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  1. S Abbo

    Breaking news

    Massive loss...blokes a ledge. All the best Nick and Michelle.
  2. Heads up redruth...Worked really hard tonight ..felt a draw was fair. However great goal from boon to kill the game.
  3. Did enjoy the cornish song... 🤣🤣
  4. So would this be a name change?... interesting if true.
  5. Well done Falmouth...watched them several times this season and there a great watch. Congrats.
  6. S Abbo

    Penryn athletic next season

    I've heard a rumour of the replacement... carharrack will be fine. However another club may struggle!. Unfortunaley thats football.
  7. More of this to come unfortunaley.
  8. S Abbo

    Arsenal 1 - Athletico Madrid 1

    If the rules were better aubameyang could of played... would of helped. All in athleticos favour now but this is football...do it for Wenger lads.
  9. Head up mate...its an easy rule to get confused with.. especially as not everyone was sure on here.. it clearly wasnt on purpose.
  10. Thanks for the nice comments..been a hard weekend for the club....some of the stick much deserved i must say as it is embarrising. However we do have some issues with raising a team...all.season!...the decison was made and it wasn't easy!.. Massive apology to the league and plymstock.. About tonight...great to see the illogan lads fight back.. gutting for wendron as it was the last kick!. Very impressed with some of wendrons younger players. All the best to the dron...there is huge potential there.. lovely set up.
  11. S Abbo

    Kevin Richards

    Gutted for Kevin... senior cup final would of been a massive day for you personally. Now that's been taken away.. All the best 👍... Mousehole gained no fans here 😑😑
  12. There always linked with other clubs. They must be laughing. I think they are happy where they are tho..they have applied for promotion so clearly looking to move forward as a club.
  13. Watched redruth vs carharrack.. Think redruth will be dissapointed they didn't come away with a point. They started bright but couldn't get the goal they deserved . Carharack didnt look interested, they did have a fair few missing to be fair! Redruth had a few new players and probably put there best team of the season out. They just lacked the bit you need in the final 3rd. The two full backs for carharrack on the score sheet again. They rack a fair few goals up. So overall carharracks quality got them out of trouble last night. Redruth scoring a late consolation (a decent one too from louis Matthews) However a fantastic save from the goalkeeper (normally outfielder) at the very end of the game to deny redruth a point. Sure both will be happy that another game is out the way. Heating up at the top and bottom!.
  14. Unfortunately for us they would probably ask how much.. 😕😕. What about the other 3 lads?. All come from ex pro academy's..Have they moved to the area to? I'm not knocking it, it's just pretty mental how this is happening in Cornwall/mousehole. Must be great to be apart of for you Kevin.