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  1. 150 full head count. 146 in the ground. 4 watching from upstairs.
  2. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/st-blazey-v-liskeard/ Match report and photos from Friday night including a visit from Dave Deacon and Phil Hiscox.
  3. St Blazey 5th v 1st Liskeard Kick off 7.30pm New look programs £1 50-50 draw £1 Adults £4 O.A.Ps £2 Kids FREE http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/st-blazey-v-liskeard-tonight/ Click on the above link for a few pictures of yesterdays pitch preparation. Hoping for a good crowd tonight.
  4. Starting to take shape a bit now. I think another 12 months and the ground should be looking even better. On the pitch things are getting better as well. I think it could be very tight come the end of the season. My tips were Liskeard and Elburton and Wadebridge to improve. Theyve dropped off a bit but Elburton wont be far off. Port dropping 2 points when 3 up at Plymstock. We go there on Saturday.
  5. Yeah come down and get some fresh air. Should be a nice evening for the football.
  6. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/millbrook-v-st-blazey/ Match report pictures and Millbrooks penalty for all to see. Didn't start well and fell apart at the end of the first half. Millbrook had some decent players and could have scored more. The right result I'm afraid. Big game Friday night now at home to Liskeard.
  7. I wondered why I couldn't find the result anywhere. Any idea who was hurt?
  8. Thankyou. Nice to know someones reading it.
  9. St Blazey 2v0 Porthleven. Match report, pictures and a couple videos including the penalty. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/st-blazey-v-porthleven-2/

    How sad that Parkway even need to do that on a match day. Unbelievable.
  11. Forgot to mention, Alans second half to that survival season was unbelievable. Top 4 form to survive when rock bottom in February. Certainly not forgotten.
  12. Thankyou Leeds. Several people are putting in the work to get it back to a good standard again. Certainly takes alot of time and effort but we will get there. Once the stand roof is repaired and the far end cleared and cleaned up we will be looking pretty good. At least people are noticing the difference and like what they see.
  13. FA Cup

    Some really poor crowds in the fa cup this weekend. Saturday the best crowds were at Luton and Argyle with just over 5000 at both matches. Charlton had less than 3500 home fans at the Valley. Bet that was tragic rattling around in a 30,000 seater stadium. Why can't these clubs go to some effort to fill the grounds for these games and have tickets for a quid for everyone. Yes you might not make a fortune but sometimes you need to get fans coming to games to get them coming to another. It's to easy to let the usual die hard turn up and except the ground being empty.
  14. St Blazey 5v1 Dobwalls http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/st-blazey-v-dobwalls/ Another win and the feel good factor returning to the club which is great to see. Match report pics and video of a couple chances during the game. A crowd of over 70 odd with several more watching from the snooker room. Not bad considering Dobwalls had little support and Argyle Truro Bodmin St Austell Sticker and St Dennis all at home so little chance of floating support.
  15. Looks like Green and Blacks has had his weetabix for breakfast. The good news is that were turning the corner. Results are improving. Crowds are improving. Match report, pics and videos including the opening goal all a click away. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/st-blazey-v-penzance/
  16. FA Cup

    Everyone has camera phones these days. People use then non stop. They can't stop you.