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  1. have to agre with mangle on his post ,but as i have previously posted we did need another striker and may have missed a chance this window  another holding / defensive midfielder  and cover at centre back   ,after the loss to villa we have settled into a bit of form  and i am pleased, wilshire is still not up to speed  but ramsey is looking good ozil is class and will give the tream a new centre for the attacks also arteta to come back diaby [if he can keep fit] the ox still is not the finished product  so plenty to come  but we did need cover for giroud , he was slated last season by fans and pundits but imo he was a real bargain and has settled well at the emirates , the plus with ozils signing is other players have sat up and are thinking perhaps we should consider moving to the emirates still early days  but hopefully we can sustain a better run this season in the league  and maybe push for a win in one of the domestic cups
  2. nothing new there trouble is i am answering myself as well,,,,,,, and also   disagreeing with myself  being a gooner minds a gonner
  3. Panic buy - to keep the punters quiet. (you) must read this forum. LOL   perhaps we should have followed spurs lead and spent big  and bought a new team
  4. i work with a spurs fan lovelly bloke the only downside is he supports the spuds , i also like spuds .... fried boiled mashed or roasted ... roasted sounds good ,or masshed liked the spuds were last week ha ha
  5. Panic buy - to keep the punters quiet. (you) must read this forum. LOL   well we had to spend some money and save some for a rainy day  not like spurs who spent all their pocket money in one go and still may come up short
  6. as much chance as me catching a 10lb bass   zero chance   Good fishing stevieb - as for RVP - we will see, but no, I don't expect he will return to Arsenal.   felt like terry wogan last night as i had a blankety blank [now showing my age]  ha ha  may have better luck tonight   like les dawson blankety blank again
  7. as much chance as me catching a 10lb bass   zero chance   Good fishing stevieb - as for RVP - we will see, but no, I don't expect he will return to Arsenal.   felt like terry wogan last night as i had a blankety blank [now showing my age]  ha ha  may have better luck tonight
  8. as much chance as me catching a 10lb bass   zero chance
  9. otzil a great signing but we still needed another couple to shore up the squad  either another striker a defensive midfielder and or a defender ,o well role on january
  10. Flamini snuffed the yids out??? Dif game from what i watched. Spurs, never had a clue in the last 3rd, hence they have not scored from open play in the prem league yet. Dont get me wrong, Arse were well worth the win, better organisation, more desire and better quality in players!!cheers rob a compliment from a united fan what an honour
  11. well roy flammini snuffed out spurs sun , still waiting for the BIG SIGNING  ?   have tried to keep off line but you cant keep a concerned gunner away lol
  12. looking forward to the game  sun  spurs will be on fire the gunners will probable d isplay our major signings ha ha sanoogo and flamini  we really are aiming for the stars
  13. A team as good as Tottenham :yahoo: We'll find out this week.   older this is your cup final  and maybe your time to win a trophy the 4th spot as arsene calls it ,with all spurs investment  you should be aiming a lot higher ,but give credit when its due  6points out of six great start for the spuds  we are on catch up already  ,ready for the fun and games  and early season banter and bragging rights for a few months ,probably be a draw then  and maybe spuds turn for champs league next season and our cost  would be a nice change for you ha ha
  14. yippeee we won against fulham ,so the squad is good enough we dont need no new signings  ,arsenes thinking save the money save the boards bonus  let stan the man keep his profits  ,arsenal  are the role model for the new age of how clubs should be run ,high ticket prices  bonus for the top men ,no trophies for the fans  top stadium what more could we want?
  15. well we got a result last night  hurrah   for the board  what a team of shysters  even lady bracewell smith has come out and stated she wished she had not sold her shares to silent stan  and had backed dein and usmanov [like bolting the stable door after the horse has ...]    BIG NEWS today  flammini to sign  well just what the doctor ordered another so called freebe  lock away the transfer chest   put up the white flag we surrender   lets not play european football next season lets just have a season off and give those lovelly folk up the road a chance  .... fat chance spuds  , 
  16. well well  arsenes transfer policy is really working  ,and he has the bloody neck to say who should we buy ?  it is up to him to target players and put it into the hands of ivan to sort out transfers but neither are doing their jobs at present which they are paid really well for ,if they are not up to the job perhaps it is time to move on and replace them with somebody who is able to lead the club forward  ,we have more injuries and still have to qualify for champs league .arsene has been great for the gunners but he seems to becoming more eccentric like an old uncle , villa were more composed and seemed to be quicker to the ball ,as usual we had lots of possesion but yet again no end product , i like scezny and think he will become a great keeper but he needs someone to push him and his decsion  making  sometimes leaves a lot to be desired , if arsene is not careful wilshire will become fed up and will leave just as all the top players have over the years ,and after yesterday will any top players want to come to the emirates ?  cant see it myself  i will not stop my following of the gunners but i can see another hard season for the fans and if they dont get some quality in  we will struggle to get in the top five let alone win a trophy  
  17. great news arsene is working on signings only trouble all the top targets have been missed and who is left?  and arteta could be out for six weeks  ,great start to the prem league ,and perez the player who played preseason against city cant be signed as they cant get a work permit ,whats going on at the club what a bunch of number crunchers ,they cant even find out if a player can get a permit before giveing him a trial  unbelievable ,all the money the top guys take from the club and they cant sign players and do background checks
  18. yes older we all know ..... you spuds have been ladies in waiting for ever and a day  but you may become the bride soon and not the bridesmaid
  19. older you crack me up   ....... and you are probablly right specaily now we beat man city 3-1 in friendly arsene ,silent stanand ivan the terrible  will think fantastic we dont need to buy any more faces as our policy is paying off  .........   which is  buy cheap sell on and make handsome profit  and fool the fans with empty promises to fill the fantastic stadium very week , a great buisness model but the fans want to compete for the top trophies ,history does not show your bank balance but trophies won .eight years and still counting and if the so called people at the top carry on we will be in the wilderness for a lot longer
  20. have had a lie down still doesnt look good  for signings  been on internet still not looking likely anyone on horizon HELP
  21. THANKS older thats just what i need on a friday night ,damn spurs fans taking the michael and spending MONEY on players ,lucky sods enjoy it while you can it cant last forever or in my worst nightmares you get above us in the mini league fight for champs league places shock horror i better have a lie down
  22. and older and sss yes i know the spuds are about to buy capoue who many have you bought now ? please dont answer as i cant take the flak we surrender 4th spot next season ...... only joking about that one boys hopefully life in the old dog yet and arsene if not he may have to be retired
  23. my original post was WILL ARSENE SPEND THE MONEY by the looks of things no bloody way
  24. like this so would arsene cheap  and ivan and stan would save a packet and have more wonga to count , shame about darren bent always thought he could have made a better striker than he has  but time not on his side now ,and carlton cole another who has not lived up to his potential,unlike the world class striker who has not played for the gunners for 2 years bentner and is so good he rather take the money and not move on to pastures new what a class act