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  1. We promise we'll try to have the grass cut sausagefingers and if no refs appointed i'm sure as adults, we can agree to someone officiating to get the game played. We're not that difficult to deal with down Madron, honest
  2. Couldn't afford to pay a ref and the fines we've got anyway. Boys are skint after buying new astro boots
  3. A bit of advice

    I see. So, as everything else is on here for all to see, can we all hear/read the 'facts' as you know them?
  4. A bit of advice

    Can i ask why the change from 'postponement' to home walkover? What league rule did Madron break for that to happen?
  5. Addicks move to third without even playing, thanks Plymouth #greenarmy
  6. My point exactly!! We were discussing the game to be played on a 3g pitch but someone felt the need to have another dig at Madron! Totally uncalled for. You both obviously have issues with the club. But a league officer should not be on here belittling a club trying to survive, how is that helpful?
  7. That's why i asked the question! I'm sure he will have the facts to hand and be able to answer himself! What has the length of grass got to do with a game being played on 3g astro turf?
  8. How do you know that Madron were advised about fixture more than the 5 days required? Are you privy to this information, can you confirm this with evidence to prove your statement? The game was discussed in the bar after last weeks game and the Hayle chairman told the Madron chairman that they were hoping the goals would arrive on time but it was possible they wouldn't! Madron were told Wednesday evening that the goals had indeed arrived via the 3rd team manager to one of the Madron players, not directly to the chairman/secretary/manager as you would expect. So in essence, the game was never officially confirmed and could not have been more than the 5 days required!!
  9. A bit of advice

    Does the League Rule not say that teams should be informed at least 5 days prior to ko date? Or is this just so the league can administer the £10 fine?
  10. If you weren't there ,then don't comment! The 'tackle' that caused the lads break was a nothing tackle and it was the general consensus during and after the game itself. The ref during that game gave a throw in to Madron after and he is the Hayle manager!!! The fact that a Hayle player should go to the ref during this weeks game telling him a Madron player had broken a Hayle players leg on purpose is an absolute joke. Sounded like a schoolboy snitching in the play ground. Considering the same player went in studs first in the previous game on the young Madron goalkeeper, leaving him with stud marks on his knee and made several awful challenges in both games. You obviously suffer from the same affliction as Wenger who also doesn't see things that are blatantly in front of them! The personal vendetta's were evident all through the game.
  11. I would've happily reffed todays game, if we'd had 11 to start. Done it several times over the years. May not be the best but it would've got the game played and that's surely what it's all about!
  12. It's crazy in the bottom division of the league that a team would not be ok with a player/representative of a club reffing a game. If it was a top of the table showdown then definitely understandable but don't think it's the case today.
  13. Hi Follower,my number is 0798916482.Mark

  14. squad from:wayne wager(gk),david pratt,lewis thomas,darren cocking,paul nichols,fran moran,kyle eustice,tim triggs,steve hunt,terry share,simon james,dan pope,adam martin,mark lillicrap(manager),gaz ashton,jason wilcox.hope this helps,addick.