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  1. sorry cant help you with being a spurs fan  ,but there are help groups you can join ,,,,,,,, if they will have you
  2. well sss you must be a queen fan  ??? quoting verses freddie mercury would be so pleased  ha ha
  3. day 21 in the big brother house [ emirates] not a lot hapenning normal day for us gooners spuds make another signing we sign .....??? another day near the season and no new players , we have replaced the trophy room at the stadium and moved a large vault in so silent stan ivan the terrible and sir chips[ banker /chairman] can count the lovely luchre the fans have splashed out on next seasons ticket sales oh well look forward to work again tomorrow but on the plus side my hours of worm washing paid off and i caught a bass last night but as true gooners style had to throw it back .
  4. now now older your touretts has started  again  ,can the spuds hold on to avb and bale ? you change managers like i change my underwear  ha ha ,the club likes hanging on to their money as long as possible so we can save up for our little trip into the champs league every season  the mighty spurs might try it sometime  ,and in answer to a previous post [not yours ]  perhaps arsene has gone stale and this could be his last chance to change the way we get players ,but and this is a large but at present he seems reluctant to change and the board must not offer a large longterm contract until he can start to challenge  for the big trophies this season  if not maybe a change of direction .
  5. still no signing  getting tedius now , please help us poor gooners arsene ,stan ivan and sir chips please give generouslly help the deprived fans with a glimmer of hope for next season ,probably after another preseason win they will think giroud hatrick why do we need a new striker ? bloody hell even i am taking the party line now .if they wont invest sell stans shares for a tidy profit  and bring in some new blood for the future
  6. well well arsenal win 7-0  in preseason friendly  arsene will be pleased as will ivan and stan [sounds like a comedy duo] so we score 7 they will decide we dont need anyone as they played so well ,we dont need a striker and defensive midfielder or a back up centre half as we already have them ,and then we get back to dear old blighty and they loan all the youngsters out ,happens every season yawn yawn , as for relocating the lug worm last night they did not like that and scared all the fish away  oh well at least the sun is shinning the birds are singing and back to work tommorow  .... fantastic
  7. day 12 in the big brother house  not much happening  AGAIN  ,[big sigh]  websites blah blah  linked with this player and that one  new messi .new viera  ,the next cesc ,the old cesc new henry [probable a dyson more like]  one wag even said frank mcclintock making a come back .please arsene ,silent stan and ivan the terrible make a bloody move stop waiting for other clubs .as fans we know we are falling further behind the top three sides and closing fast are spurs liverpool and everton,we made a good start with getting rid of expensive  deadwood but still left with the danish messi .pay him off get rid he is a no good  sponger with ideas far above his quality . chamack another before he came to the emirates his average was about 8 goals a season  no wonder he wont leave when he can pick up big wages for doinging sod all .is there really money to spend or the usual bs to keep the fans quiet ? and to sell season tickets ? the club has shelled out good wages to below prem quality players for to long.  oh well rant over looking forward  moving lug worm from their cozy houses to a nice seaside location tomorrow ,and giving them a nice bath
  8. thanks older thats all i need tonight  bloody spuds fans  boting the boot in   sorry i meant putting the boot in   ,so frustrated cant even get my words out oh well better start washing worms again weekend for my kicks  [bloody bass dont like my bait]  cant catch fish the club cant catch players
  9. thanks older thats all i need tonight  bloody spuds fans  boting the boot in   sorry i meant putting the boot in   ,so frustrated cant even get my words out
  10. thanks older thats all i need tonight  bloody spuds fans  boting the boot in
  11. well hello fellow gooners 11th july and no major /star players signed YET but will we ? the preseason has started and suprise suprise vermallen is injured . what a great start  ,spurs have made a couple of class signings to boost their squad and so far we have sanoogoo  [another arsene project]  , at least we have a new away kit [like the shirt ] but no new players to wear it ,sigh will be a long summer again and i suppose we will have a rush of last minute buys as last season which will take time to adjust to the club ,we as fans need some good news to help us have a glimmer of hope for the coming season , 
  12. well we have started confirmed sanoogo  free [if there is such a thing ]  typical arsene signing but early days yet
  13. well guys have had a little break mon the 1st july and the transfer window opens again .will we have the new signings we require ? or will it be much of the same as usual ? we do have a new chairman sir chips another old codger oh and a banker to boot as well that will please silent stan and ivan the terrible . loads of players linked but who will we get will it be higuan ,rooney torres or none of them will it be a big strong holding midfielder or will we get a loan again some other teams cast off ? this could be the defining preseason for the gunners and mark out the clubs intentions for the coming years or we could find out if it is all smoke and mirrors , on a plus side we have shifted some so called fringe players ,but no club has signed yet the football genius bendtner [well thats what he believes]
