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  1. Here are the goals from last evening's match: https://youtu.be/OxoZlzTTSDA
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    I remember being shouted down at one of the early infrastructure meetings with PM after I mooted for a rebrand as the Cornish Tigers. Call me naive but if we are playing at this level or higher in the Stadium for Cornwall in two years time and are called CornishTigers and play in yellow and black I would be over-joyed. I will also get myself across to see Penzance and Newlyn RFC - sorry, Cornish Pirates, on a regular basis. I don't believe that the heart and soul have been ripped out of Truro City; we may have to evolve and get used to changes ahead, but when you consider where we were at the end of the Heaney era ...... Cornwall deserves the best in both codes. I couldn't believe how many local Cornish folk were against the SfC.