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  1. But Callington offered their pitch to play the game? Why give a 0-0?
  2. As I understand it, Callington were due to play St Blazey res today at Blaise park. St Blazey requested the game to be postponed because of the Senior cup final game being played there tomorrow, Callington offered their pitch to play the game which was refused by St Blazey, the ECPL then decided to make the game a 0-0 result.
  3. Nope, lives in Plymouth!
  4. middle mans mate

    SWPL - Saturday 5th May 2018

    Sounds a lot like sour grapes bobjfh, as for being comfortable against Callington last night, you had 5 shots on goal 4 went in......
  5. middle mans mate

    SWPL - Monday 30 April 2018

    Big Al obviously hasn't seen this yet....
  6. CALLINGTON TOWN V PLYMOUTH ARGYLE 7:30 ko Monday 23rd April Clubhouse open from 6:30 for refreshments.
  7. middle mans mate

    SWPL - Thursday 19 April 2018

    Thanks for the nice words Secretscout, we do have Torpoint to play at home on May 7th
  8. I'm guessing they will be using Marsh 2 ....
  9. Rained hard overnight and games called off already today, it will soon be a game every day for some clubs!! Where is the RESPECT, that the FA go on about all the time, to the players safety and wellbeing having to play so frequently, with out adequate recovery time.Players mostly have to work for a living in the real world. I appreciate they have to sort out leagues regarding promotion and relegation but surely another two weeks( to 19th may) on the end of the season wouldn't harm anyone?
  10. I see that the FA have told the SWPL there will not be any chance at the moment of extending the Premier league season beyond May 7th!!!! Ridiculous
  11. middle mans mate

    Ground gradings

  12. middle mans mate


    Perhaps Big Al could use some of the hot air he spouts to dry some of the pitches....🤔
  13. middle mans mate

    SWPL - Easter Monday, April 2 2018

    Definitely needs to be an extention Dave, we have to play 15 games in 33 days as from weds 4th, and with the forecast for more rain it will end up being every day!! Surely the FA have to think of player safety, after all thats why a lot of the games are being called off......