrack Penryn Athletic Reserves 4-2 Holman SC Redruth United 2-4 St Day St Agnes 1-2 St Just St Ives Town 3-0 Mullion Sunday 4th March League Cup S-F (at Illogan) Helston Athletic Reserves 2-4 Perranporth
  24. Keith i have to agree , and I have been saying this for a while , but he did cut a sad figure last night after the game when being interviewed , he looked drawn and all of his 68 years such a shame the spark seems to have gone from his eyes , he usually has a quip or retort to questions but it just wasn't there . I know the weather wasn't great but the fans voted with their feet , who are the club trying to kid that 50+ thousands turned up the stadium wasn't even half full ?? I hope the board let Arsene to move up into an ambassador role at the club , or even that he could have a last hurrah managing the French national team . The players have to take some of the blame as they seem to hide behind the manager and let him take the flak for their efforts or lack of on the pitch . His time is coming to an end , we will never see a manager last so long at one club like he has done , but modern football has moved on managers and players move or are removed very quickly if not doing the business . And as previous posters have posted the modern era is about making money for owners , fans and trophies come secondary . Arsene should have gone last season after the record FA cup win , but he didn't and the board and Arsene are reaping what they sow , a great shame that the fans ( including me ) the media are all focused on Arsene and not the way the team plays as in the past they played fantastic football which seems a long time ago , now city get all the plaudits and deserved their football is fantastic as they proved yet again last night .
  25. I think you are big enough to look after yourself 😜