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  1. They all appear on Mitoo and Full Time shortly after the games are finished.
  2. Dave,are you comfortable with this moron's postings? You,presumably,have the power to ban him and consequently do everyone a favour.Why do you persist in allowing him to demean this Forum ?
  3. Looking at the Argyle kids(literally) at Callington last night,all I hope is that their mothers knew they were out late!
  4. Adlestrop

    Cheating !

    How come Mike Atherton got offv Scoptt free ?
  5. Best I've seen are Gilbert and Spencer(Polperro) ;Mc Beth (Parkway);Foster (Morwenstow);Follett (Bere Alston)
  6. Mikey Williams;Ben Joyce;Glyn Hobbs-Plymouth Parkway Res.
  7. What's your solution then,Sticker 4ever ?
  8. Adlestrop

    Colin Penhowood

    Colin will always be remembered for an incident in his first year of refereeing.He officiated a game at his local club,Stoke Climsland, during which he booked his own brother.Following the correct procedure HE ASKED FOR HIS NAME !.His brother's reply was "Of course you know my.........name. You will be missed,Col.
  9. To cancel cups would be hard on those that have reached the Semi-Final stages.But on the other hand,how many Clubs would want to stage finals following such a battering on their pitches? Your recent response to another topic sums the whole end-of season chaos perfectly-BONKERS
  10. Completely agree with you,Mike.I suggest all Leagues in Cornwall should now play only fixtures that have a bearing on promotion/relegation,and cup games. This way many "meaningless" games can be awarded a draw-hopefully with NO fine incurred. Something that also has to be considered in the critical situation of Referees being available:I understand Clubs,especially at Junior level, will not have an Official at some games. Does this make sense ?
  11. Consider this --Plymstock have to go to St.Dennis for a 6.30 Kick Off. Will they moan?-of course they won't. Callington to play a 1/4 Cup tie - Plymstock to play in a meaningless League game with nothing at stake. Callington to Looe - 20 miles Plymstock to St.Dennis AT LEAST 60 MILES !! This ridiculous end of season situation makes for Clubs to put in that bit of extra effort-if they are keen enough!
  12. Excellent recording/commentary,Dave:.such a shame that Rappo continually referred to you as "mate"!
  13. Adlestrop

    East Cornwall Prem winners?

    Division 1 will be even tighter.
  14. Heard from someone in the know that Liskeard DO NOT want promotion.Anyone confirm or deny this ?