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  1. Pipe down in the cheap seats . ( Joke) well done to Truro away tie and draw then return at home midweek would probably pull in a good crowd , perhaps a chance for the club to build some bridges and entice fans back , just my own thoughts with no hidden agenda .
  2. St.Day 2-0 Hayle even first half , second half the saints were firing on all cylinders ,Hayle weathered the early on slaught and came back into the game looked like Hayle might get a point but a thunderbolt into the roof of the net from just outside the box put an end to that followed up just after with a scrappy second , Hayle had a penalty saved as well late on which was a good save and the saints can feel agrieved that they should have had one when the scores were 0-0 , Hayle should not be to dispondent as St .Day are top for a reason ,table doesn't lie . Two goals was the right result on the second half showing but they had to work for the victory .
  3. Well we are sixth And we made a profit on transfers Sixth is the new fourth
  4. almouth Town Reserves 4-1 Goonhavern Athletic Helston Athletic Reserves 2-2 West Cornwall Holman SC P-P St Agnes Illogan RBL Reserves 1-2 Porthleven Reserves Mullion 0-3 St Just Penryn Athletic 2-3 Carharrack Perranporth 2-1 Pendeen Rovers Perranwell 4-1 RNAS Culdrose St Day 2-2 Hayle St Ives Town 3-0 Redruth United Tuesday 17th October '17 Penryn Athletic 3-0 RNAS Culdrose
  5. They lost fair and square ,close first half but Hayle had more chances second ha!f and a hell of a save from their keeper kept the score down , great win , good team performance , down to 9 men late on for Hayle , Big Al try telling the Hayle players the senior cup doesn't matter after today , lots of kids playing on the 3 g as well , revamped changing rooms , bar great day for Hayle AFC and well done to everyone involved behind the scenes , and to those in the past who had the foresight to move from Ellis park in the not to distant past , Great day all round .
  6. Hayle beat Wadebridge , 3-2 , Liam Money , 1 , Cameron Irish 2 , 2-1 to Wadebridge half time , Hayle down to nine men at the end two yellows for Matty Thomas , straight red for Liam Mooney , deserved win, great squad effort , good crowd, improvements to club fantastic lots of youngsters playing on the new 3 g pitch , plenty of atmosphere in the revamped bar , well done to all involved , bet there will be some sore heads tonight .
  7. Saturday 7th October '17Goonhavern Athletic 0-3 St Ives Town Helston Athletic Reserves2-2 Falmouth Town Reserves Pendeen Rovers 3-1 RNAS Culdrose Porthleven Reserves 1-2 Illogan RBL Reserves
  8. Good one older I couldn't find a picture of one , your not as daft as you look,
  9. England v Slovenia.

    I fell asleep during the first half , only for she who must be obeyed, said are you watching the football .
  10. Put your spoon away older 👎👎
  11. My sense of humour Rayon , but then again we only have liquid sunshine in Cornwall
  12. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Don't remember his name but Castle utd goalkeeper was not very tall but he was outstanding .
  13. Perhaps Older , but Arsene has given some of the younger players a run out , most say strange not being in the champs league with a Thursday game but that is the position the club is in the PUB CUP Usmanov has come out today and states he doesn't want to sell his shares to Silent Stan in it for the long run , bit of chess going on behind the scenes , Arsene did allude to off the pitch distractions the other week , maybe start of a power struggle for ownership of The Arsenal ?
  14. Tottenham Hotspur

    For a Cornishman I didn't know you could be so rude
  15. First home game for this season Hayle in the senior cup where Wadebridge are the welcome visitors , chance for supporters to see the upgrades to the club , well done to all involved .
  16. Big Al I have spent a lot of time with refs and the majority of times during or after a game will question a descion they have made , so sorry your point is flawed , yes there are some that are single minded just like yourself with your posts about refs , CCFA , or Falmouth Town , the majority are out to enjoy a game of football , not to mess up everyone's game and to enforce the laws to the best of their abilities , which they have to apply in a match not from the sidelines , I make mistakes running the line but hopefully I get the majority right , you can't please everyone but if they aren't here we have no football , everyone makes mistakes but we try to learn from them and move on .Big Al keep posting after all this is a forum out for debate and life would be boring if we all agreed on everything , apart that I am always right lol
  17. Hindsight is a wonderful thing Big Al , the ref made the call it was his to make , can understand the groundsman point as well , hopefully we will have a warm and dry winter and clubs won't have any more postponed games or cut up pitches .
  18. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Should have played up at Carne Brea now that was an eye opener , changed in your car , dogs roaming everywhere , fires near the pitch , we even had a ref stop the game and told one of the supporters to refrain from firing a catapult in the air towards our striker , good job there was no social media back then
  19. It did cut up as the game went on , and with the constant rain as well , would be surprised if next Saturday game could go ahead , unless the next couple of days it stays dry and the groundsman can get on it , as to the ref perhaps at the time he checked it was deemed playable , but who could have known how much rain would fall over 90 mins .
  20. Haven't seen much abuse on here ??? Difference of opinion maybe ? Fishing Mr .Green ????
  21. Tottenham Hotspur

    Hope Kane gets a hamstring injury before the next North London Derby .
  22. Mangle pub cup because that was what I used to taunt SSS, and Older with when we were in the Champions League , so self mocking my sense of humour
  23. Falmouth 3- 3 Hayle ,draw fair result , both teams could have scored more , some good football on show in awful weather , some tasty challenges as well both keepers made good saves Hayle had a big support of three, good game in the conditions .
  24. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Halstetown when they changed and played at the pub , pitch great slope showers , copper tube with holes punched in it , Marazion you could get a nice tingle from one of the pipes , Shirehorse no showers changed in an old barn with leaking roof , Rosudgeon do they still have the meters that take 20p ? Heamoor bone valley horse trough , Gulval , Badgers cross no showers but a lovely big puddle near the changing rooms when it rained , did see a player dragged through this as the team thought he came off the pitch looking to clean , pitch at Tuckingmill , behind church no showers as someone stole the copper pipe , Cubert changed in the community hall, over the hedge to play no showers , Cury did they have showers ? I know a blast from the past with some of these clubs now finished but we didn't care about going back to your opponents pub for drinks and a bite to eat refreshed from a shower you went home after and had a good soak in the bath , well some did some when out on the lash with out going home , old school I know but bloody good fun , Hardly any clubs had a clubhouse and most were attached to a pub who provided food and most away teams came back win lose or draw and you all mixed after the game what happened on the pitch stayed there .
  25. Three points , clean sheet in the English Premier League , not the Sunday league , just for Mangle , made chances , Monreal with a goal only his second in the EPL , up to fifth steady progress . In