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  1. The more i think about it the more I think we should stick to what we have and make sure the West division has full amount of sides and make it work. Disappinting that we have clubs refusing promotion to our own top division and wanting to drop out. That needs to stop.
  2. Paul


    The charity cup will only be 1 match for half the sides though.
  3. Once we started playing with some pace in the final 20 minutes they couldnt stop us scoring but up until then we never tested the goal keeper. Almost snatched 3v3 in the dying seconds. On to next season now.
  4. Thankyou Leeds. I agree with Steve were not that far away. Only Millbrook and Mousehole did the double over us. We had some good wins over the season. No one expected to walk the league. Look at the clubs like Liskeard and Wadebridge Porthleven who have been in this league a while and still not come close to winning it. Off the pitch things are improving with plans in place to upgrade the ground so promotion can be taken. Stuart Morgan has the backing from the club and supporters and with a good result Tuesday we could still win something. We live in hope. A busy summer ahead. 3 from almost the half line. 2 for Coombes and 1 for Yeoman.
  5. I' like to see the playoffs in the East and West divisions. 2nd and 3rd play off in each. Highest place has home advantage. Winners play off on a neutral ground. Might spice up the leagues and move clubs around a bit more.
  6. What a load of nonsence. Moving from East or West is nothing like moving up from the Prem to the Western league. If clubs dont take promotion within our 3 leagues what is the point. 🙈 NAS are surly well located for the Prem division anyway.
  7. Finally catching up on the match reports with pictures and videos as well. For anyone whos intrested click on the links below. St Blazey v Bude including a lovely goal from Harry Eaton. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/st-blazey-v-bude-town/ Illogan v St Blazey. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/illogan-rbl-v-st-blazey/ Mousehole v St Blazey including a Yeoman goal from almost the half way line. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/mousehole-v-st-blazey/
  8. It has been open to 8 clubs for most of the season. Anyone's to win which has made it an intersting season. Think Millbrook will win it now.
  9. FREE ADMISSION ST BLAZEY A.F.C v BUDE TOWN WEDNESDAY 2nd MAY KICK OFF 7.30pm PROGRAMS £1 50-50 £1 REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE GAME CLUB HOUSE OPEN ALL DAY Your local club values your support and would love to see you for our final home league fixture of the season. Whether your a regular supporter or not, we really want to see you. Thankyou for your support this season.
  10. Would have been good if the County youth match kicked off at 6pm so several people could have got back from games to watch them.
  11. Is it correct that St Blazey will not be in the F.A Vase next season? St Blazey either have to tarmac the car park or build a fence so no one could watch from their cars anymore. The best bit is the fence dosnt have to be that high so anyone could still throw loose gravel over it. But having watched over 600 St Blazey matches, not once have i or anyone else been searched for Knives, Bottles, Smoke bombs etc. I dont think a fence will be stopping any trouble. Crazy.
  12. Good stuff. Whos next to give it ago??