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  1. Ban the International break

    Always football on. Doesn't stop once Sky turn their cameras off.
  2. Ban the International break

    What a silly idea. You need only look at cricket at rugby where internationals decimate sides regularly. You'll end up with the 6-7th best team winning the league as they have a regular squad every week. The other side to this is that clubs already pull players out of international friendlies to rest them as they own the players. You'll end up with a heavily decimated international squad as the 3rd choice option for each position is the best available. You could just support a club that only stays in business because it has genuine fans who support and pay for tickets even when they're losing; Fans who don't rant on social media that they've had to travel as far as upstairs to bed when their team lose on TV in their front rooms not from the back end of nowhere in the U.K.
  3. I'm still not on it @davegrose
  4. Wednesday September 28 CARLSBERG SOUTH WEST PENINSULA LEAGUE (7.30 pm) PREMIER DIVISION Falmouth Town 8 v St Blazey 0 Ivybridge Town 0 v Callington Town 0 @Paul
  5. Surely I'm missing from that current list....
  6. empty your inbox pal!!