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  1. Oh dear what is happening at the gunners ? A keeper to challenge schezny three players signed this early has the heat from Brazil got to arsene ?
  2. Another signing , replacement for Sagna in both senses( France and the gunners) debouchy a proven prem league player early business this season , now a keeper to keep schezny on his toes and a combative midfielder and can look forward to the new season
  3. Hooray a signing , the purse strings are loosened , joking aside a quality signing for the gunners need one or two more but a great start
  4. No striker now after Joel Campbell game last night
  5. Funny that most people say that about me including the wife ha ha
  6. Mangle you card fancy trawling old posts to dig at Roy ,or do you have a good memory ? If the latter well done as I keep forget,,,,,,,,, where was I?
  7. now now you are going down the route of Isaac
  8. are you sure you weren't a prison officer in another life ? Hard labour no chance for today's players
  9. are you touting for the spurs job older?
  10. Bring back cesc , swap deal for corzola , who in my opinion has had his nose put out of joint with the signing of ozil
  11. Here we go again same as last year linked with lots , the fans know what we need but does the board ?
  12. Fourth again what it could have been ? March was a disaster lack of depth of squad ,lots of injuries , perhaps the training needs to be looked at as to many first team squad were rushed back to quick or played with knocks , will the club learn ? I hope so , some real class needed to push on for next season , the squad players need to be moved on park ,bendtner fabianski, diaby vermalen maybe arteta , bring in three top signings and promote gnabary Salem to the squad and use them just my opinion but maybe a start
  13. Rumours rumours rumours, arsene to sign five , 70, 100mill available for players , my god another preseason with all the top players linked , and wait for it who will we get? Perhaps the media need to think about what they write as it's World Cup year and usually no international players move until the cup is over and selling clubs hope these players shine as to get a few more zeros and agents get a bigger cut ,this is important this preseason as it will tell the fans if arsenal want to join the big boys or carry on competing in the second tier of epl
  14. older have you been watching repeats of allo allo ? You are a card old chap ha ha
  15. Perhaps they are all closet spurs fans? Or you have people in the media ?
  16. Will arsene sign his contract? Will he spend ? If he stays ? Like a soap opera the media likes arsenal as they seem to love sticking the boot in to our club
  17. I can see a shake up of playing staff with comings and goings , fabianski, vermalen , park bendtner, , arteta and maybe podolski out
  18. Football is a business today as fans we all know that the working class game as with jumpers for goal posts ,as older says has long gone ,great that cities owners are investing in the Manchester area ,but so does a lot of other prem clubs with community work and academies , yes these are like cattle markets as arsenal have been doing like utd for years , not many make the grade , I am afraid in this day and age unless you have a sugar daddy you can't compete at the top level , or a bank or government like in Spain , arsenal have in us one of the richest men in Britain but even though he owns a great wedge of shares he is not allowed on the board , so if his money was allowed to be used would us gunners fans be up in arms I doubt it , it is now the way we all want the best players at our clubs and it comes with a price , at present the likes of City Chelsea can have players sat on the bench which would walk into most prem teams starting eleven , yes arsenal are self supporting at present and we are spun the yarn that we will be better placed when the fair play rules start taking effect , personally I don't belief it unless you have money the top prizes are beyond you we will never see another Nottingham Forrest in our lifetimes a team built by two great footballing people , getting like older now remembering the good old days of football when men were men
  19. will arsene be there next season to spend or in his case not buy the players we need if the club carries on we could be in for many years in the wilderness as a former top club , the fair play the club bangs on about ain't going to happen , and as a club we are as far away as ever from winning the league
  20. buy buy buy  class this summer another season and we get embarresed by the top sides again and again squad to short on class
  21. Need to buy this summer to not the usual. Rough diamonds we need the cut and polished ones
  22. Erikson and maybe townsend but the rest no chance maybe on the bench
  23. Great win today three points , and no goals against three clean sheets against the neighbours , has made my weekend , bit quiet from the spuds .. But we always expect that when they don't win ,like sticking the boot in when the gunners are down but quiet when the chips are down, can't here the cockerel crowing now .