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  1. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    Very poor decision from the league, made even more frustrating by their absolute failure to consult their member clubs, who they always like to remind is ‘their league’. I’ve been a huge fan of the league since it’s creation and think it has been impeccably run up until now, however this single decision could end up seriously undoing all of that good work. There has been a total uproar on the Facebook post announcing the decision today. Aside from ‘liking’ the only slightly positive comment in their favour, and a single response to say that “all present members at the meeting voted in favour of the decision”, not a single person on the committee has had the b**ls to come forward and address any one of the 180+ responses from players, managers and club officials. Some very important issues need to be addressed around reinbursment of affiliation fees, referee fees paid for completed cup games (that are now written off any record books), what financial support will be offered to the venues that host their finals year on year who will now miss out on bar takings and revenue for hosting the events. Let alone how they will resolve the inevitable exodus of yet more players from the game who play for sides without anything left to play for. How can a manager motivate a group of ambitious lads (who were previously fighting for starting positions in important cup games) to fulfil some 10-15 league fixtures, if said side have no chance of promotion?! Crazy, impulsive decision, made far too early in the season. As players we’ve been used to playing 2-3 games a week for several weeks towards the end of a season for years. Yes it’s hard going on the legs, but it’s a part of the game most of us are used to by now, it’s never been a massive issue before!