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  1. Outsider

    S4C looks impressive!

    Home of Cornish Football and Rugby? Cornwall Football final not on Easter Monday? Stadium for Cornwall = Stadium for Pirates and Truro City. Hope Cornwall FA stay away.
  2. Outsider

    S4C looks impressive!

    Council only putting up some money. Not involved with running it. I expect there will be a separate company set up to run it.
  3. Outsider

    S4C looks impressive!

    Pirates will own the freehold of the stadium and Truro City will pay rent. I think £18,000 per annum was mentioned at the briefing last week. What size crowds do the Pirates and Truro city currently get? Threemilestone FC and Cornish Sharks American Football was also mentioned in the Council papers.
  4. Outsider

    Stadium for Cornwall

    Watched the webcast today. Pirates will own the freehold of the stadium with Truro City paying to use it.
  5. Outsider

    Stadium for Cornwall

    According to documents presented to councillors today, construction of access from park and ride commences in August 2018, with playing surface complete by August 2019 and West stand completion September 2019. (See Cornwall council meeting agenda 17th April 2018. Stadium for Cornwall Appendix 4)
  6. Outsider

    Stadium for Cornwall

    Cornwall councillors have voted to support the Stadium for Cornwall. Look forward to seeing the Cornwall FA Senior and Junior Cup finals there, providing the Pirates or Truro City do not have a home game on Easter Monday.
  7. I wonder if this is the first time the Senior Cup has been posponed from Easter Monday.
  8. Perhaps Falmouth should ask the Council for some financisl help. If they help Truro a precedent will be set.
  9. If Falmouth can do it, without the Council help, why can't Truro? I, as a council tax payer, object to the Council backing a scheme like this, when they are cutting all kinds of services.
  10. I thought planning permission had been granted, so the development is not waiting on the Council. It is the money which is lacking, and the Council cannot afford to back white elephants. What happened to the money from the sale of Treyew Road ? Surely that was enough to build a new stadium. Who is paying for Falmouth's new ground?
  11. Outsider

    New loan signing

    Perhaps S4C should be renamed S4NC. Stadium for Non Cornish.
  12. Outsider

    NLS - 17th February 2018

    The S4C name is to make the Council and everyone else think it is for all of Cornwall. A Truro home fixture would take preference over the Cornwall senior cup finals as their league is operated by the FA. SWPL Officers have no say over the Cornwall FA finals I suppose the Pirates could also have a home fixture on Easter Monday.
  13. Outsider

    NLS - 17th February 2018

    The Pirates, Truro City and the College should pay for it as they are the only ones to benefit from it. If the Council have money to throw away, they could give it to all the sports clubs in Cornwall in the form of grants, and many people will benefit from it. Are there any Cornish players playing for Truro or the Pirates?
  14. Outsider

    Change in League Structure

    On the SWPL website it looks like SWPL management will take over the running of the Western League Division 1. So there conld be SWPL Premier East and SWPL Premier West. in Step 6 and SWPL Division 1 East , SWPL Division 1 West and possibly SWPL Division 1 Central in Step 7.