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  1. 20th May 2018 LWC Cornwall Combination League Supplementary Cup Final Carharrack 5-2 St Agnes Att – 123 St Agnes scored early but once Carharrack equalised they were always playing catch up. On a perfect pitch under an overcast sky the sides took the field, with St Agnes facing towards the Falmouth end of the ground. Early pressure is applied by Carharrack but blocking and a couple of mis-placed passes sees them kept at bay. After this initial onslaught St Agnes start to get a toe-hold into the match. They are trying the long ball with the flick-on header tactic but get bogged down as Carharrack defend in numbers. With 10 minutes on the clock St Agnes take the lead. The ball is knocked in, a Carharrack player heads back towards his keeper. A St Agnes striker and the keeper jump for the ball with the striker getting there first to head over the goal custodian and into an empty net, 0-1. The lead lasts two minutes as Carharrack crowd the edge of the box finding a gap to shoot in low from 12yds, 1-1. More pressure from the men in red but Aggie hold firm and even get in their opponents half but are closed down quickly in the final third. Half an hour gone, Carharrack are pressing hard, fierce shot, blocked, another, blocked, another, blocked but there are shouts for a penalty for handball. The the Referee gives it. Scored low to keeper's left. 2-1 and even Harry gets excited grabbing his jacket zip and pulling it up and down several times! Six minutes to the break and St Agnes get forward on the left. The ball is squared right for a striker to volley in a screamer, on the run, from 25yds for the best goal of the game, 2-2. For all of a few minutes St Agnes are full of confidence as you can see Carharrack are rocked. Their passing goes astray, they lose the tackle. St Agnes can't take advantage of this though and the referee blows for the break. H-T Carharrack must have had an earful in the changing rooms as they come back onto the field and from the off we see the same pattern as in the first period. On 55 minutes, Carharrack get their noses in front again. A lobbed ball forward sees the St Agnes keeper come out to meet it but he is beaten too it and the ball is headed over him. A defender rushes back to try and hook it out of the net but it crosses the white line, 3-2. A Carharrack free kick, a few yards outside the box is blasted against the upright, the ball bouncing back across goal and cleared. St Agnes are chasing the ball now to try and get back on level terms. They win a corner on their left. Ball over, high header, keeper leaps and between fingers and crossbar keeps it out, header in again, repeat performance from keeper and bar! 78mins, Carharrack knock the ball down the left of centre, striker races onto it, keeper has to come off his line, a lobb and goal number four. For the first time you see the St Agnes heads drop and they stop chasing the ball. They attack but Caharrack now have men back in numbers to defend. 90+3mins. A break from Carharrack down their left channel. The keeper has to be drawn over, low cross goal shot, 5-3. Ref calls time a minute later.
  2. Supplementary Cup Final 3pm @ Helston Carharrack (Bradley Leivers 3, Ryan Stephens, Connor Powell) 5-2 St Agnes (Mark Bell, Bayley Milling) Att - 123
  3. cornishteddyboy


    They will be buy a share of the S4C which will have a monetary value. Remember the developers have paid off Mr Masters and his partner plus gave them over £2M towards the stadium so that £2M is now a club asset.
  4. Just four games Saturday 19th May Helston Athletic Reserves 3-0 Perranwell Illogan RBL Reserves 2-1 Pendeen Rovers Penryn Athletic 4-0 Holman SC Perranporth 4-0 St Ives Town Supp Cupp Final Carharrack 3-1 St Agnes
  5. ResultsSaturday 19th May Helston Athletic Reserves (Ben Turner, Martyn Webster) 2-0 Perranwell Att - 30Illogan RBL Reserves (Ryan Halden, Patrick hogan) 2-2 Pendeen Rovers (Alex Ralph 2) Att - 70 Penryn Athletic (Ryan Reeve 2, Dan Reeve, Reggie May) 4-1 Holman SC (Liam Willoughby) Att - 60 Perranporth (Mikey Davies 3, Jake Hartigan 2, Ross Sommerville) 6-0 St Ives Town Att - 60 Supplementary Cup FinalSunday 20th May Carharrack (Bradley Leivers 3, Ryan Stephens, Connor Powell) 5-2 St Agnes (Mark Bell, Bayley Milling) Att - 123
  6. Fixtures forThursday 17th May 2018 Falmouth Town Reserves 3-2 Penryn Athletic Hayle 5-0 Holman SC Helston Athletic Reserves 3-1 Pendeen Rovers Redruth United 0-4 St Day RNAS Culdrose 0-4 Carharrack St Agnes 3-0 Porthleven Reserves West Cornwall 2-2 Perranwell
  7. Results forThursday 17th May 2018 Falmouth Town Reserves (Ben Kellow, Dan Richardson) 2-1 Penryn Athletic (Ryan Reeve) Att- ???-Hayle (???) 3-2 Holman SC (Adam Selley, Dan Jewell) Att- ??? Helston Athletic Reserves 0-2 Pendeen Rovers (Alex Ralph, Henrie Cozens) Att- ??? Redruth United (???) 1-3 St Day (Gavin Boon 2, Dan Richards) Att- ??? RNAS Culdrose (???) 1-3 Carharrack (???) Att- ??? St Agnes (Jakob Springall) 1-4 Porthleven Reserves (Jason Robertson 3, George Molcher) Att- 20 West Cornwall 0-4 Perranwell (Matthew Lane, Will Snapes, Luke Brabyn, Scott Harris) Att- 15
  8. cornishteddyboy

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    This coming season is a "holding season" whilst everyone waits for the restructuring. Why pay out for players if you are a Div 1 West team with floodlights as you will be into SWPL Cornwall in 2019-20 anyway. I can see one or teams in the ECPL and Combo trying to gain promotion to the new Cornwall Div and might pay out a bit of money to try and gain that promotion. I think there will be a them and us situation in the Combo and ECPL next season, 3-4 teams way ahead of the rest. Cornish clubs have a years grace from wasting money on players and if sensible strike while the iron is hot and spend their money on small ground improvements like new fences, seats, roof mending, drainage, etc. The season after may become a free for all as clubs try to bag the best players, and I can see a few moving West to "Cornwall United".
  9. cornishteddyboy

    * Breaking news *

    Sausage Fingers and Micheal will be heading to the local chippy, not overseas. Anyway they wouldn't give him a visa.
  10. Perranporth need two points from last two games to be certain of being Champions
  11. Carharracks draw at Illogan means they are out of the race for the title
  12. Full-time has been altered. The table is now correct.
  13. I think that was a computer error, hence it has been removed and altered.
  14. Where? Illogan v Holmans 22nd May. http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/ListPublicFixture.do?selectedFixtureGroupKey=1_784742999&selectedRelatedFixtureOption=2&selectedClub=&selectedTeam=680023657&selectedFixtureDateStatus=&selectedFixtureStatus=&selectedDateCode=all&selectednavpage1=1&navPageNumber1=1&previousSelectedFixtureGroupKey=1_784742999&previousSelectedClub=&seasonID=973517516&selectedSeason=973517516