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  1. (according to my story) Sorry to say it but our clubs and league were totally suckered by Mr Moneybags
  2. cornishteddyboy

    Mousehole Thirds Fold

    My fantasy story is true then. I'll have make up another one
  3. cornishteddyboy


    Most of the time the small clubs have to pay the expenses of the League side, that is why no-one can afford to do it anymore unless you play in green and have a sugar daddy who has recently arrived.
  4. cornishteddyboy

    St Austell v Cardiff XI

    If I am right, according to twitter Cardiff won 4-2
  5. cornishteddyboy

    Penzance v St Austell

    £2 is a bargain. Pay to watch a Chelsea friendly, £30. Link below. Moan about Chelsea then or is it because local clubs are an easy target. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2018/6/18/lyon-game-ticket-news
  6. It is obvious why clubs don't advertise on social media for players or very few do. They don't want people to know they are in trouble plus most club social network groups are their own players and supporters. They feel it is like already preaching to the converted. We need to break the taboo of clubs advertising for players. They think that if theY advertise then they won't get new players as they think potential players won't climb aboard a sinking ship. It only works if you get a group of mates want to swap clubs as they then will know some players there.
  7. cornishteddyboy


    I did not mean the local team I meant the professional team. They want their transport, accomodation paid plus a match fee before coming down here. Years ago we had lots of league teams because in those days they used to travel down here for team holidays and training so played local sides as part of their training. With easy travelling between countries clubs now play friendlies with sides from Europe or travel the world for tournaments as they can make big money. So unless someone has a bit of cash to throw around we won't see league teams down here again apart from Plymouth, Etexter and perhaps Yeovil. It is only because Neil Warnock likes to bring his sides down here for training anyway that we have see Cardiff.
  8. cornishteddyboy


    Because these teams want a fee for playing. They don't do it for free. They want their costs covered plus a bit of profit.
  9. cornishteddyboy

    Pz v PA

    Finished 2-2
  10. cornishteddyboy

    Pz v PA

    Tomorrow, Thursday 12th July Penzance entertain a Plymouth Argyle XI at Penlee Park Kick off at 7.30pm. All the usual facilities such as t-hut, bar afterwards. £4 plus less for some. All welcome.
  11. I did type this out at the end of last week but it seems I have been overtaken. Below was going to be what I was going to publish. I want to tell you a Fantasy Story that is totally made up. Imagine a local football team that plays in a village in West Cornwall. They have a first, reserve and third team and for years have been going along nicely with the usual local rivalries but getting along with all their local clubs and those of the divisions their teams play in. Along comes a rich man waving wads of cash, jangling money bags in front of the Committee. I can take the club to great hights, win lots of leagues and cup competions. Now the majority of the committee were getting fed up as the club was not winning very much until recently. So they agreed to let money-bags come on board. First thing was to use a local, well respected manager to attract players to the club. This he did and the club were having a great season and reached a couple of cup finals. But Money-bags wanted to win the league and go for promotion so he brought in some Out-of-County strangers and sacked the local manager much to the local football supporters dismay. Now Mr Money-bags had a new manager but he needs to play in a ground that had more potential than that of his team's home ground in the village. He started to investigate local clubs and picked on one even going to that clubs landlords to see if their lease was nearly up on both the ground AND clubhouse. If the lease was nearly up he could wait and out bid the other local club when it was due for renewal throwing then out on their ears. But the lease wasn't nearly up so he had to to meet the other club face to face promising them help, etc. The other club rejected his advances and is now wise to what he wanted and wants. Mr Money bags meanwhile had looked around for another venue for the ladies, third team and expanding youth section for his club to use as a “home ground”. They found one with a fine view of St Micheals Mount and the third team played there last season as tennents of the original club. Suddenly panic set in. What would happen is someone started up the original club again. They would want their ground back leaving the third team, ladies and youth sides homeless. After thinking for a while Mr Money-bags came up with the solution. He told his third team to apply to the league using a name nearly like the original club just dropping a colour from the name. This they did, the manager moving over, keeping the third team affiliated to the league in-case the other league clubs rejected the “name change” The other clubs at the AGM voted this “New” club in thinking it was the original club as the original club had many old friends. The other clubs didn't know the wool had been pulled over their eyes. Remember this is a Fantasy Story. Now Mr Money-bags had promised his third team new kit, equioment, etc if they got into the league under the new name, but up to a few days ago he renaged on that deal annoying a few. But he is very happy as everyone thinks the original team is playing at this picturesque ground and would not think to start up a side under the original name of the club who really owns the ground. His ladies and youth section are safe as well. Soon a letter will come to the league saying his third team are pulling out, which is not fair on the fixtures secretary who is working hard to sort out their fixtures. Also by having a reserve side and this rebranded side they can have two entreis into the County Junior Cup, League Cup, etc. Now his club has a website and whoever is the web editor has not put the third team on the list of sides at the club, strange. First team, reserves, ladies, youth all listed but no third team. But is all goodness and light at Mr Money-bags' club. No, some in the committee are unhappy at the way he is doing things and not discussing his plans before-hand. Committee members know it is upsetting local clubs. Mr Money-bags' club has come up with a slogan about moving together but some senior members of the club want to clip his wings. Once again let me repeat this is a fantasy story and any-one mentioned in it is a fictional character.
  12. They have only reformed Marazion so they can get their hands on the ground as they were worried someone else would reform Marazion and would kick Mousehole's thirds, Ladies and Youth out. That comes from a Mousehole Committee Member who shall be nameless. All the rest of that statement published is twaddle.
  13. As Mousehole's third team have now come Marazion does that mean they are going to fold? Questions I asked on social media but was blocked. If they now become Marazion then that means Mousehole can have two entries in the Junior Cup and Percy Stephens Cup.
  14. cornishteddyboy

    Match tomorrow, Saturday 7/7/18, 12.00pm

    How unsporting Threemilestone were. They turned up with 17 players whilst we had 12. 😜 The kept rotating them and were always fresh whilst we petered out. No, to be truthful they would have won even if we kept 12 on the pitch. A lesson given on closing down the break, controlling mid-field and strolling through our flat-footed defence. Final score 1-10 to the visitors, the score at half-time 3-0. We faded badly, or was that melted badly in the heat and they were scoring every couple of minutes at the end. Thank you for the game and good luck in the coming season.
  15. Bored waiting for the Tour Du France to start? Fed up of sitting on the beach all weekend? Tomorrow, Saturday 7th July, 12pm at Newlyn Coombe Penzance Reserves v Threemilestone All welcome (Penzance AFC, the Community Club for Everyone, not just the Elite)