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  1. stevieb

    Cheating !

    Isn't it funny how cricket has dealt with the Aussie cheats being caught red handed , why weren't the team suspended from international cricket . Now if that was football how the media would be picking holes in everyone involved and the sport in general , looking for dirt and into their personal life . But of course cricket is a so called gentlemen sport . Grrr . And the coach will step down after the series has ended ,oh bully for him .
  2. Saturday 14th April 2018 Hayle 2-2 Perranporth Mullion 1-2 Penryn Athletic Pendeen Rovers 1-3:Perranwell St Day 2-1 St Ives Town Supplementary Cup Q-f Illogan RBL Reserves 1-4 Carharrack Redruth United 0-2 Porthleven Reserves St Agnes 2-1 Goonhavern Athletic St Just 3-1 Holman SC
  3. Hayle 2- 2 Illogan , goals Ben Williams and liam Mooney , with a great strike Hayle should have won but couldn't hold on with a cross into the box going into the top corner , and a free kick into the box which everyone apart from the Illogan player jumped over the ball . Played in good spirits with scoffy the busiest of the two keepers , George Patterson was the ref as always was great and talking to players as the game went on , not a bad crowd either .
  4. Fenman just a side note I have just played on Sunday my first walking football , bloody great really enjoyed kicking a ball around after all these years , back next week looking forward to it .
  5. uesday 10th April 2018 Carharrack 2-3 Perranporth Goonhavern Athletic 2-4 Penryn Athletic Helston Athletic Reserves 3-1 St Ives Town Holman SC 1-3 Perranwell Illogan RBL Reserves 1-3 Hayle Porthleven Reserves 2-1 St Just St Day 3-0 Mullion West Cornwall 2-1 Redruth United Thursday 12th April 2018 Falmouth Town Reserves 2-1 St Just Holman SC 2-2 West Cornwall Quote
  6. Good to see you again Andy , two pens one for each not given which everyone agrees on , ref said didn't have a good view of the well one and didn't think it was , and he thought the Hayle one was played on way down before challenge . That is his right to make the calls as he has the final say . On to the butt !!! I asked the ref why he didn't think it was a red he said no contact was made , and he was very close so that is why he only issued a yellow , and also booked the well player for a late kick on the goalie before the so called butt ! All in all a very interesting game , with decisions for and against both sides , overall Hayle deserved the win apart from a tricky ten minutes after wells equaliser they were in control and played the better football . Well done to the groundstaff for getting the game on , being told before ko that lots of work was done in the morning to make this happen , and even though the ground was soft it didn't cut up as bad as I thought it might . Adam have to agree all the years I have seen you play you don't have a nasty streak , competitive yes . Thought the young keeper played well , unlucky with a couple of goals but he will learn from them , Matt Thomas with two today and Cameron Irish with the other goal .
  7. Saturday 7th April 2018 Goonhavern Athletic 1-2 St Ives Town Holman SC 2-4 Perranporth Illogan RBL Reserves 1-0 Mullion Perranwell 2-2 Hayle Porthleven Reserves1-2 Penryn Athletic St Agnes 2-0 Redruth United St Day 2-1 Carharrack St Just 2-1 Helston Athletic Reserves West Cornwall 1-3 Falmouth Town Reserves
  8. Cameron Irish , Ben Williams for Hayle , att 35 plus one dog , Hayle ground out a result tonight , tight first half but Hayle made the better chances , with Mullions only shot on target in the second half a great free kick into the top corner to equalize , Cameron's strike . Ben Williams header clinched the points for Hayle from a well taken free kick from Danny Ford , mention for the ref Dave Dodson who played great advantage for Hayles first goal , he done well to keep twenty two players on the pitch as well with one or two treading a fine line . Good ref Dave , I think some forget without them we have no games .
  9. Tuesday 3rd April 2018Carharrack3-1 Redruth United Falmouth Town Reserves 4-2 St Ives Town Hayle 2-1 Mullion Helston Athletic Reserves 4-0 Pendeen Rovers Holman SC 4-1 Goonhavern Athletic Penryn Athletic 1-2 Perranporth Porthleven Reserves 1-1 West Cornwall St Agnes 2-0 Illogan RBL Reserves St Day 2-2 Perranwell Quote
  10. And the ref will add on what he thinks has been wasted , good win to Holmans , good young team .
  11. Hayle 1-0 Illogan att 35 , Craig Wilcox with a side footed shot into the corner past scoffy in the first half deserved win , clean sheet .Adam Price reffed and quickly issued a yellow early which helped to settle the game down , which could have got out of hand after the last time the sides met , when the game was abandoned after the broken leg . Good reffering , Illogan did not really threaten to much up front apart from a couple of set pieces , Scoffy at the other end only really had to make a couple of saves and a defender cleared one of the line . another three points good run at the moment well done to Patch and the lads onwards to Tue night with Million at home . Greg worked his magic with the pitch again which held up really well top man .
  12. stevieb

    Cheating !

