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  1. No chance today if any manager went to a player like that today they would be on to their agent and get a transfer , I don't think when Jimmy Hill helped to abolish to maximum wage he thought the power would end up with players and their agents .
  2. No promotion?

    Sorry forgot Madron x2 teams . In the not to distance future , I can see that you can pay for a televised season ticket for which ever team you support and can watch any of their games live , a bit like pay per view for your favorite boxer .
  3. No promotion?

    BHD you are right , a lot of teams from the West penwith leagues joined the old mining league as teams were getting less and less and teams were playing each other several times in various cup games to get matches . From memory teams that made up the West Penwith / Amor shield were , Mousehole (2 ) Marazion (2) St Buryan (2) Sennen Ludgvan(2) Gulval (2) Longrock (2) Penwith social club , Penzance 3rds, Porthcurnoe exiles , St.Just , Pendeen , Rosudgeon (2) Hayle , some short lived teams were Shirehorse, Heamoor ., At one stage Longrock had three teams one in West Penwith , Amor and mining leagues but this didn't last for long . The above list of teams most have now folded so this is not a new problem , the main difference was players didn't change clubs to often .
  4. Transfer window about to open , Liverpool out the blocks with 75 million for **** Van Dyke, the premiership has gone mad , which club will be the first to pay a 100 million in the premiership ? Crazy world of football , I can remember when Arsenal paid 333 thousand for Malcom Macdonald , .Trevor Francis the first 1 million pound player in 1978 bought by a certain Brian Clough , how much longer can football sustain this amount of money .
  5. Hayle v Caharrack

    You could be right there , the first time the combo side has played a game on it but the reserves and third team have both hosted games this season .
  6. Thanks Keith and a happy and healthy New Year to yourself and all fellow posters 🎺
  7. Tottenham Hotspur

    Please don't copy Mangle 😈 Now that would be a miracle Older as Arsenal have the record for being in the top flight 😇
  8. Tottenham Hotspur

    Ok sss , Middlesex finest , here goes who has won most FA cups ? When was the last league title for spurs , when was your last trophy ? And at present you are just above a under performing Arsenal on goal difference . So that is probably your clubs ambition at present .Arsenal from the board is to make money . So while gooners fans are unhappy you seem to be happy with your lot .
  9. So don't listen to them , mind you when you play on your main pitch the home fans can shall we say are not the most genteel of folks to the opposition .
  10. Hayle v Caharrack

    A first for Hayle combo , pity a loss . The ball seems to move a bit quicker but both sides got to grips with it very early on , and at least both teams got a game this afternoon .
  11. Hayle 0-4 carharrack ,0-2 halftime , approx 50 watching , played on the 3 g pitch , first time for the combo team this season , Carharrack deserved winners more clinical in front of goal , Hayle made some chances but didn't breach the defense , some good football on show and we'll reffed by George in the middle , played advantage and if none pulled it back for the free kick , played in a good spirit overall , apart from the usual suspects Moaning about descions , just wish players would play to the whistle and get on with their game . A bit of disagreement over in the dug outs late on about a flag for offside , from the away team but advantage was given to them and the ball was played out of danger so no harm done . Some good passing on show from both teams but Hayle lacked the cutting edge up front .
  12. Falmouth Town Reserves 5-1 Redruth United Hayle 0-4 Carharrack Helston Athletic Reserves 2-2 Pendeen Rovers Holman SC 2-3 Goonhavern Athletic Illogan RBL Reserves 1-3 West Cornwall Perranporth 3-1 Perranwell Porthleven Reserves 2-1 Mullion St Day 2-1 St Ives Town St Just 3-3 St Agnes
  13. Must be Xmas with praise from Older lol
  14. Tottenham Hotspur

