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  1. Well you can guess what you like If I or someone else wants to talk about this particular subject we certainly don't need your approval ! If you find it pointless go off and comment on something more interesting
  2. I always laugh when I hear that so and so group of players just want to " play with their mates " and " enjoy their football " It seems a remarkable coincidence that these are nearly always teams full of players that have the ability to play at a higher level but choose not to, and, more importantly are hoovering up trophies galore and hardly ever losing. I never seem to read about teams at the bottom of the table that " want to play with their mates "
  3. Pitch Needed Desperatly

    It may well be their right but it's not exactly neighbourly or very sporting is it ?
  4. I don't think suspensions will ever be much of a problem to the Looe player in question. Clever footballer with a good attitude and a nice lad to boot
  5. Heralds coverage has been shite for ages Always surprised me because so many of the players are from the City
  6. SWPL - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

    Wasn't it called off at lunchtime ? If so surely no fee required
  7. Off to Hampton in next round of FA Cup!

    Truro vs Argyle would pack the place out !!
  8. Kev no longer at G!

    No it isnt
  9. Crystal Palace

    What I find as daft as the decision to sack De Boer is the decision to replace him with Roy Hodgson The man is seventy years old !! His last role as a manager / coach was overseeing the most embarrassing result in the history of our national team You'd have thought he wouldn't have had the brass neck to show his face again in football but there's no honour or shame left in football whatsoever I think Crystal Palace have made themselves look an absolute joke - But if they can finish seventeenth the chairman won't give a monkeys because the gravy train will keep rolling on
  10. Crystal Palace

    The Premier League really is the gift that keeps on giving - A satirists dream Money wasted and ridiculous decisions made every week. One can only imagine the reasoning of the people who run Crystal Palace - After Sam Allardyce kept them up ( against the odds ) he'd seen enough and walked away, so Palace decide that they've had enough of hoofing the ball 90 yards for whippet thin wingers to chase down and mis control into touch - We are going to play a different style of football. Apparently they interviewed 37 !!! potential managers before settling on Frank De Boer whose past record was pretty shite but Hey - He was at Ajax !! Ball on the deck, rotating of positions, excellent record of bringing through stellar youth players - Let's give Frank the job, sit back and watch the trophies roll in. Unfortunately there was one tiny flaw in the plan - The players couldn't play like Ajax ! They weren't good enough footballers and they didn't have the mental aptitude to take change on board quickly ( You could argue at all ) So with no new additions to the squad they boldly set off with a back three and got dicked every week. Oh Oh - You're shit Frank - You're sacked Now - Who can we get to replace him that will inspire the players and fans, preferably someone who doesn't really have any recent baggage to carry around - Mmmm - What about Roy Hodgson ? Great Idea - What could possibly go wrong ??
  11. What a stupid comment " Get over it " This is a forum to discuss all things relevant in Cornish football, and the payment of players and clubs budgets is a source of much conjecture and interest. it's a subject that provokes more comments than any other than I can recall yet you seem to think we should all just shrug it off Given your track record and achievements in Cornish football I thought you'd have had something sensible to contribute Obviously not
  12. I couldn't disagree with you more It's not " all done and dusted " What you don't stop you encourage, and the next time it may be a serious injury It needs sorting now - Although as you say if the committee and management don't want to tackle it then there's only the usual disciplinary route to follow
  13. The club itself is a well run and well organised one with facilities for both boys and girls across a wide range of age groups. Some ( no most ) of the volunteer managers / coaches / helpers / committee are hard working and bring a huge amount of enjoyment to the towns youngsters. Unfortunately there is a problem at the senior level, and it's a bad example to all the clubs youth teams below them. If anyone wants to take the attitude that it's just banter or that it's done let's move on then they are dodging the core issue and won't really have the clubs interests at heart It can be stopped overnight if the committee and management have the appetite to tackle it. It's a few individuals that are letting the rest down. Looe have made great strides over the last few years to get where they are now ( First team ). Now that they're back in senior football they need to just chill out a bit, enjoy the wins and take the defeats in a better manner. They have some very good footballers and will win more than they lose in my opinion. It'd be a shame for it to go pear shaped now
  14. Very diplomatic Gell They ought to send you over to sort out the Brexit talks !!