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  1. Newlyn Non Athletico v St Erme will go ahead as far as I know as long as the weather doesn't stop it!! Both teams have agreed to share the duty of reffing to get the game on unless one becomes available, more teams need to do this!!
  2. Fair point and I get that but us at St Erme have been going for 6 years now without issue and Div 3 is a tough league and each year it gets tougher to get out of it and so your suggestion would be that being in Div 3 and 4 means we'd hardly get a ref because we're at a lower level than Prem, Div 1 and Div 2 and in turn punishing us even though we pay the same as the other teams!
  3. Why shouldn't they though, all clubs pay the same for ref fees, what do you suggest that teams in the lower leagues don't pay as much for refs as the top teams???
  4. Mabe FC Fold

    I'm sure the lads at Trispen would appreciate that, knowing most of them I can't imagine they'd want to finish so early!!!
  5. Mabe FC Fold

    Sad to see another go, it's getting worse every season. Also having looked at the fixtures in that league Trispen only have 10 games left to play now and having 4 scheduled before Christmas will leave them with 6!! Reckon their season could be done by the end of February, has there ever been an earlier finish to a season for any club?!?
  6. Another club folding!?

    Yeah there is that I suppose Bruegel, just a pain when they are so close together, would be nice to break them up a little!!
  7. Another club folding!?

    Fair point made here by Digger1000 with regards to the travelling, at St Erme this season we have so far travelled to Lizard, Ruan Minor, St Just and Marazion (to play Mousehole) and have Newlyn away next week and this is all within the 1st couple of months of the season and most players are from the other side of Truro, add to that we still have a further trip to St Buryan to come too!!!! Madness!!!
  8. St Erme - 0 New Inn Titans - 1 A superb effort from the home side today who showed a lot of heart and commitment which will put them in good stead going forward. Fair play to New Inn Titans who are a top side as many of you know, but they got the all important goal which was the difference in the end, but St Erme had their chances and on another day it could’ve been a different outcome. Good luck to New Inn in the next round.
  9. Hello, hope all is well? I know we'll be seeing you tomorrow at Grampound but on Sunday we may be hosting a games against the threemilestone vets and are looking for a ref, would be an 11am kick off at the trispen pitch again.

    Would you be interested in reffing that, should be a stroll in the park to ref!

    Cheers Elliott