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  1. Yesterday's game was an absolute belter.
  2. The highlights of yesterday's game can be found on my You Tube Channel (Mark Huckle) https://youtu.be/KIr81EXF1yg
  3. A most entertaining game. Jamie Day's first outing as a summariser.
  4. Thanks Mark for your observations. When you mentioned the two young lads, i thought that you were including Jamie Day. I have seen too many examples of opponents getting goal side of our back three and I wonder whether Lee might not go to a flat back four or, dare I say, the old fashioned sweeper?
  5. Thanks CornishRhino. I was particularly proud of Sam - his first ever football commentary. Joe's interview with Lee Hodges is currently uploading to You TUBE. Lee Hodges' post match appraisal, filmed on an iPhone I should add.
  6. The video (extended version) of Trevor Mewton's wake has been uploaded to my Lifestoriesonvideo website. Please read the blog to ensure your maximum enjoyment of the video. My thanks to @Cornishfootball and @hooper_glynn for their help with the project. http://lifestoriesonvideo.com/tributes-trevor-mewton-memories-manager/
  7. Ahead of Trevor’s funeral on Friday ...

    Glynn Hooper's observations of the rough cut I showed him of Trevor's wake video (extended version) http://piranfilms.com/second-pair-eyes/