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  1. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Changing rooms are 👌🏻at least...
  2. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    No one mentioned Chiverton Cross yet...?
  3. Junior Cup Round 2

    Ruan Minor to St Kew is quite a trek for a 2nd round tie!!
  4. Junior Cup Round 2

    Taken from the CCFA Facebook page. Anyone know why Queens Rangers, St Kew and St Columb Major of the Duchy League are in the western half of the draw?
  5. Twas indeed Boscastle 2 St Stephen 6
  6. Pre season

    Could you get a side together to make mid week trip to St Stephen on Tuesday? We've just had a side cancel on us.
  7. Trelawny League - Saturday August 19th 2017

    Wendron vs Mawnan will be a decent watch no doubt. Two top sides with decent pedigree