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  1. stevieb

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Thanks older , your sarcasm isn't wasted lol
  2. Stiff legs this morning , very good tournament , six teams entered and we came second overall , won two drawn 3 , lost on goal difference , first time we played against , other teams great experience , some good football played and very competitive , considering the age involved , don't think you every lose the will to win , a couple of very good goalies playing , and very old style competitive on the pitch , but all handshakes and chatting to each other afterwards . Well done to the CCFA for organising this they get a lot of stick on this forum , but they have made a nearly 56 year old very happy . Personally it was a good feeling packing up my kit to play football again after all these years , congratulations to St. Agnes on winning , and thanks to all teams and officials involved hopefully more over 5os will take up this fun sport .
  3. stevieb

    England 2018

    Well played France
  4. stevieb

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Wilshire gone as well , he didn't fancy battling for a place in the first eleven . Mr. Emery has started as he means to go on being honest with players , probably just what some of the established players need , a kick up the backside, time will tell if he is the man to turn things around on the pitch , but at the moment the fans seem to be onside , how quickly that might change after city on the first game of the new season .
  5. I know there was talk of Hayle resurrecting a team , nothing on that front ant tux
  6. Nothing much posted on the world cup or about England , do you think we over or under achieved
  7. Off to our first games on Sunday at Bodmin , looking forward to it , so far as a group we have only played against each other , so new experience for us , hopefully can get some more contacts and arrange some friendlies , on another note surprising how many have picked up injuries while training , when you say you take part in walking football people laugh when you say someone has pulled this or that . Hope to get some minutes on Sunday depends on who the boss picks ,
  8. stevieb

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Older you still make me chuckle , hope to see you later when Hayle visits Penryn , or vice versa
  9. stevieb

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    New background staff appointed , young keeper signed , Jack, leaving , Unai Emery is certainly putting down his mark very early
  10. stevieb

    Final Prediction table

    Thanks for all your hard work , hopefully we can do it again ,
  11. See it has been passed then at the AGM
  12. stevieb


    Wayne Rooney has seen one lol
  13. Congratulations Tempo , great that Frogpool have appointed internally , good luck for next season will keep an eye on your games , and fixtures sec as well you are a busy boy , well done local football needs more like yourself getting involved .
  14. stevieb

    Promotions / Relegations

    Okay so what alternatives is there , it is very easy to criticise on a forum , but I don't see many putting their hands up to take positions on the league committee , , The club's are the league but in uncertain times were football is concerned descions have to be made some are not always favourable , with the new league coming in the 2019 season with some combo teams joining a new Cornwall league , there will be a lot of comings and goings over the next couple of years , in my opinion it will probable take 3 to 5 seasons to settle down .
  15. stevieb

    Promotions / Relegations

    Bd there is no easy fix for teams folding , and it will level out eventually from my playing days in the old west penwith league the only teams left are in no order are St,Buryan , St.just , Ludgvan St, Ives and recently Penzance reserves , mousehole and Pendeen , Madron . And this was from two leagues , which those in the Amor shield were either a reserve side or third team . Is interest fading yes , volunteers are either getting older or get fed up being taken for granted , work new sports and families are making demands on people , there are plenty of reasons for lack of interest in the modern game . Us old boys wouldn't take a weekend off for a stag do and most got married in the off season , Xmas shopping on a match day....whats that about , society has changed there is less money about employers don't pay for time off through a sports injury more self employed . Hats off to all that are involved at any level of local football , it isnt easy , been there done that got the T shirt , it would be great if it picked up but sadly in my own personal opinion it will get worse before it levels out . It is just not football , Rugby , cricket Darts and snooker teams are folding even euchre teams .