    My point is the two sports are treated differently by the media , and no I don't think cricket has had enough stick over this , say it was Rooney marking a ball before taking a penalty to give it a different spin and was caught out my God the media would be chasing his friends , family , ex players ECT ECT , raking up last indiscretions , . Now the management must have known about what was going on ? In my opinion no the Media hasn't been even handed about this , because of the cricket old boys network !
  13. stevieb

    Cheating !

    Sorry Keith i meant team Your two quick Keith was editing post when you replied
  14. stevieb

    Trelawny League - Reminder

    Any big deadline day signings ??? Or signing on fees , free pasty , vouchers for Smokie Joe's , bag of sherbet lemons ???I
  15. Combo Fixtures this weekend Saturday 31st March 2018 Falmouth Town Reserves ,2-1 Porthleven Reserves Goonhavern Athletic 1-2 West Cornwall Hayle 4-1 Illogan RBL Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves 3-1 Redruth United Holman SC 2-4 Carharrack Mullion 2-2 Pendeen Rovers St Agnes 2-1 St Ives Town St Just 2-1 Perranwell Sunday 1st April 2018 League Cup Final Perranporth 2-1 St Day Quote
  16. stevieb

    Small Clubs Grant Scheme

    Apathy maybe BD ?????
  17. Nothing to be sorry for Alf , still watching a game that all that matters , good on you .
  18. stevieb

    Netherlands 0 - England 1

    England mmmmm! When was the last time we had a player who would make you sit on the edge of the seat with anticipation about what would happen next ??? Probably Gazza ? This country seems to have clones playing for England , athletes who can run , all day but don't have that something special to turn a game on its head . Where has the flair players gone ? It seems to be coached out of them in today's modern game . I have to agree Keith the Dutch are definitely not the side they were , and this was the country that brought total football to the world 🌎 !
  19. Alf did you venture down to sunny Hayle ? Now I don't blame any team for trying to put out their strongest team and on his showing today the lad is a nuisance for any defender , I like the way he plays the game . At least the fixture was played and credit to Holmans for giving up home advantage i hope Holmans can avoid relegation they are old school and have been around for a long time , I like the set up reminds me of my playing days , good luck to all involved . Would be great to meet another poster, have met several now and they are all passionate about local football . Yes the improvement at the club are fantastic and this is credit to all those involved , past and present , from those that were there at the start with moving from Ellis Park , putting in hours to build a club house and purchasing the field across the road , which has created the platform for what there is now . Well done to them all , they should be proud of the legacy they have left for others in the future , to those involved with all the planning and work that goes with it These are Hayle FC unsung heroes past and present you all know who you are ., As Andy Gray would say take a bow son !
  20. Pity i didn't know you were there could have had a chat ,I am the silly sod who does the line for Hayle , don't say run lol gentle trundle more like .
  21. Very accurate summing up , att 31 , no dogs this week 2 for Cameron Irish , 1 each for Ben Williams and Kane Williams , Hayle fitness told in the latter stages , probably due to playing regular football , entertaining game but Hayle deserved the 3 points , well played to Holmans on this showing can't see them being relegated .
  22. Saturday 24th March Goonhavern Athletic 1-6 Falmouth Town Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves 2-1 Redruth United Holman SC 1-2 Hayle RNAS Culdrose 1-3 St Just St Agnes1-4 Perranporth St Day 2-1 Pendeen Rovers St Ives Town 2-2 West Cornwall Supplementary Cup Preliminary Round Carharrack 2-1 Perranwell Illogan RBL Reserves 1-2 Mullion Quote
  23. Hayle 4-2 St .Agnes , another brace from Cameron Irish , a goal apiece for Kane Williams and Liam Mooney , could and should have been more goals for Hayle , especially first half were a few chances went begging , the ref handled the game very well and played good advantage for Hayles second goal not enough credit given to refs when this happens , well done to Luke . Good win against one of Hayles bogey sides , Hayles midfield three of Barbs,Kane , and Charlie worked well together and kept Hayle going forward , St . Agnes played their part and after getting their second goal they took the game to Hayle , but I think Hayle playing regularly they were in the later stages a bit fitter. Hardly anybody watching at the start but ended up about 30 brave souls . Hope the boys can keep up the run , well done to everyone involved .
  24. aturday 17th March 2018 Goonhavern Athletic2-1 Mullion Hayle2-2 St Agnes Holman SC 1-3 St Ives Town Pendeen Rovers0-3 Falmouth Town Reserves Penryn Athletic 4-2 Redruth United Porthleven Reserves 3-3 Helston Athletic Reserves St Day 5-0 RNAS Culdrose West Cornwall1-2 St Just Supplementary Cup Preliminary Round Carharrack1-2 Perranwell
  25. stevieb

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Oh dear on dear