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  1. Confusion was that Fulltime site was showing the result reversed initially yesterday evening, see it's been corrected now
  2. Can't but agree Willy, it's been a crazy season and one I'm sure we'll all be glad to see the back of. Getting interesting at the top after today's results, hope it doesn't finish on the basis of the last man standing!
  3. Only 7 of the Well first team available today and with the seconds still just about in a promotion chase, the multiple games at the end of the season have taken their toll with injuries, it was as much as we could do to put 11 on the field. The rain in the first half was biblical and it must have been touch and go whether to continue. With standing water on the pitch, this was more the reason for some "interesting" challenges. Redruth took their chances and got a deflection for their second, on a day when all we could do was try damage limitation. Credit to all the lads who played for the Well today, the effort couldn't be criticised.
  4. On the subject of being totally in line, a quick message of sympathy for any linos running the line against Penryn. Ryan Reeve. Bloody hell, that boy is quick, tried giving him two yards, three yards, absolute waste of time. Unless you have the attributes of Usain Bolt, don't even bother! He plays on the shoulder of the last man and is gone, got to be the quickest player in the Combo, linos nightmare! Class player and nice lad, but please take the foot off the gas just a bit to give us old boys running the line a chance!
  5. I thought the ref had given it as it was clearly 18" over the line, I was surprised he played on and that's when I flagged, it was very clearly a goal.
  6. Bloody hell - thought I was feeling old!!!!
  7. Thanks for the kind words guys, just give what I see which ever way it goes, I'm there to support the ref not to influence the game either way. I make mistakes like everyone on the field, but can't understand why anyone would want to cheat. At the end of the day it's amateur football and we are all there for the enjoyment of the game. Of course I want the Well to win, but because of what they do, not what I do. I love the banter and the passion and would say that in general there's more sportsmanship than there is cheating, but we are all aware that it happens. At 55 I'm just happy to be involved and grateful that I can still just about run up and down the line! Without all the linos who give their time for nothing (and there are a lot of very good ones) there would be no game, and in the heat of the moment, that needs to be remembered most of all.
  8. Hayle 1 Perranwell 0, pretty even game, both sides had chances, The Well suffered from only having 1 fit sub, good goal from Hayle, well taken. 2-3 Matches a week is taking its toll now, hope it doesn’t ruin an otherwise good season. Nice to catch up with Steve on the line for Hayle, great reffing from Kev Knowles as usual. Good luck to Hayle for the rest of the season, should be a side to watch out for next year.
  9. Poor night for the Well at Clijah, had a good first half to go in at the interval 2-1 up, wheels came off in second half with injuries and absences taking their toll, well played Redruth who took their chances. Surprised Mr Reeks didn't take action late on in the game for some unnecessary handbags, but didn't affect the result. Onwards to Hayle on Saturday, hope the injured lads will have recovered by then.