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  1. I like your positivity Gremlin 14 and Harry is an excellent footballer and a really nice chap to boot too (IMO).
  2. Thanks for your comments Bib. In my opinion I feel that people are far too negative in voicing their opinions about a player who scores 4 goals on his debut for Truro. I suppose Hayden could have scored all 5, what then, he should have scored 6? I never asked for your opinion about other players and if those other players don't have ambition then are they the right players for Truro? Hayden may or may not progress with Truro but I for one applaud his ambition and say well done for his terrific debut and I hope he is able to prove those pessimistic people wrong.
  3. Bob, I think you mean "in your opinion" Hayden is lightweight and easily dominated. I for one disagree with that opinion. There are far more and many qualities that Hayden has "in my opinion" that you have failed to mention and to score 4 goals on a debut all be it a trial game is fantastic and outstanding so why see things as half empty when you can view them as half full. In the fullness of time we will all see what happens but I don't suppose too many players in Cornwall have scored 4 goals on a debut for a team at he level Truro is currently playing at. Let's celebrate that fact not belittle it.