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  1. Combo League Approved Footballs

    I'd rather be like a park Footballer, not a Combo Player. Much more pleasure Oh and a quick google reveals we can get these balls much cheaper on the interweb. Just saying
  2. Sorry this should be Adam Brown CTB not Scott. I've been within 20 yards of him all afternoon shouting his name then I forget it
  3. Holmans 4 - 1 Culdrose Goals- Scott Brown, Jack Mankee and Adam Selley x2 Rubbish at attendances sorry CTB
  4. Well deserved win for Redruth. We just weren't at it today, good battling performance from the likes of Jack Mankee and Adam Brown but not enough quality to get us over the line. Deserved winner for Redruth in the end as much as it pains me to to say they simply wanted it more. Probably a horrible game to watch but w/e.