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  1. winston

    Penryn Athletic

    Some very talented young players at Penryn. I hope they are given the chance, instead of bringing in a whole new team, that will move on again in two or three years, leaving the club in trouble.
  2. A potential return to st agnes might be on the cards.
  3. winston

    Wednesday 9th May results

    Having family in that general area, I took an opportunity to get soaked and watch a match, thank you. And livin in Camborne and Redruth areas for many decades, you get to know some pitches and local names. Coming in side on at that height, there was only ever one intention. As for mr bean you obviously have to protect yourself and say things like that. Hanging up his boots as I think the other guy will be forced to do. Just how I saw things and I dont want anybody to stop playin a great game of football or retire unnecessarily.
  4. Especially if Mr chown is let loose with the flag
  5. winston

    Wednesday 9th May results

    Probably their p45's in a nice brown envelope. Both St Buryan games abandoned due to serious injuries and to be fair carharrack were not holding back last night. They were some of the worst challenges I'd seen in a long time and one player suffering a broken leg. I hope the first team are not like that tonight in a big derby match at ting tang.
  6. Rumour has it that Steve b was up to his old tricks with the flag again.
  7. I would be interested to hear soccer followers take on the official waving advantage after a foul in the Porthleven penalty area and then not bringing play back, when no advantage was gained in a 2 v 4 situation in favour of the defending side. I can forgive officials who make mistakes during matches, but this ref put the safety of the players in jeopardy, allowing play to continue on 4 maybe 5 occasions where there was some head injuries, 2 of which serious, with players on the floor and blood clearly gushing from heads. Other than that, I agree with soccer follower. I saw a good contest, played in great spirits, with the home side missing over a dozen clear cut chances and one on one's. Good value for my money
  8. Chris Reski to Newquay, Jared Sims to Falmouth