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  1. Stevie, you are correct on the bad language, the Parish Council complained to the club and we raise this with Refs before every match. As you know the children's playground is right next to the pitch and you would think there would be more respect, but some teams apparently have no issue with using foul language next to young children, it's disgraceful. On the subject of the pitch, the comments are unfair, like most pitches in the recent weather, ours has suffered, but the pitch had been rolled and the grass is not taken to the lowest cut to try and help protect it from cutting up; it won't be the longest grass that Pendeen have to play on in the league, that's for certain! The club has tried to improve the dugouts, the ground is not Council owned, but is a King George V Playing field and it has a certain protected status because of it. The playing field committee has been approached about permanent dugouts, but for whatever reason will not give the club consent to build them, so we are stuck with the temporary dugouts until something changes. We look forward to playing at "Premiership"standard facilities when we go to Pendeen later in the season! ; - )
  2. Fair play Roger, if The Well had taken their chances in the second half the score might have been a bit more one sided, but with both teams battling more than the uneven pitch (those that were there will know exactly what I mean!) it was a fair result. Good luck to the Saints. Football can be a funny old game!