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  1. a little bit of a dinho

    New club logo and shirt sponsor announced.

    Not sure if I can remember the last time I saw a tiger in Truro, may have been when L2 was still open?
  2. a little bit of a dinho

    How many going down from Combo?

    https://ibb.co/hPKuBJ I took a screenshot of it at the time in anticipation of it being lost/removed. Think we've gained 4 points since then with a win v Port and a draw vs Pendeen leaving us on 21 currently? Believe that is correct. 🤓🤓🤓 @Fish Illogan's 1st team will be replacing their reserves as far as I know.
  3. a little bit of a dinho

    How many going down from Combo?

    This illustrates exactly why the rules or punishment need changing. Theoretically you could face opponents all season who played an ineligible player and end the season on 0 points despite having done nothing wrong yourself. As sijames pointed out earlier all kinds of exploits could be employed if a team wanted to prevent another from gaining points for whatever reason. Also I think you're getting confused with where the phantom 3 points came from. We weren't awarded them as a home win for that game but instead we were awarded an away win for the recent fixture vs Illogan at Oxland, this game was cancelled on the day and on the full time site it was down as an AW.
  4. Damn CTB That Centre Align Is off the hook! 😵
  5. a little bit of a dinho

    S4C looks impressive!

    Cornish Pirates have an average home attendance of 1,492 with a high of 2,236. Found here - https://rugby.statbunker.com/competitions/HomeAttendance?comp_id=559 Wonder if they'll ever reach a capacity crowd? Even at 6k.