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  1. What does Endorsed mean? What football organisation able to say a club is Endorsed? I can't find one anywhere. How do they mean by an Academy? Is that for adult players or youth players?
  2. cornishteddyboy

    Promotions / Relegations

    You stay where you are. Pz will visit you next season, one of only two Trelawny grounds I have not watched a match, the other being Frogpool.
  3. cornishteddyboy

    Promotions / Relegations

    And your proof? The odd player or officials from each of the clubs? At the last vote it was something like 16-4. Did all of those 4 sides finish in the top six? Anyway this year we won't need to vote but I will tell the rest of the committee your concerns.
  4. cornishteddyboy

    Promotions / Relegations

    Tosh. The teams may moan but every time it is put to the clubs to vote on reducing the numbers they vote against it. It is almost like an annual game at the AGM. Moan, vote, live with 20 sides for another season. The reason it never passes is like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas as their team might be the ones relegated at the end of the following season. Anyone who attends the AGM can back me on this. They are going to be FORCED BY THE FA to reduce the number of sides to 16 after the end of next season so it has been taken out of our hands. Most of the reduction should be sides wanting for take promotion up to the Cornwall Intermediate League.
  5. cornishteddyboy

    One tiny change

    My table is correct. Yes unregistered player at Illogan in 2-2 draw. Portheven did as well but lost their game 4-2 so no points loss.
  6. All the Devon sides will be pushed out of the ECPL at the end of next season due to the restructuring. Parkway and Lakeside are just getting the jump on the Devon sides still in the ECPL for this last year.
  7. Penzance are not a Nike Partnership Club, as other clubs are, but looking at this NPCBrouchure there is almost nothing too it. Just makes people think that your club is special but to me it seems you can shove it all over your local area in exchange for £100 to spend on a County FA Coaching Course, plus be able to get discounted kit. Have a read, as I say, nothing special, looks like Smoke and Mirrors. http://cwyfl.org.uk/web_documents/nike_partner_club_introduction_brochure__002_.pdf
  8. cornishteddyboy

    Fixtures 2018/19 ..

    Cos of the late Easter next year, in Div 1 West after Sat 30th March until 19th April only one league game played. Having only 15 sides in the division has caused this
  9. This was sent to me by a friend. A message being shared on Social Media. It is from Culdrose Youth and tells it like it is. Hello all, in recent months there has been a lot of misleading information put out on social media regarding player development. Can I just reiterate the following: 1. There are no recognised academies in Cornwall 2. To be an academy recognised by the FA you have to be a professional club. 3. There are no recognised Elite Player Programmes in Cornwall . 4. To have an Elite Player Programme you must be a professional club. 5. There are no Centres of Excellence recognised in Cornwall, the nearest being Plymouth Argyle. Clubs that are saying any of the above are just another grassroots club trying to attract the best players. If you are approached ask them the following 3 questions: 1. What FA Charter Standard status do you have? 2. Ask to see the coach’s CRC and Safeguarding qualifications? 3. Can they confirm their Elite and Academy Status with the FA? We are not an academy, centre of excellence or offer an elite player programme. What we do offer is the best and safest learning environment in local football. That is why the FA recognise us as such. Scooby
  10. cornishteddyboy

    One tiny change

    Which team in the Combo? Our rules say if you play an ineligible player and win you lose the 3 points, if you draw, you lose the 1 point and if you lose then no points are deducted. Goals scored in the games are left on record.
  11. cornishteddyboy

    One tiny change

  12. cornishteddyboy

    One tiny change

    There will be a slight alteration to the final LWC Drinks Cornwall Combination League table as one team played an ineligible player and drew, so lose a point, and another team did the same but lost, so no deduction for them. No change to promotion or relegation to and from the Trelawny.
  13. To the detractors out there. Think what would have happen to the club if our lease was near enough up. We would be out on our ear looking for a ground and playing Combo or Tewlawny football as we would not be able to compete with what Mousehole could offer. I think it is awful that Mousehole went behind our backs first and only came face to face as when they realise their ground does not fit Chapman's ambitions.
  14. Keep up with the Group please, stop lagging behind. Penzance AFC are pleased to announce that Faser Cadman has taken on the roll of First Team Manager. News posted 23rd May!
  15. At last the club has squashed the rumours. No way would I want my club to play second fiddle to another using our facilities. We may be "The Poor Relations" at the moment but Swings and Roundabouts. Eventually people will get fed up with their "Plaything" and it will all come tumbling down and I don't want to see my team come down like a domino.