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    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    New background staff appointed , young keeper signed , Jack, leaving , Unai Emery is certainly putting down his mark very early
  2. stevieb

    Final Prediction table

    Thanks for all your hard work , hopefully we can do it again ,
  3. See it has been passed then at the AGM
  4. stevieb


    Wayne Rooney has seen one lol
  5. Congratulations Tempo , great that Frogpool have appointed internally , good luck for next season will keep an eye on your games , and fixtures sec as well you are a busy boy , well done local football needs more like yourself getting involved .
  6. stevieb

    Promotions / Relegations

    Okay so what alternatives is there , it is very easy to criticise on a forum , but I don't see many putting their hands up to take positions on the league committee , , The club's are the league but in uncertain times were football is concerned descions have to be made some are not always favourable , with the new league coming in the 2019 season with some combo teams joining a new Cornwall league , there will be a lot of comings and goings over the next couple of years , in my opinion it will probable take 3 to 5 seasons to settle down .
  7. stevieb

    Promotions / Relegations

    Bd there is no easy fix for teams folding , and it will level out eventually from my playing days in the old west penwith league the only teams left are in no order are St,Buryan , St.just , Ludgvan St, Ives and recently Penzance reserves , mousehole and Pendeen , Madron . And this was from two leagues , which those in the Amor shield were either a reserve side or third team . Is interest fading yes , volunteers are either getting older or get fed up being taken for granted , work new sports and families are making demands on people , there are plenty of reasons for lack of interest in the modern game . Us old boys wouldn't take a weekend off for a stag do and most got married in the off season , Xmas shopping on a match day....whats that about , society has changed there is less money about employers don't pay for time off through a sports injury more self employed . Hats off to all that are involved at any level of local football , it isnt easy , been there done that got the T shirt , it would be great if it picked up but sadly in my own personal opinion it will get worse before it levels out . It is just not football , Rugby , cricket Darts and snooker teams are folding even euchre teams .
  8. Rob meant as an example , I think you will find when first brought in many were sceptical about how long it would take for changes but it hasn't slowed the game down if you are so against it the club's need to say No , but in my personal opinion it works , if your league agrees to it and you don't like the idea there is nothing stopping you from using your subs as normal or as your manager sees fit , a plus side is you can give younger players a feel for the adult game but if they are getting pushed around a bit you can take them off and get a chance to talk to them and bring them on later , but it is your league you get to decide , opinions is what keeps football alive .
  9. stevieb

    Tottenham Hotspur

    She not gone older she is a Gooner lol
  10. Terry is going as well , I know there are a few things to iron out ,e.g. rules ECT all positive at present , things moving on we did have a guest today on holiday from Birmingham he was telling us how big it has become up there , I think we are a bit behind at present but with people like yourself , Terry and others it should be a bright future .
  11. On Sunday I took part in the first session of walking football at Penzance leisure centre , eight turned up for the introduction , and after some gentle stretching , some ball work we had a game , and my God did I enjoy it , the thrill after all these years of kicking a ball , it was fantastic , the wife said when I got back home I was smiling and she said it had done me good . Out of the eight two had never played football but they all enjoyed it . Terry Williams organized it and has put a lot of ground work into it be can be contacted on 01736 798732 , or 07980895275 , or e-mail stiveswalkingfootball@ gmail.com , the next session is next Sunday at 9 am - 10 , but if you are interested please speak to Terry first , he has some great ideas , the rules are basically five aside but the big difference NO Running !!!! And no physical contact . I am nearly 56 and overweight but I still got a lot out of it , don't be put off come and give it a go if I can doit so can you .
  12. Already in use in the combo for a couple of seasons , gets more players involved and doesn't hold up play as the ref has the numbers before the game , ideal to replace a player who is say getting over enthusiastic , he can be taken off and the manager can calm him down and put him on later , been a good idea and hope it stays .
  13. stevieb

