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    Fair point - Good luck with it all

    So - That's wonderful for Jerome - But how does bringing a lad down from Sheffield and then helping him to get his career back on track in Chester benefit Mousehole and / or Cornish football ( apart from the fact that he helped secure a few league points ) At the time this plan was announced I was under the impression that Mousehole would be harvesting the best of the local youngsters in order to improve the status of both club and county Or am I missing something here
  3. Cant see them getting past Parkway !!
  4. FA Cup

    Really ?? You've educated me there
  5. FA Cup

    I stand accused of SW bias here obviously but can anyone really say that Hyde vs MK Dons is a more attractive tie than Charlton v Truro MK Dons don't get anyone to watch them at home let alone away !
  6. Well you can guess what you like If I or someone else wants to talk about this particular subject we certainly don't need your approval ! If you find it pointless go off and comment on something more interesting
  7. I always laugh when I hear that so and so group of players just want to " play with their mates " and " enjoy their football " It seems a remarkable coincidence that these are nearly always teams full of players that have the ability to play at a higher level but choose not to, and, more importantly are hoovering up trophies galore and hardly ever losing. I never seem to read about teams at the bottom of the table that " want to play with their mates "
  8. Pitch Needed Desperatly

    It may well be their right but it's not exactly neighbourly or very sporting is it ?
  9. I don't think suspensions will ever be much of a problem to the Looe player in question. Clever footballer with a good attitude and a nice lad to boot
  10. Off to Hampton in next round of FA Cup!

    Truro vs Argyle would pack the place out !!
  11. Painful to witness in all honesty. Wenger is yesterdays man, stuck in a parallel football universe where midfielders play in defence and £53 million pound forwards start as subs. Always liked Arse and Arsene but this is a partnership that should have been dissolved years ago
  12. I think Mr Ozil may be tougher than some of you think. Arsenal have has a comparatively easy start to the season   The next seven days should answer all questions - Liverpool, Dortmund and Man Utd   I don't agree with whoever said that Arsenal are mentally stronger. I think we'll see that in the two away matches   They seem to have a particular inferiority complex when it comes to Utd   I don't think the staff at Arsenal believe that they can go to OT and win
  13. Without doubt, Arsenals squad still lack depth. However there aren't many ( No scrub that there aren't any ) English clubs with a squad as good as Chelseas   Arsenal are improving but lack top players in key areas.   Unfortunately Monsieur Wenger still has his blind spots. Jenkinson shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the first team, Bentdner is an embarrassment to himself and his club, and Wilshire needs a rest badly !   Top four again for me this year - But no trophies