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  1. Dave Deacon

    Mousehole Thirds Fold

    Way off the mark with that comment. We were asking for donations as unfair on Richard funding it all the time.
  2. The CORNISH SOCCER Podcast is back for the new season and we kick off with a chat with former Truro City favourite Stewart Yetton who is now with Plymouth Parkway. Below is a number of Podcast platforms which you can listen to this and future broadcasts on. There’s also the facility for me to hold a group podcast and so if anyone has any burning topical issues you want to discuss or perhaps find out more about - let me know, Dave Deacon (CORNISH SOCCER) by phone or text 07759 502408 or emaildavedeacon@cornishsoccer.info ANCHOR: Check out my episode "The season kicks-off with Yettsy!" from CORNISH SOCCER talking football! on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/cornishsoccer/episodes/The-season-kicks-off-with-Yettsy-e1qpli OVERCAST https://overcast.fm/+L4f77VKpE RADIO PUBLIC https://radiopublic.com/cornish-soccer-talking-football-WlwYbV/ep/s1!970d93102447a346b8abbad559e4265e23840ec3 I TUNES https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/cornish-soccer-talking-football/id1344394694?mt=2#episodeGuid=2575373e-ce18-774e-1922-629204f7bfd8 SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/show/3yLzrLU1gaYxd2jloHLYsA BREAKER https://www.breaker.audio/cornish-soccer-talking-football/e/35711240 PODBEAN https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/dgky2-66f25/CORNISH-SOCCER-talking-football%21-Podcast GOOGLE PODCASTS https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8yNWI4Y2ZjL3BvZGNhc3QvcnNz
  3. Dave Deacon


    I thought they were staying at St Mellion for the week! Hardly warrants an overnight stay!
  4. The new two-day Endorsed Cup tournament gets underway at Mousehole AFC’s Trungle Parc this Friday (20th July). The tournament will be an annual pre-season event and is expected to attract a wide range of interest from football followers in Cornwall and further afield. Joining Mousehole AFC in competing for the Cup will be the younger development teams from Newcastle United, Huddersfield Town and Bolton Wanderers, showcasing some of the exceptional young footballing talent that could one day become household names. The tournament kicks off on Friday afternoon with Newcastle United v Huddersfield Town at 4pm, followed by Bolton Wanderers v Mousehole at 7pm. On Saturday, the two losing teams from the previous day will compete for the 3rd and 4th place game kicking off at 11am, and the two winning teams from Friday will contest the Final at 2pm. Tickets are available online via the Mousehole AFC website, and can also be bought at the gate. A two-day ticket for all four matches is £18 (£9 Seniors), and a one-day ticket for either day is £10 (£5 Seniors). A tournament full-colour advert-free souvenir programme will be on sale, as will 50/50 draw tickets and refreshments in the clubhouse. The tournament marks the first anniversary of the creation of the Endorsed Academy, designed to invest in grassroots football and stimulate the development and ambition of Cornish football through high-class coaching coupled with a sustainable commercial model. As an indication of the interest the new Endorsed Cup tournament has generated, the BBC will be reporting from Trungle Parc on Saturday.
  5. Dave Deacon

    2nd County Youth Trial news

    There was a good turn out of players last night at the first County Youth Trial . Tonight (Wednesday) it’s the turn of mid-Cornwall to stage the 2nd County Youth U-18 Trial : Brannel School, St Stephens (PL26 7RN) 6:30pm - 8pm Don’t forget to register ahead with the Cornwall FA if you can to speed things up on the night
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  7. Latest issue available from Wednesday - contact Dave Deacon for details - 07759 502408
  8. A little unfair to suggest it's all down to lak of ambition, it's also due to initial lack of finance to take a gamble and stage the game in the first place.
  9. That would be an interesting Junior Cup Final! 😀
  10. Received from Mousehole AFC:- The successful rebuilding of Marazion AFC, known as the Marazion Blues, has been completed, and The Blues are ‘back in business’ having been accepted back into the Trelawny League for the coming season. As part of the agreement enabling Endorsed Academy teams to operate on the Marazion pitch, Mousehole AFC, the Academy and Marazion Community Committee have been able to work together to reform the Marazion Blues team, which folded a year ago because of a shortage of players. Formed in 1906, Marazion Blues have a long history and were continuous members of the Cornwall Combination League from 1962 to 2004, finishing champions twice and runners-up in the late 1970s. From now on, the new Marazion Blues will be an Endorsed Academy Partner and in adopting the Fly Football Philosophy the team will benefit from exceptional training and coaching support. A buoyant Peter Collins from the Marazion Community Committee said: “We are delighted that the Endorsed Academy have delivered on their promise to re-form our Marazion Blues team and launch our partnership together. We are all so excited by this incredible news and thank everyone involved for making this happen for our club and community.” The Endorsed Academy’s founder Ezra Chapman added: “At the start of last season we sat down with Peter and made this pledge, and working with the FA and community we are now delighted to have fulfilled it. We are in absolute support and total agreement that it’s so important for Marazion to have its own local team. What’s now been achieved is very much in line with the Endorsed Academy’s vision and goals to improve football and sport for our community. So this is another step in the right direction in our long journey. We sincerely wish Marazion Blues every success and look forward to working with them for the coming season ....and beyond.”