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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMwxeVj7lTAojTM6o_zbwWg?view_as=public This is the link to my YouTube Channel showing the Truro City v Braintree video highlights which had to be embargoed due to Vanarama regulations. Please subscribe to the channel if you haven't already. You won't be bombarded with spam. Thanks Mark
  2. Thanks Gazer for you kind comments. No news at all about Cody or Tyler. I'd like to see Cody and Rocky start up front and look at that as a combination
  3. Video highlights of yesterday's historic Stadium for Cornwall vote and Truro City vHungerfordTown now available below. My thanks to Ed Hale and Jake Ash for their commentary. https://youtu.be/lVc2EOOUXvs
  4. I hope you enjoy this video - thanks to Dave Deacon and Mark Rapsey for their commentary https://youtu.be/N5wZjaIsYaQ
  5. Can you be more specific please
  6. I have just created a 23 video You Tube Playlist covering the last three seasons of Cornwall U 18s https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-hfHyVNvRH_UP-_QqZWQMAbaqrbKwGji … via @YouTube
  7. Thanks. Great start and Truro City never really looked like they were not going to win. Unlike other games this season.
  8. Highlights of Truro City v Concorde Rangers available below. Thanks to TruthFal student Joe Corton who completed his first ever football commentary and Ed and Tom. How many seconds did it take Cody Cooke to score. Find out here: https:// youtu.be/N3G0dC28-9E
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback. I was disappointed with the first half and the visuals throughout. I experimented with the lens stabilisation turned off and the resultant footage is a bit jittery if you look carefully. I hope to be working with Joe from Falmouth Uni doing his first commentary tomorrow evening. The summariser I have lined up may not be able to help me out for reasons that will be apparent on the evening.
  10. I think the 12 was keeping Cody on side, especially when you look at Liverpool's first goal this week .... I am glad that it wasn't Ciaran Barlow who put his flag up. It is all fine margins. Yes it was a bitterly disappointing result and first half performance. As you say, the boys can put it right on Tuesday evening and then at Chippenham on Saturday. Thanks again for your witty contributions. I am sorry I couldn't get all of the banter between you and Dave in.
  11. My thanks to Dave Deacon and Mark Rapsey for their combined efforts on the commentary of the match. Here are the highlights - was Cody Cooke off side? and please SUBSCRIBE to my You Tube Channel (red box) https://youtu.be/RaFV-Za8T1A
  12. Thank you. The audio is as important as the visuals and I now find myself creating longer highlights videos as a result. There are a couple of errors on the graphics in the original video, so I have uploaded a second version. https://youtu.be/MId7g6mmUQ0
  13. My thanks to Dave Deacon & Mar Rapsey for their excellent commentaries on the above VanaramaLeague South fixture. As always - entertaining football and a hatful of goals. If you like our product please subscribe to my Mark Huckle You Tube channel https://youtu.be/-qME7F0CPL0
  14. Yesterday's game was an absolute belter.