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  1. Congratulations to Gerald!

    When I started out playing at Camborne RBL Gerald was in a very good team. Happy birthday young man
  2. Trelawny League - Saturday February 17, 2018

    Could have said something at Rumons tonight peggy
  3. Lost 5 to pendeen today fair play they deserved it but at 4-0 down at half time we thought we did not deserve it but fair play to pendeen they took their chances and are very quick on the break. Second half they played better but did not get the luck.right result in the end because we did not really make their keeper work once but still played some good football, but then that's what happens when your down the bottom. 2 players made their debut today and looked good

    Great game for the Cornish Ladies. Good idea by Mousehole well done on promoting Cornish football
  5. An idea for The Combo?

    If you are keen to play two games in August then what is the difference in playing two games in April or May.most teams may struggle in August because of holidays and cricket.St just are a good example or Culdrose would be way behind before they start playing so it's not that simple. Also players know that evening games are Tuesday nights so if they work evenings adjust their working life accordingly because not everyone works full time
  6. How many people watching Mousehole play at home games.having not been involved in peninsula football it would be interesting to know. at our club if you get a few to buy refreshments it can help a lot and we don't have a clubhouse
  7. Premier League Football Contracts.

    If Sanchez is on £600.000 a week just imagine what a months wages could do for Cornish football let alone your own club
  8. Willy7 knowing what ground inspections are like I am sure that the league will highlight the issue
  9. Carharrack res have played at Clijah for a number of years even before the first team where promoted
  10. Give me a ring Martin Eddy 07843078128 we have 2 teams 1 in combination league the other in Trelawney div 2
  11. We at Redruth utd wish Carharrack all the best it is always good to see a club with ambition and drive. What about your playing surface Richard will you be working on that as well
  12. how good is the premiership

    If you look at the transfer news on sky most players coming in are not British and that counts for all four divisions
  13. If he is a Falmouth town player then no problem. May be coming back from injuring or just getting game time
  14. Redruth Utd res game off pitch waterlogged.
  15. Redruth united v West Cornwall game off due to a river running down off the top field