    But city are unbeaten and 21 points better off than Spurs the same as Arsenal , both clubs off the pace and both could be outside the top four come the end of season , City are the team to beat , but I must say they are very good to watch and play great football . Unless they have a big melt down can't see them being caught . Merry Xmas to all posters on the non Cornish forum , hope you have a good one
  15. Keep up ....... Ex Penryn players leaving to play at Falmouth Olders Take on the situation .
  16. Yes some have , theo for one has flattered to deceive 140 k a week never worth it , Mustaphi come in on a big fee , either injured or looking for a move . Xhaka seems to slow for the premier league especially under pressure , well beck always on the outside of tHe squad either injured or coming back not prolific enough when fit . Arsenal move the ball to slow when counter attacking , no mid,fielder that can dictate the game or protect the back four like of old Vierra , Pettit , or Gilberto Silva , as Older has stated before very small stature squad . Lacking a skipper someone who can drive the team on the pitch . Arsene is 68 now and I think at the top level he may have lost some of his old spark . I don't know what Bouldy does as his assistant but the defence can't defend and that was where he played . Transfers now all clubs have scouts everywhere that was one of Arsene strengths when he came to the club , prices now for a squad player are in the 20- 30 million bracket. And the board are out to make money . Pluses Jack Wishire coming back , Maitland miles not looking out of place , Holding has the basics to be a good defender , Reece Nelson looks a good prospect but that is what he is a prospect at present . Still will support / follow to the day I die but the club at present are not at the races with the top teams in England , but who knows what will happen .?
  17. Combo Fixtures Saturday 23rd DecemberCarharrack 3-1 St Just Goonhavern Athletic 2- 1 Illogan RBL Reserves Mullion 1-3 St Agnes Pendeen Rovers 2-3 Perranporth Penryn Athletic 2-4 Falmouth Town Reserves Perranwell 1-3 St Day Redruth United 3-3 Holman SC St Ives Town 2-1 Porthleven Reserves West Cornwall 3-2 Helston Athletic Reserves Family comes first CTB , and we appreciate what you do on the forum, thanks for your work on the predictions and the combo thread .
  18. A while back , I think it was on sky , can't remember which pundits were involved but there was a consensus of opinion that Arsenal are still a big job and if / when Arsene retires many good managers would be interested in taking over as they are still classed as a big club . A change will be needed when it happens ,but the board will need to back whoever comes in . I am afraid money needs to be invested to push the club on in the league to challenge the city's , Utd , chelski . I think when Arsene leaves it will be only then that he will be appreciated on what he has done for Arsenal , he goes down as their greatest manager , the main problem recently is lack of league success or sustained push to challenge .
  19. Tottenham Hotspur

    Are you becoming the New Greavsie ? Older.
  20. Could also be staffing levels as it is Xmas weekend and as most firms lots on holiday and probably only skeleton staff , not ideal but as BD states they own the pitch and they can dictate when and if it is available , enjoy your Xmas and hopefully in the new year we have more refs available , dry weather no more clubs folding .Good luck to all clubs , officials and volunteers at your clubs you all deserve a pat on the back without you we have no local football .
  21. Tottenham Hotspur

    Very true older you are so right .
  22. Hayle 1-0 Penryn a tight game which only one goal would settle it , Hayle hit the woodwork in the first half and Penryn in the second , Ian Roberts was the ref today he had to issue three yellow cards in the first half for a couple of silly tackles and warned a couple more about their moaning about every decision , a second half penalty from Liam mooney settled the game probably Hayle had the more clear cut chances in the second half , but Ryan Reeve was always dangerous up front , Penryn just didn't get to support him enough but he is still a handful all the same . At least in the second half both teams got off the refs back and got on with playing football , end to end football but only one goal separated the two teams . Hayle will be glad for the points , and Kane and barbs in midfield both played well attendance approx 45 and more watching the thirds on the 3G . Credit to Greg yet again for getting the game on and the pitch held up well . Overall a good game played in good spirits even had older watching ( sorry had to get away quick after the game ) and didn't get a chance to really talk apart from him warning me about the old ticker whe I got a bit excited , cheeky devil .
  23. Not surprised CTB after the game last week , the pitch cut up and another lot of rain this week .
  24. I think there are several factors involved in my own opinion , some players not up to playing for a club like Arsenal , coming with big wages but not producing on the pitch , Arsene has favourites and will keep playing them even when off form . Arsene has lost touch with the way football has moved on he was once the man every club copied with his stretching , diet supplements which he brought to the English game . Contracts more down to the money men letting the likes of ozil, sanche,s ect to run down their contracts . Not ruthless enough in front of goal. And being defensively naive . Arsene is the most successful manager in the clubs history and personally I want him to leave with dignity perhaps he should have stepped down after the FA cup Final . Whoever takes over when he eventually steps down ,has a big job on their hands and will take a while to wake up the players to what it means to be at the club . There is no easy fix at the moment .