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  1. In my opinion there's no fun in the game anymore. Everyone seems to take it far to seriously. Where are the 'characters' in the game nowadays? I know someone who has stopped watching local football due to the amount of foul and abusive language. Football really does need to sort itself out. If the product is good people will come to play and watch!
  2. Cornwall Council along with Parish provides and maintain a lot of facilities for peoples recreational pursuits. The likes of playing fields, tennis courts, gardens, cycle paths, footpaths and many, many other things. Why should people whose recreation is the Arts miss out?
  3. I'm certainly not complaining about tax payers money being allocated to the S4C. I think that the council should contribute to SFC and HFC.
  4. We will have to agree to disagree!😀
  5. Bodmin is not a very good 'green' choice. A 20 mile radius around Truro covers a far, far greater population than the same radius around Bodmin. Truro also has better public transport facilities.
  6. Could you be a bit more precise. Where exactly would you like it to be built in mid-cornwall? Not at all - fantastic news - will be money well spent.
  7. Tottenham Hotspur

    Don't care about Arsenal they're not my team! Typical Spurs fans - getting carried away by a draw!!
  8. Tottenham Hotspur

    Means nothing unless spurs win the competition.
  9. Sportsmanship

    I thought that football was going to follow rugby and only the captain could approach and talk to the referree. The sooner the better.
  10. Nice side-step Older! If the whole council consisted of people like you then surely there would be no problem! 👍 😀 Generally though it's a shame that so many people slag off the council and councillors and yet haven't got the guts to give it a go themselves!
  11. You can change things Older - stand for election - become a Councilor!
  12. Ah, Bognor Regis! I spent a week there one day!!!!
  13. England Womens Team manager.

    Pep Guardiola only had one season managing Barcelona reserves when he took over the first team! He's done OK.
  14. England Womens Team manager.

    He made some throw away remarks which he shouldn't have made. However, he was appointed by a woman and many women have been talking about it in the media and support his appointment. Even my sister, who is a great advocate for women's rights etc), thinks that the tweets shouldn't stop him taking the job.
  15. England Womens Team manager.

    Why is there ALWAYS a clamour for someone to lose their job or not be considered for a job because of something they've said or done in the past. Whatever happened to FORGIVENESS!