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    Let's hope that the Car Park will be safe-on my last visit,some scum had smashed some windows and removed goods.
  2. A big thank-you to ST.MINVER,for allowing goal scorer Ryan Pooley to help the Camels out.
  3. To-night's SWAZ Teamwear League Cup is postponed: WATERLOGGED PITCH
  4. If there's a windier ground than Jury Park,then I ain't seen it !
  5. No doubt, Polperro will be the place to be on Saturday when they take on Torpoint in the League Cup(Round2) A MUST SEE !
  6. Pitch Needed Desperatly

    Best to try Alan Craddock
  7. Pitch Needed Desperatly

    What about Nanpean? Excellent pitch and facilities NOT being used.
  8. Rumours

    YES: sooner rather than later.
  9. It will be OK when the clocks go back!
  10. Yes,and unlike you I hope they put the correct scores in. LAKESIDE WON ON PENALTIES not Wadebridge.
  11. Wrong,Al: the tears flowed down the road from Plymstock last Saturday !!

    Probably not,Danny.As I've said before about a similar person: "The only thing between his back stud and backside is......HIS BRACES"
  13. Agree, but neither are the teams who are at full strength plus some midweek, then can't raise a side on a Saturday when their first teams play.... Can you give examples please Matt P.?
  14. FA Cup

    May I remind you Somersetspur that were it not for the Chairman you so despise,there probably would not have been a Truro City for anyone to watch.
  15. Hello,Rodney:I visited St.Teath last Saturday for the Senior Cup;and sorry to relate the Tinners were completely outplayed-in fact 6-3- flattered them!Neil Curnow is certainly the engine-room but lacked support:although cricketer Kelvin Snell looked good.It was my first sight of St.Teath and was most impressed.Incidentally,the pitch was superb-on a par with Penryn.I was hoping to introduce ...