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  1. stevieb

    Arsenal 1 - Athletico Madrid 1

    When the going gets tough ...... They melt .....🍦 eight semi finals eight loses last one at home , even Pochahontas thinks that cant win trophies , will he jump ship ?
  2. stevieb

    Penryn athletic next season

    Whoever gets the job , has a great base to start with and if they can keep Ryan Reeve on his day he is one of the trickest players to play against .
  3. Introduce yourself , he doesn't bite ( only when he has his teeth in ) 😈 . I like older he is very knowledgeable about local football , and has strong opinions on what has gone wrong locally , time flies by when chatting to him . He does loads for the club without thanks , because he loves football and Penryn , another unsung hero of local football . ,🍻
  4. Carharrack 3-1 St Ives Town Hayle 2-1 Perranwell Illogan RBL Reserves 1-3 St Agnes Mullion 2-2 Goonhavern Athletic Pendeen Rovers 4-2 Holman SC  RNAS Culdrose 0-6 Perranporth St Day 4-1 St Just  West Cornwall 1-3 Penryn Athletic Quote
  5. stevieb

    Arsenal 1 - Athletico Madrid 1

    Correct , should have scored more but didn't , shouldn't have conceded but did . Can Arsenal not concede in the second leg ? No ! Can they score enough to go through ? Maybe ! They have made it hard for themselves , but and it is a very big but they could spring a surprise ! That's football. Correct sixth place , not quite midtable ! Potless and this time incorrect ,current FA cup holders ! ( until May ) . And three FA cups out of the last four not a bad haul . 😇 Now there is one club Potless in North London ! Can anyone guess who that is ??? Eight times losers in the semi finals of the FA cup , home advantage , no trophy for 10 years , no league title for 57 years no FA Cup since 1991 ( before Arsene ) . Answers on a postcard to SSS c/o we are building for the future no trophies , white fart stain , Middlesex 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈.
  6. stevieb

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Zzzz,,😴 😇
  7. stevieb

    Tottenham Hotspur

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂! Oops !😇
  8. Definitely NOT !!!!! Mind you the diet could be good fag ash and chips all round 😁
  9. Older to manage Penryn , with big Al as asistant manager and si James as coach .😈
  10. Hayle were fast out the blocks and led 6-0 at h/t 9 watching with four away fans for Hay!e with another two turning up in the second half . Kane Williams was superb in midfield alongside Barbs and young Charlie Parker , the three of them dominating the first half , Lee Patchett turned back the years filling in at right back with Matt , Ben , and Adam also controlling the back to keep a deserved clean sheet . Barbs was trying to claim a goal from a cross into the box , several said og poor Barbs . Cameron claimed three and caused problems all night , you have to praise him because only two seasons ago he played in the trelawney league . Credit to the young keeper from Porthleven as in the second half he made two to three cracking saves . Birthday 🎂 boy Ben rattled the bar with a free kick in the first half . Very good win and deserved could have been more .but 7-0 was cracking result away from home well done everyone .
  11. It's a big chance for Arsenal and a new manager to hopefully improve their league results, it will take time to weed out some under achieving players and bring in players to improve the team . Arsenal are still a big club but have slipped down the league in recent seasons , personally I think the board already know who the next manager is but can't name him until the end of season .
  12. Moderators 0 9,085 posts Report post Posted 2 hours ago Combo fixturesTuesday 24th April 2018 Falmouth Town Reserves 2-1 Carharrack Illogan RBL Reserves 2-2 Holman SC Pendeen Rovers 3-1 Mullion Penryn Athletic 2-1 St Just Perranporth 8-0 RNAS Culdrose Porthleven Reserves 1-2 Hayle Redruth United 1-3 Perranwell St Day 2-1 Helston Athletic Reserves St Ives Town 2-1 St Agnes
  13. In truth can't see either of you wasting a pint 😇
  14. stevieb

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    Well done older at least you come out to play 😁
  15. About time these two retired and gave someone else a go .
  16. stevieb

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    Older in Amsterdam , SSS in a pub drowning his sorrows , just wait for his spin on this one , even Pochontas this week said it isn't all about 🏆 ,he is at the right club then 😈. Haven't laughed so much since aunty fell on her f ..... In the cucumber patch 😇
  17. Have been told Nick Barber 1 Ben Williams 2 another three points well done lads keep up the good work Patch and team .
  18. Some teams share grounds with cricket , bloody silly game 😈
  19. stevieb

    Chelsea 1 - Spurs 3

    And they had home advantage 😈 .
  20. Looks like my original posting will Arsene spend ...... Coming to an end 😭
  21. Moderators 0 9,082 posts Report post Posted 17 hours ago Good luck Combo Fixtures Saturday 21st April 2018 Hayle 3-1 Goonhavern Athletic Holman SC 2-4 St Agnes Illogan RBL Reserves 1-2 Helston Athletic Reserves Pendeen Rovers 2-1 West Cornwall Perranporth 2-1 Carharrack Perranwell 2-0 St Ives Town St Just 4-0 Redruth United
  22. Good summing up of Arsene Mangle . Now the speculation will start on who will take over , interesting time for the club , I expect some players will be worrying about their squad places , and rightly so.
  23. Good luck to Patch and the team today , sorry .cant be there , hopefully someone can put up a match report ,Come on Hayle
  24. The timing should have been last year after his seventh FA cup.win , Arsenals greatest ever manager . But he had run his race . Sorry Mangle no easy fix , But will the next manager be given the time and resources to succeed .