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  1. I know you seem to get some flak on the forum but keep up the good work , good to see there are still People behind the scenes trying to help improve the local game , good luck to you in your quest to increase refs in Our local game . Well done Tempo great start for your team , keep it up , are you getting a game though?
  2. Calling games off

    Well done to those people stepping up a credit to their clubs and league a big pat on the back to all involved including the players ., For having common sense instead of a wasted Saturday afternoon .
  3. But they turned up to play , could have conceded the game by saying can't raise a side , well done to Chacewater for giving it a go hopefully you can regroup and have more players available .
  4. Good game , played in a sporting manner , well reffed by Mark Rose , some good old meaty tackles , good saves by both keepers , woodwork hit by both sides , Hayle probably deserved a draw but Goonhavern defended well in the second half , great welcome at Reen park and the pitch was very good , personally I like visiting Goonhavern a well run club trying to do things the right way .
  5. Very difficult with not many refs to cover games on a Saturday , add in during the season ,junior cup , senior cup , have in the past when playing / managing stepping in to ref games , I know not ideal but you get a game and not a wasted afternoon , perhaps one from each side do a half each , surprising what an offer of a pint and a pasty after a game can get . And maybe a chance for someone to get a taste for the whistle .
  6. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Older and Elder our own dynamic duo , to do the draw please with big Al anouncing and witnesses the draw , win ,win for all But on the radio not on you tube as Older has the face for radio 😁 We have several on the forum Dave . Al have you been slighted or rebuked by the FA , or is it just authority in general ? I do look forward to your posts but sometimes you seem bitter towards the powers that run our game ? Keep posting but perhaps a positive post now and again would be nice .
  7. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    No response from Mr. United then ?
  8. Cornwall Senior Cup

    A please Dave , just like blockbusters
  9. Fixtures for 28th October 2017

    Combo Fixtures forSaturday 28th October 2017Goonhavern Athletic 1-4 Hayle Helston Athletic Reserves 3-1 Illogan RBL Reserves Holman SC 0-6 St Day Mullion 2-2 West Cornwall Porthleven Reserves 1-3 Perranporth Redruth United 0-3 Falmouth Town Reserves St Agnes 2-1' Penryn Athletic St Ives Town 2-1 Perranwell St Just 1-3 Pendeen Rovers Quote
  10. Hayle scorer Cameron Irish ,pen first half ,v3-0 down in five minutes att approx 35 well played Pendeen deserved winners , Paul Murphy was the ref had a good game , pitch held up well thanks to Greg , only one yellow card , which shows both teams held nothing back but played in a sporting way , good luck in the next round .
  11. London (Olympic) Stadium

    Subsidised by the taxpayer ???? Good deal for West Ham .
  12. ue Fixtures for Saturday 21st October Goonhavern Athletic 1-3 Perranwell RNAS Culdrose 1 -3 St Agnes Leaque Cup 1st Round Hayle 2-1 Pendeen Rovers Helston Athletic p-p St Just Mullion 0-3 Falmouth Town Reserves Penryn Athletic2-1 Illogan RBL Reserves Perranporth 2-1 Carharrack St Day3-1 Porthleven Reserves St Ives Town 3-0 Holman SC West Cornwall 2-1 Redruth United
  13. Tottenham Hotspur

    Then there are games that teams dominant and lose , the joys of football .
  14. Started before Emmerdale ,1-0 to the Arsenal , will have to use catch up TV for Emmerdale , SSS did Joe Sugden get a good price for his sheep at market ?
  15. Tottenham Hotspur

    Stats !!!! Don't talk about stats goals win games shame on you older perhaps you are not as old as you feel ? Carry on like this and you might have to change your name . Bloody stats .
  16. What no fag ash and chips ?? Older you won't get on Bake off if you don't practice .
  17. At present for all the banter Arsenal are behind spurs on the pitch Kane on a terrific run , perhaps Arsenal can put a run together but they always seem to mess it up like Saturday , now keep this post as I don't praise spurs very often , bragging rights to the white shirts at the moment , and the red half doesn't have many answers on the pitch at present .
  18. Tottenham Hotspur

    Since when could you think for yourself ?????? Great result grrrr
  19. Good luck to your club , as an aside the pasty I had yesterday was brilliant , nearly as good as Philps but then I am biased ,. Thought the prices for food was very reasonable , good crowd as well .don't usually get a chance to eat as I am running the line . Glad to see your club has ambition to move up and well done on the youth coming through ,the main trouble is when they leave college and move on to uni .
  20. Willy it was a penalty , and I was in a good position , but you win some and lose some , nice to watch for a change , good to catch up with Adrian , he always makes you welcome , good team you have this season , very interesting league this season , have your club considered promotion if you win the league ? The facilities are in place .
  21. I like Emmerdale We are in the Europa league ( pub cup ) just for my fellow Gooner Mangle
  22. You forgot Truro winning ! Now my weekend ,my home team lost , gunners lost , went fishing forgot my coat , No fish ( normal ) , but broad shoulders , always look on the bright side of life , next week can only get better ouch !!!!
  23. Pipe down in the cheap seats . ( Joke) well done to Truro away tie and draw then return at home midweek would probably pull in a good crowd , perhaps a chance for the club to build some bridges and entice fans back , just my own thoughts with no hidden agenda .