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  1. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    As a outsider from out the area but likes to support cornish footie whilst on me hols, which Im down again in March/April, I dont feel the 60 mins games are fair..say for example 2 clubs have played twice and say top of the league has beaten bottom of the league say 7-0 and 8-0 in the 90 minute matches giving them a 15 goal advantage and then say second placed team hasnt yet played the bottom side and does this 2x 60 minutes matches and says win 4-0 and 6-0 and drew level on points at the end of the season, then surely there will be a disagreement that a club has lost on a unfair disadvantage as the team that has won the championship on goal difference played a extra 30 minutes. It is a hard decision for a league committee to make, but a Emergency meeting with all clubs should really have been called and explained to and voted on.
  2. Combo Groundhop - Any interest?

    As a groundhopper and a Groundhop organiser for 14 seasons in the CMFL and Notts Senior League, I have spoken on the phone to Cornish Teddy Boy this evening and I would come along as I come along to quite a few matches whilst on holiday in Cornwall. I have offered any advise that he or the Combination League Committee would have. There are clubs that have already been on hops in SWPL so wouldnt be able to be revisited as the hoppers dont tend to return to a ground twice, but it still leaves 15 of the 20 clubs that could well be part of the weekend..I have explained its not just a matter of putting certain amount of games on but also getting coaches for those that dont drive, asking clubs to play at times they wouldnt usually do and putting on food and doing programmes and having a badge done. I know Ive always been impressed when visiting Combination Grounds and think it would be a success.
  3. Forum To Shut Down Next Month

    More than vital to me for information when on holiday and also to keep a eye on Non League Cornish football whilst Im up here in rainy Mansfield..More than delighted to chuck in a tenner..see you at Easter folks when down for 2 weeks