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  1. A bit of advice

    Combo team are home and take preference .
  2. Mabe FC Fold

    Tempo I think your club seems to be the exception , must be the hard work you and your club put in , are most of your squad local ?
  3. And there you have it players / clubs it is in your own hands either give up a few hours to take the course or volunteer to give up your game and take the whistle so your team mates can play or another option come on the forum and bemoan the fact there isn't enough refs and deny it your problem and expect someone else to go out of their way to sort it out . BD how many have applied to take up the Refs course ?
  4. Predictions for 11th November '17

    Carharrack 7-0 RNAS Culdrose Goonhavern Athletic 2-1 St Just Hayle 2 -2 Helston Athletic ReservesHolman SC 0-4 Perranwell Mullion 3-1'Illogan RBL Reserves Pendeen Rovers 2-0 St Ives Town Redruth United 1-4" Penryn Athletic St Day 3-1 St Agnes West Cornwall 0-3"Perranporth Quote
  5. Mabe FC Fold

    Digger perhaps it's down to players moving around more , drink driving has made a difference as well in a good way , people won't take a chance , alcohol from pubs ,clubs is now expensive go to the super market and see how many cans you can buy for a tenner , this adds to the social side or lack of it . Attitude towards the game has changed , from players , supporters to sponsorship , less money in our pockets to spend ,we all have to budget . Don't think the new league is a problem just football in general ,
  6. Mabe FC Fold

    You do yourself down Darren , but that is why they are in that position still good players in the lower placed clubs , but credit to those who have a go been to many over the years playing below their level and becoming big fish in a small pond .
  7. Mabe FC Fold

    Well done that you played in the combo , I was never good enough to play , but have to disagree about the standard it did drop a few years back but with the likes of Ludgvan , Carharack , ST. Day at present Pendeen , West Cornwall playing good football and most clubs have players who could get in the top teams of the league it has improved .
  8. Mabe FC Fold

    BD hats off to you for all the work you are putting in to grass roots football , you take lots of stick , but you keep going and try to raise interest in the local game , From a personal perspective I couldn't manage a team now , any manager deserves praise the hours and money it costs is unbelievable ,for no thanks bar abuse when some players are benched . The good old days have gone , players move clubs more than they used to , more as John Mead has stated leave our county for education and to better their futures never to return , the world is a smaller place now , when younger I didn't know anybody who went to university or travelled , the opportunity is there for younger people and good luck to them . Weekend work , less free time , youth football , volunteers getting older and unable to keep clubs going , costs to run clubs , eg insurance , kits , rent when Cornwall is a mainly low income area , As another poster said injuries can keep you off work and to get personal insurance isn't cheap , nearly every month another team folds , it will keep happening until it levels out and unfortunately we all will see less teams and smaller leagues . Hope I am wrong as I still love the beautiful game but I fear it will get worse before it gets better .
  9. Another club folding!?

    See Mabe folding on another thread , shame .
  10. Bridgewater Carnival was good
  11. And we didn't , thought it was a soft penalty , and 3rd was off side only watched second half as traveling back from Bridgewater Carnival , but city always look dangerous , Lacazette scores and Wilshire's slowly returning to fitness and he makes a difference to the style of play , will be a big ask to make champs league this season ( qualifying ) and a long way from the title at present .
  12. Saturday 4th NovemberFalmouth Town Reserves 3-2 Helston Athletic ReservesGoonhavern Athletic 4-0 Holman SC Perranporth 2-1 Illogan RBL Reserves Perranwell 2-1 Porthleve Reserves Penryn Athletic 1- 0 West Cornwall RNAS Culdrose 1-3 Mullion St Day 6-0 Redruth United St Ives Town 2-2 Pendeen Rovers St Just 2- 3 Hayle Quote
  13. Tottenham Hotspur

    Not negative just a fact , which reflects badly on the national game / team , where are the next generation coming from , you can't knock the clubs for employing them because they are successful , SSS you could fall out with your shadow at times , I have accepted that Arsenal aren't the force they were in the league , but you need also to enjoy the experience accept praise for your team , off to watch the Europa league from the armchair ( pub cup ) which at the moment is where our club is . And where your team was once .
  14. Tottenham Hotspur

    But not one English manager between them .
  15. Another club folding!?

    Older going around clubs locally more people are thinking the same way , speaking to a customer as a coach his sons team haven't stopped playing all year with tournament football through the summer in the so called off season .
  16. Tottenham Hotspur

    Glad to help 😁
  17. Another club folding!?

    Some good points , but the West Penwith league had to join the mining league because of a lack of clubs and some teams playing each other quite a few times to get games , eg cup competition , played amor shield , west Penwith and mining and enjoyed them all , we enjoyed the traveling in the mining league when we joined visiting new grounds , eleven jammed into two cars , with balls ,kit either in the boot or on everyone's lap . Saturdays was about football playing and listening to the radio for results , no live league televised games , games played at three on a Saturday . Going back to your opponents pub for banter , food a beer . Now how many work weekends ? Weekends are just a normal part of work pattern , students have to make ends meet so work part-time jobs , you have to be sixteen to play adult football . Players move clubs now because more have transportation , Social media , live football , games consoles , mobile phones , shopping with their partners , in Cornwall surfing , go to any storm beach on a weekend and you can't move for surfers , skateboarding , with lots of good facilities around and mainly free , football alongside rugby and cricket are losing teams, players . How many go to the gym ? You can go early in the morning or late at night and as many times as you want. Football isn't the be all and end all I am afraid , it will get worse before it evens out , lots of clubs teams rely on volunteers but when you travel around you see the same faces behind the scenes year after year they are getting older and it is hard today to replace them , we all have so much going on in our lives , society has changed we are more insular it started in the eighties won't get to political on s football forum , we all know teams and clubs , including well established ones that have gone . We will be having this discussion every season for a while yet , shame but true . But the pyramid system had to be implemented , which has helped ambitious clubs like , Carharack , West Cornwall , Pendeen and Ludgvan to progress .
  18. Tottenham Hotspur

    Hats off to Spurs very impressive win , could have been more ,Madrid underestimated there opponents ,. And through to the KO stage , well done from me grrrr . Copy and paste spurs fans .
  19. I did think that Elder , but that is why we should respect our Elders .,
  20. Closing the gap slowly spuds fans
  21. Bit of an own goal then if not advertised , would be great for the club to get the city behind them , but as has been stated previously perhaps the Club and officials have burnt to many bridges with the locals ??? Perhaps SSS it's all on Tigger talk ? Maybe Postman Pat might be able to educate the unwashed masses on why such a low profile on what in Truth is an historic moment for Truro FC ?
  22. Well glad you still get to have a kick on a Sunday , and well managed with not putting yourself first on the teamsheet , we all know managers that will do what is best for themselves and not the team ,. Keep it up perhaps you might come on the radar of some other clubs in the future as an up and coming manager , I know you are fully committed to the Pool and loyalty is a great trait sadly lacking in local football , but who knows you might be running a senior team in the future ? Still keep an eye out for how you and team are doing keep up the good work .
  23. I know you seem to get some flak on the forum but keep up the good work , good to see there are still People behind the scenes trying to help improve the local game , good luck to you in your quest to increase refs in Our local game . Well done Tempo great start for your team , keep it up , are you getting a game though?
  24. Calling games off

    Well done to those people stepping up a credit to their clubs and league a big pat on the back to all involved including the players ., For having common sense instead of a wasted Saturday afternoon .
  25. But they turned up to play , could have conceded the game by saying can't raise a side , well done to Chacewater for giving it a go hopefully you can regroup and have more players available .