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  1. Wasn't ever going to be a possibility given the disappointment over the ground grading. Still the club are making positive noises about getting up to the required standard. The football this season has been much improved from the dross served up last season. Provided Stuart Morgan hangs on to most of the existing group of players, I think Blazey are only a couple of player upgrades away from challenging for the West Division title.
  2. They're not out yet, they could still qualify for the Europa league. They scraped a 1 - 0 win away at CSKA Moscow earlier in the group, you'd fancy them with home advantage to get a result.
  3. Spurs (autocorrect to Spots...) definitely see this as a point gained, whereas the Arsenal fans I've spoken to all agree that it's two points dropped.
  4. Never understood this 4th place trophy thing. Under Wenger, Arsenal have finished: 1st - 3 times 2nd - 6 times 3rd - 5 times 4th - 6 times They've finished second as often as fourth. They should rename the "Fourth place trophy" to the "top four trophy". Or the "Ahead of Spurs" trophy.