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  1. paulo bestiniho

    East road trip!

    Looking for a team in the east to have a double friendly against. Our first team play in the combination league and our reserves look like being promoted to Trelawny two. Looking at August 4th which is the last Saturday I believe before the season starts. Looking at it to have a club day before the season starts, happy to support towards official costs and support the club by having a few after the games. Any interest please message on here or contact me on 07990743932 adam lockwood - west cornwall reserves manager
  2. paulo bestiniho

    Pitch development

    does anybody have any contacts for anyone they may use at their pitch to chain and Harrow it or roll it off they don’t have the facilities themselves?
  3. paulo bestiniho

    Promotions / Relegations

    Your looking at it from the bottom up, from the top down you have teams that have been hammered all year but cant get relegated because there are not enough teams in their league with teams folding. The only way to rectify that is to promote more teams. You currently have teams working up the leagues that are capable of competing in div and the prem. all of us are going to come up against these teams at some point. I think personally you have more chance of a team losing interest if constantly finishing 3rd and not going up because they lose out to the new super teams making there way forward through the leagues than getting promoted in 6th place and playing new teams and a better standard of football. Can you give any examples of teams that have gone up in 5th/6th and struggled massively and folded? Personal opinion players should always aspire to play the best they can.
  4. paulo bestiniho

    Promotions / Relegations

    Dave you guys are doing a great job in this area and couldn't disagree more with the fact your killing the leagues! A lot of teams stay in div 4 and div 3 for years due to the fact new teams starting with great squads and high ambition will march straight through. New inn, Ruan, Newlyn, Probus. Exiles, all are currently on a streak of promotions similar to what mabe and marazion did. Promoting a few extra and stabilizing the leagues is not a bad thing at all. I think its good for other teams to get a chance as it leaves the rest of the leagues playing the same teams every year. Also didn't help that Div 3 was the biggest league this season with 15 teams.