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  1. Change in League Structure

    On the SWPL website it looks like SWPL management will take over the running of the Western League Division 1. So there conld be SWPL Premier East and SWPL Premier West. in Step 6 and SWPL Division 1 East , SWPL Division 1 West and possibly SWPL Division 1 Central in Step 7.
  2. My club owns their own ground and wants to build a grandstand and new changing rooms. Will Cornwall Council pay? Very unlikely so why should they for another club.
  3. Perhaps all Cornish Sports Clubs should ask Cornwall Council for financial help. If they help S4C, this will set a precedent.
  4. Well done Big Al. Cornwall FA are beginning to listen to you.
  5. Perhaps Mousehole was the hot/cold ball. Impossible to fiddle a draw like that . Number of each team was giver before the draw. Each balls number was shown to the camera after being drawn. Final attendance is not a worry for Cornwall FA, as the majority of people at the final are neutrals and will go whatever teams are playing.
  6. Average attendances this season to 12th Feb 2018 are St. Austell 189.72 Torpoint 142.36 Saltash 106.90 Mousehole 98.00 Oh dear. County FA have got it wrong again. For best attendance, final should be St. Austell v Torpoint.
  7. What difference does it make what the result of the draw is? Any combination of the four in the draw will make two good semifinals, and then produce a good fnal to watch. Why do you think the County wants to keep St.Austell and Saltash apart, Big Al?
  8. Who's going to put Saltash out then?
  9. Both grounds probably named after Admiral Boscawen from Truro, who was also Viscount Falmouth and most likely owned the land where St. Dennis ground is.
  10. What would YOU do to try and get the fixtures in, Big Al? As, in your opinion, the officials do not know what they are doing.
  11. Rain forecast for all day Tuesday.
  12. Forum Appeal

    Hi Dave, Is it not possible to charge a small annual fee to get access to the forum, to cover the costs. I would suggest £5, so it would take less than 200 members to pay the costs. Anything in excess would go towards the next year.
  13. Paying Players

    What happens when a players travel in the same car. Does only the driver get expenses? The driver's car would probably need to be insured for business purposes too. The truth is, the money paid is not expenses, but an enticement to play for a particular club.
  14. Paying Players

    Not really worth talking about. It has happened for at least the last sixty years. It will carry on, as it is impossible to police. I imagine a table of clubs total payments to players would look very similar to a league table. When I see how selfish some strikers can be, I wonder if there also are goal bonuses paid out.