  14. well you gooners if you follow the rumours on tinternet the arsenal are signing a complete new side lots of players i have never heard of,from every corner of the world , bloody hell the so called 70 million is going so far my personal opinion we need a keeper to keep shzeny on his toes [ never good at spelling] a holding midfielder , aright back to replace sagna and at least one out and out goalscorer and get rid of the chaff as the club has already started to do .at boardroom level we need a shake up with more thought to the future and younger football minded people on side , and bring back some of the ex players in coaching roles liam brady is retiring this season perhaps a chance to bring back berkamp to coach the youth with maybe a chance to take over the first team when arsene eventually steps down , tony adams as man and boy he was arsenal through and through and perhaps he could install the will to win , the basis is there but now is the time to act we need quality brought in all over the club to help us to start challaging for all trophies and make teams to fear playing arsenal once again
  15. In that case I would have just eat yer leg - yum yum!!!!   no you would not because you never seen his legs ha ha
  16. Frighten me !!!!!! best laugh I've had in years. Showers !!! what were those?? Shower gel!!! - LOL Wussers. When they broke a leg in my day, they stayed on the field and limped. Got it fixed at casualty on the Monday, back to work on the Tuesday, played the next Saturday...still limping. THATS when men were men.   top reply you sound like a monty python sketch    lol  ,can remember playing heamoor [bone valley]  cow muck everywhere  did slid tackle right through  a pile of it it was up my leg up my shorts and the only water was in the cow trough  which was green with algae  lovely   and yes  agree men were men and you would pick your opposite no up and if he had fouled you you would say better hit me harder next time but inside it bloody hurt and bookings you would talk the ref out of giving one now they were good old days
  17. probably frightened the life out of him  as we did many teams  when men were men  and the only men products we used were what you could pinch of your mate one shower gel between  12
  18. you should see my fantasy post that will cheer you up
  19. that was the only joy for finishing 4th bragging rights over spurs
  20. bloody hell rob have you just woke up? been a busy boy over the last few minutes ha ha   have to agree rob   the main problem is the board i am afraid great stadium  but not enough real star players potential yes but jack cant be the be all and end all . the gunners have britains richest man owning 30 per cent of the shares and he watches all the home games and he is not even alowed on the board , priceless  trouble is ivan the terrible and silent stan are pocketing a nice earner of the backs of the fans  ,and the fans wants trophies not 4th place , we want to be utd main opposition  and leave chelsea   man city spurs to fight it out for the other places but we are to far behind , there is money in the club a good chunk of sponsership coming in  money from sales and britains richest man not even on the board we should be fighting on all fronts but we cant or the board wont ,they are set in the old school tie way but the football now is big and long gone are the old highbury marbled halls  gentlemens club days of a bygone era  sorry rant over
  21. rumours doing the rounds that hill-wood will stand down as chairman due to ill health ,will arsene be offered upstairs ? could david dein come back?  part of the rumour [arsenal now ]   bob wilson could be asked as the chairmans roll is more as a figure head  another suggestion nial quinn definatley against that one as he never has a good word for his old club when he commentates on the gunners , so as a fellow gooner said to me every season the board promises big signings but this is so they sell the season tickets  perhaps a lot of truth in this ?  so it could be a big boardroom shake up will mr, usmanov be allowed onto the board or will silent stan  keep him off? bloody hell this is more like a soap opera , the fans want stars  players that can propel us back into challaging for the premier league and not getting over excited about getting 4th and having to play games to get in the group stages  ,as a club we are slowly drifting out of the top guns and if we are not careful we will be to far behind to get back to where we were 8-10 years ago  perhaps roy keane is god is right and we cant attract the best players to the club and we get the scraps left over by the top euro power brokers in football [ barca bayern psg madrid  utd city and chelsea] so were does the club go from here ? the fans need a boost  something to get the football juices going again it is time for wholesale change from boardroom down to the coaching staff  ,fellow gooners we need some light at the end of the long tunnel we have been stuck in for 8 long years  ,heres to arsene and arsenal  to sort it out preseason and give all the fans some hope
  22. not sure this is the signing we want  . if we could get higuan that would be brilliant  joevetic to much money i am afraid  and now we are linked with  players from all corners of the world ,my god the media have  a field day at he moment and the transfer window has not even opened yet   my personal choice would be higuan and bring cesc back from barca seeing they have now signed neymar , and they still owe the club money , also a keeper mingolet good shout  or valdes. a  holding midfielder [enforcer]  i would not now were to start on this one as there are lots around but a class one is needed  and if vermallen leaves a centre half  jagielka ,mexes  i think are good shouts  over to you gooners
  23. and maybe sell them on at a profit ? helps to keep silent stan happy counting his cash in the sunny climes of the usa
  24. hello glad you are still showing the youhgster the way to play football good luck for sat