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  1. Another bad injury, we seem to be paying the price for difficult conditions this season, hope the lad recovers quickly.
  2. Think our seconds played one more on it Willy, just gutted for the boys not to be playing again, last football was 6th January!
  3. 2.30 if it is playable...................................? More likely to be 6.15pm on around the 8th May looking at the pitch tonight - not optimistic!
  4. An idea for The Combo?

    How about something a bit more radical...............? Play league games until each team has played every other team once, then split league, top 16 teams are drawn to play rounds of 16/8/4 home and away and then a final to decide league champions. Bottom 4 teams are drawn to play a semi final, two winners stay in Combo, losers have to play off against 1st & 2nd from Trelawny Prem to decide promotion and relegation. Significant reduction in games would leave space for mid-winter break, with no football after Boxing Day until first Saturday in February,. this would allow pitches reasonable time to recover. All league matches to be played by Boxing Day, with knockout league starting in February, with league finals for championship and relegation being played on first weekend in April. Combo & Supp Cups could then be played Saturday/Tuesday in April/Early May with finals being played Spring Bank Holiday weekend. Time for another beer.........................
  5. Looking spookily like we might get some football today, can anyone remember how to play????
  6. Oh well, that's blown that prediction! Looking outside, think it may well be a third weekend wipeout.
  7. The new Cornwall Combination Prediction league game: Predict which of Saturday's matches will end up being played. I'm going for Hayle v St Just on the 3G, Mullion v St Ives and Illogan v Helston, all the rest to be P-P Any optimists out there who think we might be any luckier????
  8. Abandoned

    The Ref stopped his watch on 83 minutes when the injury occurred , the rules are clear, any match must comprise two equal halves and if the game is abandoned without two equal halves then it must be replayed. Don't understand what's going on with this one?
  9. Abandoned

    But why has it been added, the match was abandoned and should be replayed?
  10. Update on Chris Jones, he has had a successful operation involving some metal and is in good spirits. He thanks everyone for the messages of support and for the help from St Day yesterday, especially Rob Hosking
  11. Yes, Rob Hosking was helping Chris and he did a great job, which everyone at the Well is very appreciative of. A lot of people were talking to the ref Alf, doesn't mean he made the wrong decision, maybe if you had seen Chris' leg you'd appreciate why it was the right one.