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  1. Tottenham Hotspur

    Be a good test , spurs on a roll , Kane hatrick , he certainly knows where the net is , but I wish when he is interviewed he wouldn't end the sentence with aaaaa, listen to his next interview and count them , really annoying , still good goal to games ratio ,. The big test will come when one of the bigger clubs come sniffing around , dangling. A big wedge in front of him ?
  2. Perhaps older was right , Malpas could be the ground to rebuild if the worst happens . Well their third team used to play there in the Falmouth Helston league , when they had one .
  3. What do we really think about this?

    Any idea that can attract people back into football is good , lots work weekends now so midweek games will help , might also get players back who have fell out of love with the game , thumbs up from me , we are very good at moaning about the CCFA but they are trying something different , good idea hope it gets well supported .
  4. Helston 6-0 Culdrose
  5. Three points , WBA should have had a pen , but Arsenal could have had two in the first half , plenty of the ball , still shaky at the back , but second half bossed the game , a win is a win up the table as well but don't think the top three at present have to much to worry about , pub cup Thursday , nice couple days out .
  6. Smokies not like that ?
  7. Kev no longer at G!

    As you say nobody knows what happens behind the scenes and probably a good job we don't .
  8. Keep up your posts 100% look forward to them , don't worry I forget half the time my teams players names as well when they score , put it down to senior moment lol, carry on enjoying your football and hope Smokie is enjoying it to , after all this is a forum not the sports pages of the Guardian .
  9. Well done to all at Ludgvan from relegation from the combo a few seasons back to regrouping and now topping the West Division , and a good looking ground as well , keep it going and perhaps other clubs can learn from them, it's good for local football to have a club rising up from previous struggles , good luck for the rest of the season ,and nice to have some good football news when we here of so many teams struggling or folding across all leagues .
  10. Culdrose 0-3 Hayle ,cup preliminary round , deserved win 2-0 h/t Bj with two , Cameron with the third in second half , Hayle had most of the ball and played some good football , the airmen also kept trying to play football , but seemed to tire late on .Well taken goals could have been more but into the next round , ref had a good game and tried to let the game flow , when some players want free kicks when still in possession of the ball and under control , two yellows for Hayle one for abuse of their own lino the ref stepped in and said part of my team and yellow issued , first one for me but good to see , even though I missed the player in an offside position ouch !
  11. Funny Older , more German fans turned up for the pub cup against Arsenal without tickets than fans turned up at Wembley for your league cup game , now that is funny .
  12. ombo Fixtures Saturday 23rd September '17 Carharrack 3-1 Pendeen Rovers Holman SC 1-4 Illogan RBL Reserves Mullion 1-4 Porthleven Reserves Perranporth 3-3 Falmouth Town Reserves Redruth United 0-4 Helston Athletic Reserves St Day 2-1 Penryn Athletic League Cup Preliminary Round (2.30 kick-off) Perranwell 2-1 West Cornwall RNAS Culdrose 1-3Hayle St Agnes 3-1 St Just St Ives Town 3-1 Goonhavern Athletic
  13. Yes of course the club is to blame with several thousand fans traveling to the ground without tickets , safety first with the k o moved , another Arsenal **** up , and they go a goal down , and score three in reply , no not Arsenal's finest hour but , a win in the pub cup bonus at least the wife could watch the soaps with the late KO . And good to see three young players in the squad , thanks SSS your concern for the Gunners is much appreciated .
  14. Well it's a first that Arsenal aren't in the Champs league , Thursday pub cup a new experience for the club but that is were they are after missing out on 4th last season , perhaps some of the younger squad players will get a run and maybe one will burst through
  15. Holman SC 1-4 Penryn AthleticHelston Athletic Reserves 2-3 Carharrack Illogan RBL Reserves 3-3 St Just Mullion 0 v 6 Falmouth Town Reserves Pendeen Rovers 3 v 1 Redruth United Perranwell 5-1 Goonhavern Athletic Porthleven Reserves 2 v 2 St Agnes RNAS Culdrose 1 -3 St Ives Town St Day 3-2 West Cornwall
  16. Now I don't want to be seen as a follower of the media and ex Arsenal players , but so far I like the look of Lacazette reminds me of Ian Wright and he shoots from outside the box , credit for buying him , so I am not always jumping on a band wagon or two
  17. Tottenham Hotspur

    What also rans??????
  18. aturday 9th September '17Carharrack 3-3 Falmouth Town ReservesGoonhavern Athletic 0-2 Porthleven ReservesPenryn Athletic 3-2 Illogan RBL Reserves Perranporth 3-1 Helston Athletic Reserves Redruth United 1-3 Hayle RNAS Culdrose 1-2 Pendeen Rovers St Agnes 1-3: Perranwell St Ives Town 2-3 St Day St Just4-2 Holman SC West Cornwall 2-1 Mullion Tuesday 12th Sept Falmouth Town Reserves 4-0 RNAS Culdrose Penryn Athletic 2-1 Porthleven Reserves
  19. Ban the International break

    No elder let's have them every weekend and then I don't have to worry about the Arsenal .
  20. You're a poet and didn't know it And older as well
  21. Tottenham Hotspur

    Big match revisited Something i didn't think i would see two of footballs hard men from the past Glen Hoddle trying to tackle Trevor Brooking on a muddy White Hart lane the only two players with hard!y any mud on them , also Ralph Coates comb over , Lampard yellow card for a bodycheck put his hands up apologize to the ref and walked away
  22. Watched a BT sport's film on Rocky and Wrighty on their football at Arsenal , very good if you get the chance with it , David Dein explained how he signed Ian Wright and George Graham was at a charity golf day with a lot of sports journalists and did not let on .
  23. I know all about ups and downs have supported them since 1970/71 my cousin bought me my first shirt , Charlie George was my favourite player back then , when my Mum passed away she had kept model of him from my childhood in a cabinet in her bedroom , seen my first televised game In colour at my dad's cousins house which was the 1972 centenary cup final which Leeds won one nil surrounded by Leeds fans , remember losing to a Brooking header in a final , and I still support them . Nothing changes about my support but I can question what happens to the club and which direct it is heading but the club is bigger than any ,manager , player or owner some just need to realise they are custodians of the club and how they leave it for future generations .
  24. Tottenham Hotspur

    Well done sss , should have put lol , but Mr Deacs was quick to point it out , see you do have friends on here , pity your choice of clubs to support LOL
  25. Agree about money , but this is the football world at this time , my head tells me we won't win the league , at present Arsenal have a soft underbelly and teams exploit it . It's not the lost games so far it's the way they lose ..The board stated the move to The Emirates would generate income to compete with the top teams ,be it salaries of funds for transfers this has not happened , apart from Iwobi how many players have come through the ranks ? These are all there for everyone to see , the same problems happen every year there seems to be no charge .