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  1. Senior football facility's

    There is a stretcher available at clijah Croft in the corridor beside the changing rooms. The only problem would be that paramedics bring their own with them,so there is no real need for one.
  2. Culdrose 0 Redruth United 0 Entertaining game with both teams playing good football and we'll reffed by Kevin knowles
  3. Mabe FC Fold

    Illogan have had 3 teams for a very long time.there was 3 teams when I played for them in the 1980s South western league combo league and mining league. Wendron have 4 teams but that is because of their many youth teams like st day and Helston and yes I know so do Illogan
  4. Older I mean disappointing in the fact that where we are in the league and the timing of the equaliser
  5. Mabe FC Fold

    Don’t sit on the fence Graham say what you mean 😎
  6. Disappointing result at clijah Croft today. With one minute to go in three added on Penryn equalised and you could see by the way that they celebrated how much they needed it. Thanks to all the Penryn players for not even bothering to come back after the games.
  7. Redruth utd 1 penryn 1 Scott thomas for redruth Penryn equalised in time added on
  8. Had a pitch inspection game should be on Redruth United v Penryn
  9. Redruth united res. V Helston 3rds off
  10. Mabe FC Fold

    There lies the problem for clubs Tempo. And that is why Mabe have folded because it was set up by a group of mates who then just left a few loyal people to struggle on because they needed to win.People need to realise that only one team can win a league but without the other teams there will be no league.
  11. Mabe FC Fold

    I remember when I first played for Holmans back in the early 1980s we were regularly being beaten by double figures but we stuck with it and improved and ended up making the area final of the junior cup and winning promotion to the combo. That to me gave me far more satifaction than moving to a club that was winning every week and yes I did have offers to move to better clubs. But then that's loyalty and there are very few loyal players around today
  12. Mabe FC Fold

    Could well be there birthday falls late in the season as well ctb Seem to remember in the old mining league we used to be regionalised for the Dunn Cup and used to play the same teams every year on round robin basis
  13. St day 5 (3) Redruth United (1) Duane Britton for Redruth.
  14. Good result for the league as well dave
  15. Another club folding!?

    Easy to say but to quote our prime minister “ money doesn’t grow on trees” we are a proactive club and put in hours both on the pitch and off it but it is frustrating that we only have a 12 month contract and cannot get any help so even if we wanted too cannot progress up the ladder of success