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  1. Not only the same League;but also the same Division.
  2. Adlestrop

    Goalkeeper looking for new club.

    If you keep goal as well as bowling spin you'll have no trouble finding a local team! I suggest you have a word with your wicket-keeper!
  3. Adlestrop

    Goalkeeper looking for new club.

    Are you the spin bowler for Callington CC ?
  4. Adlestrop

    England 2018

    Quite simply,they're not nearly as good as they think they are.
  5. A fiver seems a bit steep .At least the pitch should be dry !
  6. It should be tongue in CHECK !
  7. Adlestrop


    It's Steve Ladlow
  8. Adlestrop

    ECPL Fixture Release Date

    Both Combo and ECPL (Premier division) can't produce a full list until the FA Cup and Vase draws are published.having so many reserve sides. It is my understanding that the ECPL Division fixtures will be out to-morrow.As you say,Dave, why the mad panic when last season only finished 3/4 weeks ago.
  9. Adlestrop

    ECL AGM propsal

    I,m afraid I don't share your optimism for a dry winter,Richard ! At least unwanted middle/end of a May scramble will(should) thankfully be avoided.
  10. Adlestrop

    Promotions / Relegations

    Not to mention cricket and holidays.
  11. Adlestrop

    ECL AGM propsal

    Ah!,those were the days:never to return I'm afraid.20 years ago,the "Clay Country" was the hotbed of the ECPL(Bugle, Riviera Coasters,Foxhole et al ).The advent of the Peninsula League has put paid to all that.
  12. Adlestrop

    ECL AGM propsal

    That's the very last thing they want:they will hope to re-group with youngsters.Plus what will happen to the Duchy League if there is no one in the frame to replace Mr.Newcombe.Perhaps CCFA will order an amalgamation. A very reasoned reply:BUT you still haven't said what YOU would do!
  13. Adlestrop

    ECL AGM propsal

    As an alternative,IF Division 1 has 9/10 teams,I suppose they could play each other 3 timed (24 or 27 games).I suspect div.1 clubs wouldn't mine this if it gives them plenty of games. Bentekkers,do you have a sensibly solution ?
  14. Adlestrop

    ECL AGM propsal

    13 and 10 or even 14 and 9 would seem more logical now that Pensilva have folded.With 3 Cup Competitions to be played this would make enough games.NOBODY wants to be playing after the first Saturday in May.It has to be assumed that there will be some wet weeks during the winter:so I would have thought that 20-24 league/cup games are plenty.Also if necessary home/away could be facilitated in the 1st round of the Div.1 cup.
  15. Adlestrop

    ECL Fixtures

    Usually the same day as SW Div.1 West