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  1. Tottenham Hotspur

    Said that to the Mrs once woke up next day .
  2. Tottenham Hotspur

    Show us your trophies !!!!!
  3. Tottenham Hotspur

    Yes you are different .
  4. Tottenham Hotspur

    And pigs will fly , we all have seen players kissing the badge/ ass of the manager and behind the scenes getting their agent to look for a better club / more money has always gone , but of course spurs players are different
  5. Haven't your club had the parish council on their backs about bad language last season ? It is difficult to control now days as the F and C word seems to have become part of everyday language not in my opinion a good thing , back in the day the C word aimed at anyone was fighting talk , trouble is in the heat of a game things get said which sometimes in the cold light of day shouldn't .
  6. Tottenham Hotspur

    SSS your club is now in the spotlight , with some very good players you have had an easy ride from the media over the past few seasons , the difference now is your expectations have risen and pundits are asking IF you don't have any silverware this season how long will some stay around , still a long way to go but the questions being asked are the same ones Arsenal have had for years , get used to it .
  7. Tottenham Hotspur

    Sky's team also asking the same questions yesterday including one of your own a certain Jamie Redknap , it's took a while but the media are looking at spurs and lack of trophies , now that they have become a top four team , on yesterday's result Arsenal were better on the day , but inconsistent form has dogged them for several years in the league . always good to beat the spuds but Arsenal have to push on and play like they did yesterday .
  8. Forgot to add thought the ref had a good game sorry for missing that BHD , was disappointed about the score
  9. Thanks Dave , had a quick scan and it is there about dugouts in the rules , also a fine of £5 for not providing a trained linesman . Also about trained first aider plus stretcher available haven't seen many of those about , ( stretcher) .
  10. But he has a point , I have no axe to grind with Perranwell but the dugouts were brought up last season , someone stated that the portable ones blew over , most times recently , haven't been there this season there are wooden benches to sit on in front of the stand , very old school , the league gives clubs seeking promotion to the combo what the minimum is required to get their grounds up to the level required , so Pendeen had to make upgrades and as a club they have every right to ask for clarity . We all know that it is council / playing field owned and difficult to have permanent dugouts .
  11. A bit of advice

    Shame that a long established club like Madron seems to be struggling on and off the pitch , hope they can sort things out have fond memories of playing them when they had two teams in the old West Penwith league and the Amor shield used to be a hard place to go and you always had a battle on your hands , hope they can keep going not many teams left from the old Penwith leagues now .
  12. Good for me this weekend , why can't we play like this more often ?
  13. well guys the season draws to a close the boring bit happens between the close season and next season in the prem league , but the main question for the gooners will arsene spend and if he does will it be the usual young player for the future ? or a ready made international renowed player who can help to push the club closer to the big three ? or will he manage the old rabbit out of the hat [viera] or has he lost his touch in the market ?  i suppose it may hang on champs league on if we make it or no , there are several that needs to be shipped out  eg arshavin bentner chamack  the acadamy has already released several of the young players so perhaps the signs might be there as to his intentions or maybe wishful thinking from me ?
  14. Tottenham Hotspur

    Don't be sorry Keith ,the truth hurts . Did you see football focus ???? Questions being asked about lack of trophies and if spuds don't win one soon bigger clubs will come a calling for the players / manager , seems the media are slowly picking up on this .
  15. A bit of advice

    Ouch !
  16. Hayle well beaten no complaints , better side won , looks like they can score from anywhere , felt sorry for the young keeper on his debut but he did keep the score down and apart from one goal nothing he good do about the other eight . Perranporth in with a good shout for the league , Hayle have to regroup , they have some very good players but today the opposition was to good and quicker to the ball and they finish well and they don't let up even when so far ahead ,. Always next week
  17. Saturday 18th November 2017Falmouth Town Reserves 2-1 St AgnesHolman SC 0-5 Helston Athletic ReservesPenryn Athletic 2-1 Mullion Perranporth 2-2 Hayle Perranwell 3-2 Pendeen Rovers Porthleven Reserves 1-0 Goonhavern Athletic RNAS Culdrose 2-2 Redruth United St Day 3-1 Illogan RBL Reserves St Ives Town 1-2 Carharrack St Just 2-0 West Cornwall Quote Quote this
  18. Mabe FC Fold

    Well said
  19. A bit of advice

  20. Hayle 2-1 Helston , att approx 33 , Helston took the lead. , Equaliser just before half time , well matched first half with both keepers making good saves , second half Hayle looked the more likely to score and took the lead through Liam Mooney on the second half chances Hayle deserved the points , pitch held up well again good game overall a few niggles here and there but nothing to write home about .and a minutes Silence before the game in respect for Armistice , well done to all .
  21. Hmmm good job not cancelled to early then as if by magic a ref is found
  22. Mabe FC Fold

    Tempo Falmouth is a big catchment area and you are not that far away , it wasn't meant as a dig , agree players play for managers and some do move around but you seem settled and your club has been around for years credit to all at your club .
  23. Do you have games in hand SSS ?