    Tottenham Hotspur

    You know who is going to bite your head off .?
  14. Terry was going to look at the tournament last week , I was hoping to go but personal reasons prevented me , he has also been in contact with the fa , so things are moving along , several of our group would like to play against other teams and hopefully soon that could become reality , anyone interested in giving it a go contact details are at the top of the post , the ages vary from 50 to seventies , great fun .
  15. stevieb

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Kane signs a new deal good business as that will mean a bigger transfer fee when he moves on , as we all know contracts in football get broken all the time , money talks .
  16. stevieb

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    It seems Unai Emery will have a different style, than Arsene lots seems to be going on behind the scenes with backgrou6 staff being released , if given time it could all come good but will the fans get behind him . Interesting times for Arsenal .
  17. stevieb

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Carzola was a great player but unfortunately injury has curtailed his career , Arsenal have stuck with a few players over previous seasons that have had long term injuries e.g. Diaby , at one stage Carzola might have not been able to walk let alone kick a ball with the infection in the bone .
  18. But you already play trelawney football , that is what your reserves play in ,
  19. well guys the season draws to a close the boring bit happens between the close season and next season in the prem league , but the main question for the gooners will arsene spend and if he does will it be the usual young player for the future ? or a ready made international renowed player who can help to push the club closer to the big three ? or will he manage the old rabbit out of the hat [viera] or has he lost his touch in the market ?  i suppose it may hang on champs league on if we make it or no , there are several that needs to be shipped out  eg arshavin bentner chamack  the acadamy has already released several of the young players so perhaps the signs might be there as to his intentions or maybe wishful thinking from me ?
  20. Awww diddums , did I upset you? , if you can't take a bit of stick don't give it out , Kane the best English striker , hope he gets a hatfull of goals for England , true colours yep I have a sense of humour , Jack Wheelchair ,ohh I am offended ( not ) doesn't deserve to go , Welbeck hard working not a lot of goals , one legged , I am so upset 😇 , England world cup squad is the best there is to pick with only 33% English players available from the premiere league , shock , horror . Hope they do well but the odds are stacked against them , I am afraid 🙈🙉🙊 SSS you are becoming an old grump , lighten up man . Lifes to short 😸😸😸😸😸
  21. stevieb

    Final few fixtures 24th onwards

    Thursday 24th May Falmouth Town Reserves 4-0 Pendeen Rovers Holman SC 1-2 RNAS Culdrose Porthleven Reserves 1-1 Redruth United St Agnes 1-4 Carharrack Saturday 26th May Porthleven Reserves 2-1 Illogan RBL Reserves RNAS Culdrose 1-3 Helston Athletic Reserves St Agnes 2-1 St Just Sunday 27th May Evely Cup @ St Blazey  Lakeside Athletic 1-3 St Day Tuesday 29th May RNAS Culdrose 0-2 Perranwell West Cornwall 0-6 Carharrack Wednesday 30th May St Agnes 2-1 RNAS Culdrose Thursday 31st May Porthleven Reserves 2-1 West Cornwall  RNAS Culdrose 0-3 Falmouth Town Reserves St Just 0-4 Carharrack
  22. stevieb

    Breaking news

    Time for Tempo to step up ?? Don't personally know both of you but well done for your work at Frogpool , people like yourselves are the lifeblood of grass roots football 👍
  23. Classic line Mangle , I didn't think anyone else would remember it , great response to 🙈🙉🙊 SSS . Or Dad I did it wrong again ! A big bonus he speaks better English than Kane aaaaaaa after every sentence 😹
  24. stevieb

    Tuesday 22nd May,2018

    Carharrack 4-2 St Just Illogan RBL Reserves 2-1 Holman SC Penryn Athletic 4-0 RNAS Culdrose Perranwell 2-2 Falmouth Town Reserves Porthleven Reserves 1- 4 Helston Athletic Reserves Redruth United 1-3 Perranporth St Agnes 2 v 1 Mullion 
  25. stevieb


    What a mess ! You have to have some sympathy for the Truro fans how much more do they have to put up with ?? The soap opera that is TCFC rolls on !😬